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  1. Apr 2024
    1. We quote because we are afraid to-change words, lest there be a change in meaning.

      Quotations are easier to collect than writing things out in one's own words, not only because it requires no work, but we may be afraid of changing the original meaning by changing the original words or by collapsing the context and divorcing the words from their original environment.

      Perhaps some may be afraid that the words sound "right" and they have a sense of understanding of them, but they don't quite have a full grasp of the situation. Of course this may be remedied by the reader or listener not only by putting heard stories into their own words and providing additional concrete illustrative examples of the concepts. These exercises are meant to ensure that one has properly heard/read and understood a concept. Psychologists call this paraphrasing or repetition the "echo effect" (others might say parroting or mirroring) and have found that it can help to build understanding, connection, and likeability between people. Great leaders who do this will be sure to make sure that credit for the original ideas goes to the originator and not to themselves simply because they repeated it, especially in group settings where their words may have more primacy amidst their underlings.

      (I can't find it at the moment, but there's a name/tag for this in my notes? looping?)

      Beyond this, can one place the idea into a more clear language than the original? Add some poetry perhaps? Make the concept into a concrete meme to make it more memorable?

      Journalists like to quote because it gives primacy of voice to the speaker and provides the reader with the sense that they're getting the original from which they might make up their own minds. It also provides a veneer of vérité to their reportage.

      Link this back to Terrence's comedy: https://hypothes.is/a/xe15ZKPGEe6NJkeL77Ji4Q

    2. Description and illustration are^ comple-mentary, they give together a more complete picture than citherwithout the other.

      Kaiser says that "description and illustration are complementary, they give together a more complete picture than either without the other" and this sentiment is similar to Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren's pedagogy of restatement and providing concrete examples a means of testing understanding.

      See: - https://hypothes.is/a/RgUa-mOcEe6PChv_seYXZA - https://hypothes.is/a/B3sDhlm5Ee6wF0fRYO0OQg

  2. Mar 2024
    1. des études 00:24:20 expérimentales confirmées par des nombreux observations en classe révèle ce qu'on appelle les faits avec les travaux fondamentaux 00:24:31 ils deviennent clairs les connaissances des élèves les aides à renforcer ses connaissances la critique naïf l'évaluation qui ne servirait à rien car ce n'est pas avec 00:24:44 des tests d'examen qui les élèves apprennent cette critique naïve tombe par terre
    1. 3:50 "options are the right but not obligation to buy or sell"<br /> who on earth is so stupid to take part in such a gamble?<br /> this is just another intelligence test, exploiting the fact that most people are idiots.

