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  1. Sep 2022
  2. Dec 2015
    1. RAJ: Yes and no. I am not speaking directly with you. I am, you might say, speaking to you in meanings without language. If I were to communicate with someone in India they would hear me in their language, and yet I would not be speaking to them in any language at all, just meanings. The more you become integrated with your experience through the technique you are now using, the more accurate will be your “translation” and the more easily it will flow. Right now, my meanings are flowing fluidly, but the fact that your typewriter is stuttering is due to your awkwardness and lack of experience in communication on this level of consciousness.

      Raj is communicating meaning, not language. He describes this later in the book saying that Being unfolds as meaning - not language.

    1. It is true that you are not participating in spiritualism. You are not communicating with a soul that has “passed on.” You are not speaking to an individuality still befuddled by the three-dimensional illusion of birth and death who thinks that he was ever born or ever died. I am not the medium through which the Christ-consciousness is revealing Itself as your conscious experience of Being. But, I do exist, as does every other individualization who has existed as an infinite aspect of Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being. There is infinite progression, even beyond the partial, three-dimensional-only view. It is simply ignorance—the inability to see infinitely—which would make one think that once the “mortal dream” is grown out of, there does not continue to be the infinite unfolding of Being as Conscious Being. This is true before or after the experience called death.

      Definition: Ignorance - the inability to see infinitely.

      More about Raj - not caught in belief of birth and death.

      There is an infinite progression of the unfolding of Being as Conscious Being. "Death" does not end it - it never ends.

      This is implied by WOM when it speaks of *The journey to the Kingdom and the Journey within the Kingdom."

  3. Nov 2015
    1. RAJ: Separateness is a three-dimensional concept, Paul.

      Paul is attempting to clarify the meaning of Oneness and Being in his experience (and mine!!) that he is having a conversation with Raj, a seemingly separate being.

      The whole section is about that.

  4. Oct 2015
    1. RAJ: Paul, in the first place, I am not viewing you, or experiencing you, by remote control through the vast outreaches of space. I am, as you have been aware, present within your conscious experience of things. I see what you see. I know first-hand what you think and feel about what you see. And, I am aware of the total picture. As I said in the beginning: I know how things appear to you, and I know how things actually are. This is why I can tell you to sit still, and be patient, and not be worried that you will come to some harm as a result of that instruction. I am not some individuality hanging around the earth realm in an attempt to find somebody to help so that I can feel my existence is worthwhile. Other than that, I will make no further comment in response to your friend’s understanding of how things are.

      Raj speaking about how he interacts with Paul.

    1. I want you to understand that my primary purpose is with you and your individual unfolding of your Self as your conscious experience of Being. That will become No.1 with you, because you are the one that constitutes the Eternal Constant. The apparent three-dimensional event of the reappearance of the Christ is one of the millions of events which will occur to you as your experience eternally. You must keep in mind that no single event in your experience takes precedence over that which is experiencing it—You. You must be very careful not to classify yourself as a follower of Maitreya, or a follower of any Master, or any Teacher. You are to follow the Inner Path of the evolving of your very own Being as It unfolds and reveals Itself as your conscious experience. This must be a rule, a guidepost for you to refer to often.
    2. PAUL: This may sound silly, but are you capable of misdirecting me? RAJ: I am not, for the simple fact that, in effect, you are not speaking to a personality. You are speaking directly to the Wisdom of the Universe, you might say, through the open Door that I am, and through the open Door which you are learning to become, or beginning to learn to Be.
    3. RAJ: I am working only with you, Paul, simply because there are no other matches at the present time. If there were, I would be working with them also. It would make no apparent difference to you, whatsoever.
    4. RAJ: Paul, I am a Master. The simple fact is that my work directly relates to supporting and being involved in the reappearance of the Christ, of Maitreya, on your planet. If you had matched up with a Guide whose work was not involved specifically with the advent of His return, your Guide, nevertheless, would have begun to inform you of the events which are going to occur, since it is a Universally known fact that this development is taking place on planet Earth.
    1. It was not necessary, nor would I have done it. I will not manipulate your life. It is not necessary in order for you to learn, since your life presents you with all the materials you need to do a sufficient and effective job.

      In our journey of awakening there is no manipulation - the experience of our life is not 'setup' to put us in uncomfortable situations. It is a natural flow...

      As WoM says: Life is your way out.

      Raj or Jeshua or the CC is not manipulating our journey.

      God is not an individuated being "out there" somewhere pulling our strings like a puppet master.