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  1. Dec 2015
    1. RAJ: Very well, Paul. Tonight it is very necessary for you to once again begin to relax out of the personal, three-dimensional sense of responsibility. I realize it has been difficult to take care of the necessities which have required your attention, and yet remain uninvolved and free of believing that you must respond as a three-dimensional man to three-dimensional demands. Nevertheless, you need to do so. I sense that you are more than ready, since it is, indeed, very tiring to believe that you are making the world go round.

      .t:INDN - I need do nothing.

      When I believe that I need to respond to 3d demands I am believing that they have power over me and can dictate my actions.

      This belief is not true and is an important concept to grasp. The rational mind is not able to understand it clearly - time is required to sit with the concept and begin to feel its meaning.