  3. Feb 2024
    1. les psychologues 00:46:08 sont capables de nous dire si l'enfant a une agitation qui est liée à un problème d'humeur ou un problème d'anxiété c'est le fameux test de patte noire je sais pas si vous connaissez ce test là on dit un enfant regarde c'est l'histoire d'un petit cochon qui a une tâche noire et je 00:46:21 vais te montrer des histoires et tu vas me raconter ce qui se passe donc c'est ce qu'on appelle un test projectif il va projeter sur une situation sa vie psychique je vous cache 00:46:32 pas qu'on a la version mouton aussi les situations que vous imaginez vous demandez à Brandon qu'est-ce que tu vois là qu'est-ce que vous imaginez qu'un vrai enfant en TDAH donc il bouge non pas 00:46:48 parce qu'il y a des primé parce qu'il est mal élevé et qui bouge parce qu'il peut pas faire autrement qu'est-ce qu'il peut voir là qu'est-ce qu'il va dire enfin les parents de patte noire ont compris qu'il pouvait rentrer de l'école tout seul enfin maintenant il va avoir ses copains 00:47:02 il va s'amuser donc c'est un enfant qui va avoir une note positive si il bouge pour des raisons de troubles de l'humeur parce qu'il est déprimé là forcément sur cette image là il va avoir des choses tristes mais il est tout seul il a abandonné il est rejeté etc donc vous 00:47:15 voyez qu'on a un outil qui est merveilleux là c'est pareil c'est le petit et Brian là il dit patte noire enfin il s'est caché dans sa cachette et là il appelle ses copains il va tout le monde dort il va pouvoir faire la fête 00:47:26 toute l'année alors celui qui bougeait parce que il était déprimé il va dire il m'a dit ça ce gamin il m'a dit il est foutu il vient de vous dire il est super content parce que il va faire la fête toute la nuit lui il est foutu 00:47:43 parce qu'il est dans une il est dans des sables mouvants et s'il bouge il va mourir et si il bouge pas il va mourir donc vous voyez qu'on a on a plein de stratégies pour pour savoir comment 00:47:56 comment il va
    2. celui qui bougeait parce que il était déprimé il va dire il m'a dit ça ce gamin il m'a dit il est foutu il vient de vous dire il est super content parce que il va faire la fête toute la nuit lui il est foutu 00:47:43 parce qu'il est dans une il est dans des sables mouvants et s'il bouge il va mourir et si il bouge pas il va mourir
    3. ne les envoyer pas tout de suite logopédiste parce que s'ils font des 00:32:21 erreurs ce que je vous conseille de faire il regarde Brandon là il y a quatre erreurs est-ce que tu les vois est-ce que tu peux me les souligner et s'il peut les souligner a priori c'est que s'il avait fait attention il les 00:32:33 aurait vu alors que l'enfant qui a une dyslexie d'orthographique et bien il dira ben non je vois pas où elles sont
    4. le gestes graphique et le nombre d'erreurs s'aggravent avec la tâche chaque fois que vous avez un enfant au début ça marche bien et même pas d'erreur sur les deux premières lignes et puis plus la tâche continue plus les 00:32:58 erreurs apparaissent là vous devez vous poser la question d'un trouble d'attention et c'est intéressant parce que c'est pas peut-être pas Lego pénis qu'il faut voir d'emblée
  4. Jan 2024
  5. Dec 2023
    1. akes API calls. There is no specific process here, however in general if you're building a web app, it is best to add the token as a session variable to identify that browser session with a particular person, if you're building a native desktop or mobile app, then you should use the datastore avai


  6. Nov 2023
    1. // NOTE: The element exists on the original form but is hidden and gets rerendered, which leads to intermittent detached DOM issues cy.contains('Next').click().wait(4000)
    1. // oftentimes once we have a proper e2e test around logging in
      // there is NO more reason to actually use our UI to log in users
      // doing so wastes a huge amount of time, as our entire page has to load
      // all associated resources have to load, we have to wait to fill the
      // form and for the form submission and redirection process
    1. have been bred to bear tubers with flesh and skin of various colors. Sweet potato is only distantly related to the common potato (Solanum tuberosum), both bein

      sample anno

    1. blah. this surveillance system is one big personality test.<br /> the problem is, they do not want a balance of all personality types or "natural order",<br /> but they do a one-sided selection by personality type.<br /> aka socialdarwinism, socialism, survival of the social, social credit score, civilization, high culture, progress, "made order", human laws, human rights, humanism, ...

    1. Participants were asked to listen to 40 short English speech samples, half of which contained grammatical errors against articles (e.g., a/an, the).

      Only grammatical articles of English (the, a/an) are used for measurement in this study. While valid, it's a rather small (though important) subset of grammar. (note using Hypothesis)

      2nd para added (testing 3-min auto sync)

    1. How to set up and validate locally Access content editor in wikis or in issues behind a feature flag :content_editor_on_issues. Copy some text from Google docs or any rich text document Press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + V to paste raw text.
    1. overpopulation is just another intelligence test, and most people are failing, again.<br /> the problem is pacifism, the solution is permanent tribal warfare and legal serial murder.<br /> but first there is depopulation, killing 95% of today's population. fucking useless eaters... byye! no one will miss you.

