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  1. Jan 2016
    1. In the mystical feminine traditions these themes are known as the secrets of the feminine, the secrets of life and death. Not the domain of women alone, but a fundamental part of the divine mother flowering within each human being as key to the awakening. It is a dissolving of the patterns of belief and perceptions that have made up the patriarchal consciousness and a return of the mystery school and priestess teachings that used to be practiced by women that hold the wisdom of the flowering of this stage of awakening.

      Yes, not just the domain of women, female gender..... rather I wonder the feminine and masculine qualities within oneSelf as a whole being.. And yes the dissolving of beliefs and perceptions to return to Being...

      Feminism is actually an approach found in counselling which has some strengths, however I find it bounces out to another extreme and maintains duality.

      The feminine and masculine qualities are not gender specific... the feminine coming first is the healing and opening to the Receptivity of God, the Flow of Being and the masculine is the Expression of this Flow ........ When expression occurs and it is received Real communication can said to have occurred

  2. Dec 2015
    1. Just like beings can arrive at the Way of Mastery materials without having read ACIM (which deals with an stage one of atonement) so too can beings arrive at any new sphere of the work without the prior stages.

      What is stage one of atonement?

      How do you see these 'different forms' of teaching? Are you saying they build on each other? For instance, WOM adds to and is a further clarification of ACIM?

    2. creating with God and coming into alignment with our true purpose as creators

      This part expresses the whole journey of awakening - to relinquish the thought of a separate self and allow the creative flow of God to express through us (healed and whole).

      There are many aspects of this practice - the practice of dropping the separate self.

    3. Gone is the spirit of an age of patriarchy which seeks to deny the immediate direct contact with reality and with the divine to one that inserts texts (bible) and intermediaries (guru’s, priests, and other external authorities above the self) in it’s place as substitute. The Way is a living energy and engagement with life that unfolds from within.

      Agreed again - but it is important to understand that no one has authority over us - no matter what they think. When we feel limited by a teacher or teaching it is because we've chosen it.

      This is an important part of the practice you're talking about - to find our own independence and live it according to our deepest desire.

    4. The movement to inner authority and the process of withdrawing value from external authority is an important and known stage of psycho-spiritual growth. And it is a domain known intimately by creative person. It has been symbolised as an overcoming of the Father, the symbol of the Patriarchy and a movement into the archetypal realm of the Mother.

      Personally, I don't resonate with the gender characterization, overcoming the Father to realm of the Mother.

      But I do agree with the process of finding the truth within, learning to trust it and live it - not giving in to patterns of weakness that have previously turned attention outward toward an authoritarian figure.

    5. Psychological safety. This may be established by having an environment in which the person is accepted as being of unconditional worth; external evaluation is absent (no one is being critical of them), and there is empathic understanding from those around the person

      Agreed, trust is a significant component of psychological safety...

    6. the return to Innocence of sexuality profoundly liberates Consciousness SO that it can become fully open to the Impulses of SOUL.” (Jeshua letters 9)“The ‘house’ in which you will find the deep roots of Fear, of its contractions, of its judgements, of its attempt to mis-use Creation’s power FOR its Ego, is found in your relationship to Sexuality.” (Jeshua letters 9

      Sexual energy is the flow of Life force, God, Being in physicality.... to allow the flow of sexual energy is the healing of fearful beliefs that perceivably block the flow...

    7. There is a whole understanding to this that could be developed through unifying knowledge from spiritual/psychological/art guided from internal vision.

      Yes.... are you inclusive of the psychological work with disinhibiting the fearful beliefs and the consequent perceptions that lead to loss of freedom and flow in all areas inclusive of sexuality?

    8. Creativity has been viewed in our culture through the predominant values and lens of the spit mind. It has not been fully comprehended by modern psychologists any more than the nature of consciousness has been. The reason why this is so is because it involves a comprehension of dimensions of being beyond that of the physical world and an understanding of the ‘spectrum’ of consciousness and it’s relationship with matter.

      Expressive therapies are now widely used in approaches to psychology.... And works with the disinhibiting of the fearful mind and it is the mind that determines how the physical body behaves as well as the instincual eg the limbic brain and the trauma response.


      Being is Reality

    10. The completed process is one of divine creativity, a making love or union of the human and the divine within the channel of the human being. It is a movement into service in the old terminology. But the new phase is more one of ecstatic expression.

      I wonder that Expression naturally occurs from our Beingness.... ..... the choice of Being inclusive of form.... Being is expression of Reality in this dimension... Consciously Being .....

