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    1. release of Turbonomic includes

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    1. What we're missing now, on another level, is not just biology, but cosmology. People treat the digital universe as some sort of metaphor, just a cute word for all these products. The universe of Apple, the universe of Google, the universe of Facebook, that these collectively constitute the digital universe, and we can only see it in human terms and what does this do for us? "We're missing a tremendous opportunity. We're asleep at the switch because it's not a metaphor. In 1945 we actually did create a new universe. This is a universe of numbers with a life of their own, that we only see in terms of what those numbers can do for us. Can they record this interview? Can they play our music? Can they order our books on Amazon? If you cross the mirror in the other direction, there really is a universe of self-reproducing digital code. When I last checked, it was growing by five trillion bits per second. And that's not just a metaphor for something else. It actually is. It's a physical reality.

      What do we take from such a reality? When we think of the history of technology, it operates like any other form of history. A linear direction from past to present. Things happen. Technologies get invented and adopted and eclipsed over and over again. Each of these is a point on the line of time.

      But what if we took technology on the cosmological level? Past technologies don't exist in the past but as a part of the present galaxy. They can be explored, inhabited, renewed for use in another quadrant. The past is not in the past but indeed alive.

      We don't have to look at the work of Douglas Engelbart or Ted Nelson as a past attempt of realizing what the computer could be. We can instead see them as realities in the sphere of technology that we can venture forth to. It makes the past truly alive, truly something we can interact with.

  3. May 2019
    1. Bezos says that in 200 years, humanity would need to cover the Earth in solar cells to meet human energy demand, which he says doubles every 25 years.


  4. Apr 2019
    1. Located just outside of Seattle, WA, Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) was founded in 1949, and is the only public institute of technology in the state of Washington. LWTech offers eight applied bachelor’s degrees, 43 associate degrees, and 91 professional certificates in 42 areas of study, including STEM-focused programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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    1. ratulations, your computer is equipped with a PDF (Portable Document Format) reader! You should be able to view any of the P

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    1. TheNidecElectronics(Thailand)segmentcomprisesNidec Electronics(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.,asubsidiaryinThailand, anditsconsolidatedsubsidiaries,whichprimarilyproduceandsellharddiskdrivesspindlemotors. ThissegmentalsoincludesothersubsidiariesinAsiawhichproducecomponentsforharddiskdrives.
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    1. La liste

      élément important, s'il en est, de la structuration de notre espace numérique. Elle est aussi symptomatique de la tension qui nous traverse entre le désir d'unifier des éléments en les rassemblant sous un même "genre" et d'en maintenir la distinction afin qu'ils conservent leur individualité. Par contre le malaise est ressenti lorsqu'on y incorpore des personnes morales. Mais cette résistance s'évanouit peu à peu. Est-ce tant mieux ?

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    1. Eons upon eons ago, when human life could last up to twenty thousand years, the Blessed One Kashyapa appeared in the world.

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    1. Leading in the Heart of Campus see dedication.

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    1. I don’t know what you think this is. This is not a circus nor is it an entertainment for you to be amused either intellectually or emotionally. And if I may suggest, please don’t clap

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  8. Dec 2018
    1. Rear Suspension: Showa piggyback reservoir monoshock, 134mm rear wheel travel. Adjustable spring preload (lock-rings), compression damping and rebound damping.Brakes Front: Twin 310mm floating discs, Brembo M4.32 4-piston radial monobloc calipers, switchable ABSBrakes Rear: Single 220mm fixed disc, Brembo single piston sliding caliper, switchable ABSInstrument Display and Functions: Full-colour, 5" TFT instrument pack with 3x styles and high/low contrast options

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    1. We have seen that ever since Isadora Duncan entered the stage of politi-cal dance, various instances of sic-sensuous have been performed on the stage of the argument by bodies contracting into themselves and releasing to other bodies,

      Lookup: sec-sensuous. Om naar dans en politiek te kijken maakt Dana Mills gebruik van de term sic-sensuous. De term sic verwijst bij Mills naar drie zaken: “First, I read sic as a refusal to abide by the rules of the beautiful or the aesthetically acceptable. Second, the term sic is always an act of writing: one body writing upon another body, and bodies writing upon their space. Third, the term sic refers to slippage of meaning, interventions and revolutions. The concept that may seem an error to one speaking being is another speaking being’s method of expression.” Het conflict belichaamd Een onderzoek naar de voorstellingen van Arkadi Zaides rond het conflict Israël-Palestina aan de hand van politieke en sociale aspecten, Master scriptie Universiteit Gent

    1. The main arguments against the writing of contemporary history were, broadly speaking, that the source material was usually not available to provide the necessary information about events and trends in the very recent past.