      Delete The Garbage. World Cure. RD9 Virus. The Brothers Grimsby 2016<br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGG0Nq3BwqQ

    1. 「名副其实」,能够说明链接地址的内容。


    1. echnology and the world of work change fast — with us, you’re faster. Achieve goals and stay competitive with on-demand learning, hands-on practice, and more

      test drove vehicle




  7. Oct 2023
    1. Thank you. Steve, for raising the alarm on this catastrophe! One minor comment. It should be QC'ed, not QA'ed. Quality control is done first. Quality Assurance (QA) comes after QC. QA is basically checking the calculations and the test results in the batch records. I worked in QC and QA for big pharma for decades. I tried to warn people in early 2021 that there's no way the quality control testing could be done at warp speed. Nobody listened to me despite my decades of experience in big pharma!

      "warp speed" sounds fancy, plus "its an emergency, we have no time"...

      it really was just an intelligence test, a global-scale exploit of trust in authorities. (and lets be honest, stupid people deserve to die.)

      problem is, they (elites, military, industry) seem to go for actual forced vaccinations, which would be an escalation from psychological warfare to actual warfare against the 95% "useless eaters".

      personally, i would prefer if they would globally legalize serial murder and assault rifles, then "we the people" would solve the overpopulation. (because: serial murder is the only alternative to mass murder.) but they are scared that we would also kill the wrong people (their servants because they are evil or stupid). (anyone crying about depopulation should suggest better solutions. denying overpopulation is just another failed intelligence test.)

    1. 1,900 years ago in Greek.From the viewpoint of language, even the most competent English translation cannot render all the nuances of the original Greek. * *

    1. You can reply to any annotation by using the reply action on every card.

      Another one!

    1. Youmust apprehend the unity with definiteness. There is only oneway to know that you have succeeded. You must be able totell yourself or anybody else what the unity is, and in a fewwords. ( If it requires too many words, you have not seen theunity but a multiplicity. ) Do not be satisfied with "feeling theunity" that you cannot express. The reader who says, "I knowwhat it is, but I just can't say it," probably does not even foolhimself.

      Adler/Van Doren use the statement of unity of a work as an example of testing one's understanding of a work and its contents.

      (Again, did this exist in the 1940 edition?)

      Who do McDaniel and Donnelly 1996 cite in their work as predecessors of their idea as certainly it existed?

      Examples in the literature of this same idea/method after this: - https://hypothes.is/a/TclhyMfqEeyTkQdZl43ZyA (Feynman Technique in ZK; relationship to Ahrens) - explain it to me like I'm a 5th grader - https://hypothes.is/a/BKhfvuIyEeyZj_v7eMiYcg ("People talk" in Algebra Project) - https://hypothes.is/a/m0KQSDlZEeyYFLulG9z0vw (Intellectual Life version) - https://hypothes.is/a/OyAAflm5Ee6GStMjUMCKbw (earlier version of statement in this same work) - https://hypothes.is/a/iV5MwjivEe23zyebtBagfw (Ahrens' version of elaboration citing McDaniel and Donnelly 1996, this uses both restatement and application to a situation as a means of testing understanding) - https://hypothes.is/a/B3sDhlm5Ee6wF0fRYO0OQg (Adler's version for testing understanding from his video) - https://hypothes.is/a/rh1M5vdEEeut4pOOF7OYNA (Manfred Kuenh and Luhmann's reformulating writing)

  8. Sep 2023
    1. Sweden Poised to Miss the Long-Term Climate Target It Pioneered
      • for: Indyweb test
      • title:Sweden Poised to Miss the Long-Term Climate Target It Pioneered
      • comment
        • for an indyweb test on mapping thought vectors in idea space
        • various perspectives on this thread
    1. Beauty technologies are often judged by their results. Like other tech gadgets, however, their meani
    1. Nobody, however, who surveys the conventional working apparatus of courses of study, textbooks, recitations, examinations, and marks can have much doubt that in practice the schools are making the mastery of the curriculum an end in itself.

      A statement of "teaching to the test" in 1939!

    1. En esta análisis te describo las claves del sistema PARA, cómo crearlo y estructurarlo correctamente, y después cómo utilizarlo para ser más productivos y más creativos.

      prueba nota

    1. I'd suggest that you play around a little bit with a vanilla app. Create a brand new app without any additional files, just what rails new generates. See how bin/rails runner Models raises an error because there is no models directory in autoload_paths. Now, put config.autoload_paths += %W(#{config.root}/app) in config/application.rb and observe how bin/rails runner Models just returns a prompt. With the confidence of having that running, then transalate to your app.
  9. Aug 2023
    1. block a text with the cursor

      This is how an annotated text looks like. You can use markdown to comment as well. Even an equation such as $$e = m \cdot c^2$$ will render nicely.

