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  1. Oct 2015
    1. I am not going anywhere. I want you to give your attention to your Self as It is living Its infinite unfoldment, and begin to find that It is an ever present and excellent teacher.

      Your Self is ever present and an excellent teacher.

    2. I want you to begin to let your experience teach you. I would like for you to back off to one conversation a day with me. You have learned how to get into that Place and stay there, and how to get back if you need to. Now I want you to begin to do that. Experience the events of your day, each day, from that environment. You will begin to find your experience explaining itself. You will find your enlightenment to be equally as meaningful as our many conversations have seemed to you. As you have already discovered, your daily experience supplies you with optimum opportunity to learn about your Self, and about the places in which you need further growth.

      Allow the experience of life, lived from the 4dRef, teach you about your Self.

    3. You feel that she is making demands on you by her insistence to hold you to her finite view, and pull you out from your experience of being as Conscious Being. The fact is that you are doing well at remaining centered at the Door of your own infinite Wisdom and Understanding. You do not need to be afraid that you will slip. You are learning a lesson that is difficult for you. You must let the three-dimensional frame of reference “do its little jig” until it wears itself out and gives up.

      Susan is upset and wants Paul to see things her way. Raj is encouraging Paul to stand firmly in the doorway of 4dRef and allow the 3dRef to do its thing.

      This is a scenario that is familiar to all of us. Stand firm in the truth.

    1. It was not necessary, nor would I have done it. I will not manipulate your life. It is not necessary in order for you to learn, since your life presents you with all the materials you need to do a sufficient and effective job.

      In our journey of awakening there is no manipulation - the experience of our life is not 'setup' to put us in uncomfortable situations. It is a natural flow...

      As WoM says: Life is your way out.

      Raj or Jeshua or the CC is not manipulating our journey.

      God is not an individuated being "out there" somewhere pulling our strings like a puppet master.

    2. Yet it is exactly the opposite thing that is the answer to getting out of all of that—the opposite being that one needs to stay right where he is. He needs to give up his attempt to get, become, achieve.
    3. But, the high vibration energy scurrying through your body and the feeling of anxiety in the pit of your stomach were both signals to you that you had, indeed slipped. You were beginning to feel the feelings that three-dimensional man feels of isolation and incompleteness. You were beginning to feel the need to “get,” the need to “get out into a different place,” and to “get away from where you are.“

      LIYWO: Life is your way out.

      This illustrates the practice of becoming aware of energy that needs to be acknowledged and felt - and how easy it is to run away instead.