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  1. Dec 2015
    1. As I observe myself,

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    2. You are also beginning

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    3. RAJ: Good evening, Paul

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    1. would like you to stop smoking


    2. RAJ: Yes and no. Time does not function in the limited way in which you conceive it. I will go into that at another time. Suffice it to say that although you will perceive the communication as occurring simultaneously with your end of the conversation, my end of the conversation takes place when it is convenient for me. It is then slotted into your time reference at the appropriate moments.

      How Time works from Raj's perspective.

    3. RAJ: Yes and no. I am not speaking directly with you. I am, you might say, speaking to you in meanings without language. If I were to communicate with someone in India they would hear me in their language, and yet I would not be speaking to them in any language at all, just meanings. The more you become integrated with your experience through the technique you are now using, the more accurate will be your “translation” and the more easily it will flow. Right now, my meanings are flowing fluidly, but the fact that your typewriter is stuttering is due to your awkwardness and lack of experience in communication on this level of consciousness.

      Raj is communicating meaning, not language. He describes this later in the book saying that Being unfolds as meaning - not language.

  2. Oct 2015
    1. When you are feeling in a weak or vulnerable position, you have a tremendous tendency to reach out to anyone and everyone around you to validate your position, so you can feel at ease. Paul, this does not strengthen you. I can see that you are getting the idea that you must follow through for your sake, no matter what.
    2. It simply destroys processes within your frame of mind which have been based on false assumptions and beliefs.