    1. Hypothesis is a centralized web service

      pros: must sign up and confirm email

      cons: must sign up and confirm email

    1. Inside the Apache Kafka Broker

      consumer properties => same as producer, time and batch size.

    2. Kafka Broker

      producer key properties => linger time -> linger.ms batch size -> batch.size

      these determine the throughput and latency of kafkaproducers

  10. Jul 2023
    1. Containerization solves these proble

      integration test with containerization looks like exactly what I need

    1. An interesting website that offers a VVIQ test for people's capacity to visualize things in "the mind's eye". May be helpful for people who have [[aphantasia]].

  11. Jun 2023
    1. In 1978, she became one of the first women ever to write and direct a comedy feature–Rabbit Test, a cult classic about a man (Billy Crystal) becoming pregnant.

      For reference, Octavia Bulter's Blood Child was first published in 1984 (and as part of a book in 1985).

    1. Test [1/1] test "expect addOne adds one to 41"... Lines like this indicate which test, out of the total number of tests, is being run. In this case, [1/1] indicates that the first test, out of a total of one test, is being run. Note that, when the test runner program's standard error is output to the terminal, these lines are cleared when a test succeeds.

      If you cannot see the separate testing result. Refer to this link: https://github.com/ziglang/zig/issues/10203

  12. drive.google.com drive.google.com
    1. Second
      1. although I am signed into both hypothes.is and the chrome extension with the josthuizenjazz user, when I create an annotation the joosthuizenuser still appears.
      2. does this identify the hypothe.is user under which the annotation will be filed?
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    1. Pour créer un groupe, ouvrez le volet d’annotation puis déroulez le menu des groupes. Sélectionnez alors le groupe de votre choix ou cliquez sur « New private group » pour en créer un nouveau.


    1. Some people argue that the Welch’s t-test should be the default choice for comparing the means of two independent groups since it performs better than the Student’s t-test when sample sizes and variances are unequal between groups, and it gives identical results when sample sizes are variances are equal. In practice, when you are comparing the means of two groups it’s unlikely that the standard deviations for each group will be identical. This makes it a good idea to just always use Welch’s t-test, so that you don’t have to make any assumptions about equal variances.
    1. Non-parametric tests don’t make as many assumptions about the data, and are useful when one or more of the common statistical assumptions are violated. However, the inferences they make aren’t as strong as with parametric tests.
    1. Nonparametric statistics are often preferred to parametric tests when the sample size is small and the data are skewed or contain outliers.
    1. Noteworthy for its longstanding influence is thebook “Nonparametric statistics for the behavioralsciences” by Siege

      Highly cited book from 1956!

      Siegel (1956) pointed out that traditional parametric tests should not be used with extremely small samples, because these tests have several strong assumptions underlying their use. The t-test requires that observations are drawn from a normally distributed population and the two-sample t-test requires that the two populations have the same variance. According to Siegel (1956), these assumptions cannot be tested when the sample size is small. Siegel (1957) stated that “if samples as small as 6 are used, there is no alternative to using a nonparametric statistical test unless the nature of the population distribution is known exactly” (p. 18).

    1. Please re-run Maven with -e and -X like the output suggests, and paste what it gives you. Also, are you building your own code or an existing library?


    1. A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is a compact sequence ofcharacters that identifies an abstract or physical resource. Thisspecification defines the generic URI syntax and a process forresolving URI references that might be in relative form, along withguidelines and security considerations for the use of URIs on theInternet. The URI syntax defines a grammar that is a superset of allvalid URIs, allowing an implementation to parse the common componentsof a URI reference without knowing the scheme-specific requirementsof every possible identifier. This specification does not define agenerative grammar for URIs; that task is performed by the individualspecifications of each URI scheme.

      Annotating a PDF... in the browser! And it's linkable?? Incredible.