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    1. Gojoseon was the first kingdom of Korea, established more than 4,000 years ago. The country was directly influenced by Chinese culture and based its earliest writing system on Chinese characters. Korea developed its own culture, creating a Korean alphabet in the fifteenth century that made it easier for the uneducated to read and write. The country was frequently invaded by other cultures, including the Mongolians, the Manchurians, and the Japanese, but in th

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  11. Aug 2018
  12. corpora.mathweb.org corpora.mathweb.org
    1. We pre­sent deep wide field (16′⁢.4×16′⁢.4superscript16′.4superscript16′.4NUMBER:16 POSTSUPERSCRIPT:start SUPOP:prime POSTSUPERSCRIPT:end NUMBER:.4 MULOP:times NUMBER:16 POSTSUPERSCRIPT:start SUPOP:prime POSTSUPERSCRIPT:end NUMBER:.416^{\prime}.4\times 16^{\prime}.4 ) Wash­ing­ton C⁢T1𝐶subscript𝑇1italic-C italic-T POSTSUBSCRIPT:start NUMBER:1 POSTSUBSCRIPT:endCT_{1} CCD sur­face pho­tom­e­try of the giant el­lip­ti­cal galaxy NGC 4472, the bright­est mem­ber in the Virgo clus­ter. O

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    1. When using XML, you must use the http://symfony.com/schema/dic/security namespace and the related XSD schema is available at: http://symfony.com/schema/dic/services/services-1.0.xsd

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    1. European train control system (ETCS) is a form of automatic train protection (ATP). Specifications, standards and documentation for ETCS are available from the European Railway Agency website.

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    1. 90 fusionierte das Deutsche Patentamt mit dem Amt für Erfindungs- und Patentwesen der DDR in Ost-Berlin. Vor diesem Hintergrund wurde im Jahr 1998 in Jena eine Dienststelle errichtet, und der größte Teil der ehemaligen DDR-Dienststelle Berlin dorthin verlagert. Das Amt verfügt damit fortan über drei Standorte (München, Jena und Berlin). Im selben Jahr erfolgte eine Umbenennung der Behörde von Deutsches Patentam

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    1. ELIXIR Handbook of Operations

      Huhu Christian.



    1. In conceptual terms, the new LINSIGHT method is closely related to our previous fitCons method
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    1. A document is the unit of searching in a full text search system; for example, a magazine article or email message.


    1. mail ad­dress­es, em­ploy­ers etc. Quan­ti­-ta­tive data meth­ods for out­lier de­tec­tion can be used to get rid of likely in­cor­rectly en­tered data. Tex­tual data spellcheck­ers can be

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    1. provides a IIIF Search API for any OCRed text content or other textual annotation content, and can offer search services across complex faceted collections. It provides IIIF Authenti
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    1. All programs named test_something.py that have functions named test_something()

      pytest Basics

    2. unit test: testing individual units (function/method) integration test: testing multiple units together regression test: testing to see if changes have introduced errors end-to-end test: testing the entire program
      • 单元测试 -- 测试单个单元,方法
      • 集成测试 -- 集中测试多个单元
      • 回归测试 -- 测试修改有没有引入新的错误
      • 端到端测试 -- 测试整个程序
    1. let's just look at why the Earth orbits the sun. it's because it's just gradually being pulled around by the gravity of the sun. you know,


    1. The tectonic shift from print culture to the digital age is transforming practices of reading and writing, turning a once solitary endeavor into an interactive, dialogic, and multimedia activity. The shift is also affecting scholarly practices, albeit more gradually.

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    1. EveripediaAnnotations

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    2. After having created the group EveripediaAnnotations and a page with the same title, the autor tests HypothesisGoogleExtension on the Everipedia page.

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    1. Cut adrift Cast out Turned out Under Suspicion Parting company

      Here Dickens tests out potential titles for chapter six (VI). He settles on his first choice, "Cut adrift," which appears on the opposite page.

    1. aving defined the network, we wanted to see if someone with stronger connections in this high-creative network would score well on the tasks. So we measured the strength of a person’s connections in this network, and then used predictive modeling to test whether we could estimate a person’s creativity score.


    1. Software engineers primarily interact with sourcecode using a keyboard and mouse, and typically view softwareon a small number of 2D monitors
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    1. Tutututututtu

    2. Institut Henri Fayol École des Mines de Saint-Étienne 158 cours Fauriel CS 62362 42023 Saint-Étienne Cedex 2 France


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    1. Unlike many other rock musicians of his generation, he personally disapproved of and seldom used drugs, but supported their decriminalization and regulation.

      Zappa on drugs.

    1. The latter group is better described as aggressively priced flagships that can serve you almost as well as their costlier counterparts -- and there's now a decent selection to consider.

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    1. pairwise overlaps using Fisher’s test and mutual exclusion (Leiserson et al., 2016xA weighted exact test for mutually exclusive mutations in cancer. Leiserson, M.D.M., Reyna, M.A., and Raphael, B.J. Bioinformatics. 2016; 32: i736–i745Crossref | PubMed | Scopus (4)See all ReferencesLeiserson et al., 2016)
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