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  1. Jun 2022
    1. This fundamental tension—between quality and quantity—is atension we share as knowledge workers. We also must producework to an extremely high standard, and we must do it fast,continuously, all year long. We are like sprinters who are also tryingto run a marathon.

      Do we? Really? This definitely needs reframing and books like this that play on these sorts of fears are both partially responsible, but are also preying on an atmosphere which they're propagating.

      This is the sort of sad thing that a productivity guru would say...

  2. Mar 2022
  3. Jan 2022
    1. enum can contain both concrete methods and abstract methods. If an enum class has an abstract method, then each instance of the enum class must implement it 

      Yet to explore abstract methods for java enums

    2. We can’t create enum objects explicitly and hence we can’t invoke enum constructor directly.

      Color c1 = Color.RED;

      Color is the enum and "RED" is internally a class object of class "Color".

      In which language though, can invoke the constructor directly? I guess by using the parameterized constructors, one can invoke other constructors easily.

  4. Sep 2021
    1. always checking

      This reminds me of Descartes' methodic doubt, and is a good lesson to apply for our age of near limitless access to information. Whatever we find striking enough to remember could at least be doubted until the information we compartmentalize is both specific to our experience and generalizable enough to share, that way truth can be found in its application to reality as we see it and as others see it.

  5. Aug 2021
    1. powerful idea

      Have I rightly understood? The idea is powerful because I do not know how my class will be used. I used thinking an idea would be good if I could 'imagine' the way, step by step, for solving problems, 'before' its application.

    1. Before you go like “Wow!!!”, understand that the packages highlighted above take a lot into consideration when detecting timezones. This makes them slightly more accurate than Intl API alone.

      What exactly does moment do for us, then, that


      doesn't do? Name one example where it is more accurate.

  6. Jul 2021
    1. Dr. Tara C. Smith. (2021, March 26). ‘What motivation could anti-vaxxers possibly have to spread misinformation?’ Story: ‘Organizers of the course attended by CBC journalists said that 400 people had signed up, which at $623 per student, adds up to almost $250,000 in course fees’ + tests & supplements she plugged. [Tweet]. @aetiology. https://twitter.com/aetiology/status/1375468823508348928

  7. Jun 2021
  8. Nov 2020
    1. Begins his dire attempt, which nigh the birth [ 15 ] Now rowling, boiles in his tumultuous brest, And like a devillish Engine back recoiles Upon himself; horror and doubt distract
      • I like this quote because it shows Satan and how he used to be. At first in the quote, it reflects on the fact that Satan was angry and furious because of the situation. However, after a moment he becomes more troubled and doubtful. I think this demonstrates that Satan used to have morals and such before becoming the devil. He took the time to think about things before he went on with his task. 
  9. Sep 2020
  10. Jul 2020
  11. May 2020
  12. Apr 2020
    1. In the past, I've had people approach me with all sorts of creative means by which I could store this data and make it available to people. But no matter how good a crypto solution I come up with, being able to hand-on-heart say "I don't store passwords in HIBP" is enormously important. Not "I store them but I've been really, really, really careful with them" because that always leaves an element of doubt in people's minds.
  13. Jan 2020
    1. Store items into a database.

      is this misleading? because it is not until, the txn here is committed, that the changes from mdb_put are propagated across the environment.

      while the description reads

      Store items into a database.

      which isn't what's happening. the write might be happening in the copy-on-write area, but the description could be more precise.

    1. Databases must always be opened with the same flags once created.

      Can a case not arise where a dbi needs to be re-opened with different DbiFlags?

      What if an Dbi is reopened with different flags nevertheless? Will the api throw?

  14. Sep 2019
    1. C=RC=R\mathcal{C}=\mathbb{R}.

      What is R here ? Is the data set and label set have same space?

  15. May 2019
    1. Notice that in every case are no pre-specified constraints on the lengths sequences because the recurrent transformation (green) is fixed and can be applied as many times as we like.

      What does it mean to have fixed recurrent transformations ?

  16. Mar 2019
    1. Kenome Technologies that has been trying to use so-called knowledge graphs to mine dark data

      what is knowledge graphs ?

    1. AWS is primitives at scale; that, though, is also how you can describe every part of Amazon’s business.

      what does primitives mean here ?

    1. In other words, what matters is not “technological innovation”; what matters is value chains and the point of integration on which a company’s sustainable differentiation is built; stray too far and even the most fearsome companies become also-rans.

      what ??

  17. Feb 2019
    1. companies like Amazon and Google have understandably sought to build modular ecosystems — that is what they do.

      What is modular ecosystem ?

    1. Christensen’s second concern is that although integrated approaches in technology can be quite successful for a period, in the end modular approaches to technology always defeat integrated approaches.

      Why ???