  16. Feb 2023
    1. Finding good quality news is hard and takes time. A lot of it is behind paywalls and/or on places/sites that are littered with advertising. Feedreaders get around some of those issues by only showing me news from sources I have chosen, without advertising, in one app where all articles look similar and according to my settings.

      Just trying to do an annotation, my first one actually, to see how it all works. I wonder what the "public" or "only me" actually means. If I make it "public", will anyone with the plugin/bookmarklet see that here is an annotation?

    1. 竞彩预测-阿宽有道8连红!欧冠豪取16连红 下APP看方案领红包


    1. Arbitrary information

      where does this go?

    2. maximum

      What happens to this annotation if you change the word I annotated?

    3. General

      What happens to this annotation if you edit something else on the document?

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZgMpjjgCRA

      Combining sketchnotes with Cornell Notes in a fairly straightforward manner.

      He mentions anecdotally that teachers who have used custom icons for their subjects see students drawing some of them on their exam papers as mental associative tags. This is the same sort of use that drolleries had in medieval manuscripts.

  17. Jan 2023
  18. www.investopedia.com www.investopedia.com
    1. T-Test: What It Is With Multiple Formulas and When To Use Them

      https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/t-test.asp A t-test is an inferential statistic used to determine if there is a significant difference between the means of two groups and how they are related. T-tests are used when the data sets follow a normal distribution and have unknown variances, like the data set recorded from flipping a coin 100 times.

    1. there's a new type of test that my colleagues and in my lab we've developed it's called the dna methylation test 00:02:20 it's also known as the horovath test named after my friend stephen horvath

      !- New health / aging metrics test : DNA Methylation / Horvath Test

    1. Educators are now administering the Turing test in reverse: What are questions that only humans can answer well? What kinds of thinking does writing make possible for us? 
  19. Dec 2022
    1. Create a note by selecting some text and clicking the


    1. Zinc is losing electrons in the reaction and is thus oxidized to the zinc cation, while sulfur is gaining electrons and is thus reduced to the sulfide anion.

      While my instinct is that reduction = less electrons, in reality it's the charge that's being reduced, which means more electrons

  20. Nov 2022
    1. Thanks for the tip, I've added that to my Firefox on Android. However, although hypothesis is always on in Firefox I have the problem that it does not login no matter how many times I log in to the hypothesis website..
  21. Oct 2022
    1. rgattung des Dialogs zum Durchbruch und schuf damit eine Alternative zur Lehrschrift und zur Rhetorik als bekannten Darstellungs- und Überzeugungsmitteln. Dabei bezog er dichterische und mythische Motive sowie handwerkliche Zusammenhäng


    1. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of that — since highlights are text quotes

      注释笔记 1. 一 2. 二 Bold

  22. Sep 2022
    1. Innovativebrandstrategistandholisticvisionarywithmorethan10yearsofsuccessinbringingcreativevisionsto


  23. Aug 2022
    1. Pritchard, E., Matthews, P. C., Stoesser, N., Eyre, D. W., Gethings, O., Vihta, K.-D., Jones, J., House, T., VanSteenHouse, H., Bell, I., Bell, J. I., Newton, J. N., Farrar, J., Diamond, I., Rourke, E., Studley, R., Crook, D., Peto, T. E. A., Walker, A. S., & Pouwels, K. B. (2021). Impact of vaccination on new SARS-CoV-2 infections in the United Kingdom. Nature Medicine, 1–9. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-021-01410-w

    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, November 26). Parts of Germany seem to have potentially introduced requirements that cannot practically be met as testing capacity is proving insufficient—A dangerous moment for rule compliance Nadelöhr Corona-Tests: “Es ist Wahnsinn” via @sz https://t.co/meLS79RTCw [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1464287412289511432

    1. In fact,Descartes argued that the only sure indication that another body possesses ahuman mind, that it is not a mere automaton, is its ability to use language inthe normal way;

      Turing test precursor

      When did Turing pose his test? Year?



    1. Estimation of the Biphasic Property in a Female’s Menstrual Cycle fromCutaneous Temperature Measured During Sleep