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  1. Oct 2021
    1. Arguments for “it depends.”

      Exploratory research - descriptive -- light instrumentation Confirmatory study - use well structured Multiple case - standardization will help to cross compare.

      See Figure 2.7

    2. rguments for a lot of prior instrumentation.

      If research specificity exists, prep accordingly Focused interview schedules keep focus tight Comparative case studies? Use the same instrumentation (helps build theory) Validated instruments keep researcher bias out.

    3. how you will get that information.

      The discussion on instrumentation begins here: - A device for recording and observing that can be reconfigured. Notes or not, recording or not? Recordings listened to or not? Transcribed or not? How to write up notes?

  2. Feb 2018
  3. Jun 2017
    1. public void increment(String label, String topic) { + Stats.incr(label); + }

      import io.prometheus.client.Counter; public static final Counter requests = Counter.build() .name("requests_total").help("Total requests.").register();

      public void increment(String label, String topic) { requests.inc(); // Your code here. } }

    2. The component is pluggable, you can configure ingestion of metrics to any monitoring system by implementing MetricCollector interface. By default metrics are sent to Ostrich, statistic library bundled into secor.

      Just inject prometheus simple client into this module and you could get prometheus working for secor.