    11. he descent of Soul-infused Mind INTO Nature,

      Nature in psychology refers to personality and beliefs, not just physical body. Form is inclusive of body and mind, so physical body, personality and beliefs...

    12. My resonating feeling and revelatory unfoldment over the last four years has been that fourth stage atonement is only vaguely echoed at in the current forms of the teachings and a great expansion is set to take place

      Yes I resonate with this, there needs to be more grounded supports and practices to integrate spiritual concepts into the lived experience.

    13. Gone is the idea that a resistance to an external form represents a flaw in the self, a manifestation of ego, or worse influence from the devil. Even a subtle idea held within the mind can become a painful separation device which holds away the autonomy and self trust required for fourth stage atonement maturity and expression. In it’s place is a culture that sees the inherent wisdom of the divine, the flow of the life within taking you to some new flowering. Trust it.

      but - we must heal the belief that another can exert control over us, even when they think they can.

    14. hese explicate forms are the very life we are living. It’s forms, it’s manifestations and the learning lessons that arise through our practiced and conscious engagement with this process of learning to live the life of pure Creation.

      Agreed, and the life we live and our willingness to allow and challenge the boundaries we have built, to be fully responsible for our experience - all that, allows us to put the teaching into practice, to walk the talk.

    15. Providing practices that help cultivate this process AND help to specifically address the unique healing phase and to understand this process in a larger context of spiritual and mainstream world knowledge could be effective and evolutionary work of a centre.

      I see this as the first proposal:

      For JCS to offer practices for sexual healing.

    16. starting at the end

      To 'start at the end' means to live, be the Truth of you, live as Christ rather than as you think you are. This is a practice, e.g. Five Minutes as Christ

    17. n the language of Way of Mastery, it is to realise that there is no death only ‘eternal birthing.’

      There is no death - just change, Being is forever evolving.

    18. The tendency to view the feminine through the eyes of death, destruction and loss is a source of fear around the feminine.

      I'm not aware of this tendency - how does this manifest?

    19. Life: Themes related to sexuality, the life force and birth

      In general terms Life is conscious experience, and includes much more than sexuality and birth.

      Is that what you mean by life force?

    20. lowering CHRIST MIND, can ONLY occur precisely in the one place you have come to habitually believe you are IN Separation from your SELF

      It is in the place of separation where the experience that separation does not exist, that you are not the body, that your are not finite, dispels the dream and corrects the mistaken belief.

    21. HATRED of the Feminine is FEAR of the fully enlivened and freed flow of energetic currents of the BODY/NATURE Circle.

      Fear of the fully enlivened and freed flow of energetic currents of the body... is expressed as Hatred of the Feminine.

      This fear is experienced by everyone - it is not a matter of the masculine being afraid of the feminine, but everyone caught in separation being fearful of the full expression of Being - here described as a feminine quality.

    22. The inquisition and the burning and torture of millions of women and large numbers of men and children was the height of the fear and hatred of the feminine channelled through a kind of religious frenzy.

      Fear of the feminine

    23. My resonating feeling and revelatory unfoldment over the last four years has been that fourth stage atonement is only vaguely echoed at in the current forms of the teachings and a great expansion is set to take place.

      Yeah, the teaching points to the truth but the Truth is only known through my experience.

    24. The spiritual journey, then, is the process of Nature being ‘christ-ed’

      The journey is the process whereby the consciousness of Christ is embodied.

      This is what is called here the true spiritual journey.

      What is Christ Consciousness?

    25. . If we are birthing spirit through the body then disinhibition of body would of course be the same thing as disinhibiting soul.

      How do you see this? Would you elaborate on your understanding of this?

      My view: it's all a process of allowing the fullness of spirit to flow through me - as me. Spirit is Free and does not move according to my concepts or beliefs. I resist, inhibit the flow when it moves in a direction contrary to my belief (idea of right/wrong, good/bad, moral/immoral, etc).

      The process is one of releasing resistance, allowing spirit to flow as it will, to allowing life to be as it is.

    26. Through the fourth stage of atonement,

      Abba- Soul-Mind-Matter

      My understanding is that this fourth stage is Matter. Correct?

      This means the process of Atonement that we are all engaged in - this life we are living. Right?

    27. eachings of the priestess return

      Just above here - this image, is very compelling. One of total allowance, letting go of all resistance.

      Is this what you would characterize as the teachings of the priestess?