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  1. Jun 2021
    1. The poet Christian Wiman, who returned to his faith after having wandered from it, wrote in My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer that “Christ is always being remade in the image of man, which means that his reality is always being deformed to fit human needs, or what humans perceive to be their needs.”

      This seems reminiscent of the reminder to recall that ancient writers actually lived and eventually quit living. C. Matthewes quote perhaps about Augustine?

      What effect does the personal relationship with Christ play in this catastrophe? (the one described in American Nations). I need to return to this thesis and examine it closer.

  2. Feb 2020
    1. Explaining the purpose of the activities

      explain the purpose of the methods you take in a consultation. this can help writers who feel like the session is not moving fast enough

    2. correspondence to the instructor and to other students, what technology should be used to communicate, and what kinds of questions might be asked (and how frequently). Similarly, multilingual students may have different cultural con-ventions governing their understanding of such issues as plagiarism

      some concerns that may need to be addressed

    3. Preparing Faculty to Work with Multilingual Writers

      work with faculty development department & WPA to train faculty on course/assignment design for multilingual writers

    4. course assignments should avoid relying on specific cultural knowledge to complete the assignment

      pay close attention to course assignments that violate this rule and assess if a writer is missing cultural context to answer certain parts of an assignment

    5. f a student has difficulty understanding written instructions, oral and/or video in-struction might provide more clarity.
    6. should think broadly about the kinds of technolo-gies they might allow students to use in an OWC

      slow responses can be because a writer is trying to come up with the right words, but can also be technology-related. writers on their phones will have a much harder time navigating WCONLINE. but if that's all a writer has, we can't tell them not to use it. how do we support them?

    7. links to videos or online help guides

      locate instructional resources for writers to help familiarize them with expectations and practical methods for writing in academic contexts -- e.g. Purdue OWL video series on MLA formatting

    8. A Position Statement of Principles and Example Effective Practices for OWI (CCCC OWI Committee, 2013) provided a starting point from specific OWI principles by helping to raise questions particular to multilingual writers

      reread these principles

    9. teachers should provide explicit expectations and instructions for how to par-ticipate in particular parts of the OWC

      negotiating roles early on in the session = crucial to the writer's understanding of how much they should participate

    10. onsider the kinds of technologies their students might already be familiar with, or they can leave open the technologies students can use to accomplish various writing tasks (if appropriate) to draw upon students’ current literacy practices.

      consider identifying and testing out technologies that would support students' linguistic needs

    11. “the process of acquiring syntactic and lexical competence” in a language does not happen in a semester or in a year

      taking the time to read over what past consultants have worked on with this writer can be important to reinforcing the skills taught. comprehensive reporting is important as well. It's not enough to say that you worked on X with a writer; expand on where you think their progress is at. have they become proficient in this skill or is further support/reinforcement needed?

    12. The contextual cues that instructors might rely on to detect specific linguistic needs in an onsite classroom are sometimes absent in an online en-vironment, although other cues might be present.

      watch for cues that a writer has linguistic needs -- these cues may be different depending on the environment (online vs. f2f)

    13. multilingual to refer to students who might speak a language other than English as their first language, speak multiple lan-guages fluently, or perhaps speak multiple dialects of English

      multilingual writer definition

    14. Chapter 9 of Foundation Practices of Online Writing Instruction -- Multilingual Writers and OWI

  3. Jun 2017
    1. The component is pluggable, you can configure ingestion of metrics to any monitoring system by implementing MetricCollector interface. By default metrics are sent to Ostrich, statistic library bundled into secor.

      Just inject prometheus simple client into this module and you could get prometheus working for secor.

  4. Feb 2017
  5. Jun 2015
    1. The responses show that beyond BCcampus, the Open Modernisms anthology builder is going to find traction across Western Canada. James Gifford presented a paper co-authored with Stephen Ross and Matt Huculak on the major innovations coming to BC as Open Modernisms prepares to launch its Phase 1 with a custom Islandora build for preparing modernist texts that are in the public domain in Canada.
  6. Jan 2014
    1. Treat yourself as a writer and approach each commit as a chapter in a book. Writers don’t publish first drafts. Michael Crichton said, “Great books aren’t written– they’re rewritten.”
  7. Oct 2013
    1. There are, indeed, some men who have a good delivery, but cannot compose anything to deliver. Now, if such men take what has been written with wisdom and eloquence by others, and commit it to memory, and deliver it to the people, they cannot be blamed, supposing them to do it without deception

      Composers vs. orators

    1. But we cannot arrive at such power of thought suddenly or even soon. 3. In the first place, a certain form of thinking must be acquired by great practice in writing, a form which may be continually attendant on our meditations. A habit of thinking must then be gradually gained by embracing in our minds a few particulars at first, in such a way that they may be faithfully repeated.

      Writing is hard and it is not something you can put off. It is a habit, a lifestyle and way of thinking