  18. Jan 2019
    1. physically-limited lowest common denominator winners from the “good old days.”

      what does this mean ?

    1. Many older users today see Snapchat as frivolous or a waste of time because they think Snapchat is social media rather than a faster way to communicate. Changing the design language of our product and improving our marketing and communications around Snapchat will help users understand our value.

      do adults really need these many ways of communicating - FB, Whatsapp, messenger, Insta, SnapChat ?

      How is SnapChat better than FB Messenger/Whatsapp/FB for communication ?

    1. Or, to put it another way, if you want to know where in a value chain an Aggregator is likely to form, figure out what and where the “job” is.


    2. Secondly, the Internet has made transaction costs zero, making it viable for a distributor to integrate forward with end users/consumers at scale

      how ??

    3. Distribution is free

      What does this mean ?? How can it be free?

  19. Feb 2017
    1. When an alleged fact is debunked, the conspiracy meme often just replaces it with another fact. One of the producers of Loose Change, Korey Rowe, stated, “We don't ever come out and say that everything we say is 100 percent [correct]. We know there are errors in the documentary, and we've actually left them in there so that people [will] discredit us and do the research for themselves” (Slensky 2006).

      "Campbell makes a similar point about the dangers of paraphrase: Since we must be in doubt about the precise meaning of the original, any paraphrase must be consid· ered an interpretation."

  20. May 2016
    1. But in all your seeking and all your striving, let it be with faith and trust in Me, your True Selfwithin, and without being anxious about results; for the results are all in My keeping, and I willtake care of them. Your doubts and your anxiety are but of the personality, and if allowed topersist will lead only to failure and disappointmen

      To trust..... to not worry about the outcome............ recognise that any anxiety and doubts are my egoic self..............

  21. Dec 2015
    1. PAUL: Raj, as you know, nothing has apparently changed since the first conversation we had—objectively, at least—although subjectively speaking, I feel a lot has occurred. As we have progressed into the last few weeks, I have become more and more concerned about the dire straits I find myself in, objectively speaking. It has been very difficult for me to relax and to have faith in the validity of what you have been telling me. Nevertheless, something keeps me coming back, and here I am again. I will do my best this evening to be still and attentive and receptive. I will listen to what you have to say, and not busy myself with arguments and questions and doubts and fears.

      Paul last spoke with Raj 4 days ago, he's been rocked due to the fact that Maitreya did not announce his presence and that he did not receive a visitor that Raj said that he would.

      Paul wonders if he can trust Raj and he's honestly expressing it. And yet something inside keeps bringing him back. He is allowing his doubt, in effect, he is trusting there is something valuable in this relationship with Raj.

      So now, he's going to lay aside the doubt and distrust in order to discover if that is true.

      This is a very good demonstration of walking into the unknown, of not listening to the critical part of the mind in favor the something that brings him back, an intuition or knowing that comes from a deeper part of the mind then his critical thoughts.

  22. Nov 2015
    1. PAUL: Raj, I am failing miserably at demonstrating or seeing the omnipresence of my Being in terms of supply. It’s true that from day to day we have what we need, but it’s far from a comfortable way to live. All we’re getting are basics. The larger debts we owe are not being met. RAJ: Paul, I want you to be aware that you are beginning to give up your faith, trust, and belief in the validity of our conversations. This is indicated by the flip-flopping back and forth between knowing they are real and doubting they are real. I point out also that the doubting comes into play when you are challenged by opinions or circumstances. This certainly is a natural response, but it is not the consistent vantage point which you will find necessary if you’re going to be free from being dangled like a yo-yo or blown to and fro on the breeze of chance. PAUL: Well, if you are wanting me to develop some inner strength which will not yield, no matter what I’m confronted with—and if I’m supposed to do this while it’s my family’s lack that I’m faced with—then I don’t think you should be surprised! Theoretically, intellectually, I can grasp its value. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of life, it often seems like nonsense. RAJ: I understand, Paul. I want to refer you to what your Supply told you about how to set the Law in motion. I want you to begin doing this on a regular basis. A word to the wise: Be sure of what you are asking for, because you shall surely get it. PAUL: Alright, Raj. I shall forge forward. I will tell you this: It would be much easier if my family’s needs were being better met.

      Paul's Trust in his conversations with Raj is challenged by his inability to meet his financial needs. He's doubting Raj because he is not seeing evidence (in terms of money) that what Raj is saying is true.

      A consistent practice of Trust and Faith of what is known to be true, even if it has not yet been experienced, is necessary to be free of uncertainty.

      Link to the section where Paul talks with his Supply.

      Quote: Be sure of what you are asking for, because you shall surely get it.

      This quote links to

      • I and I alone am responsible for my experience
      • Your life is your prayer.
      • Common knowledge "be careful what you wish for..." (see brainy quotes)