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  1. Feb 2024
    1. It may seem like the image file should be the key mechanism for storing andmanaging software projects, but in practice that is not the case at all.

      This is an important point.

    1. without any spooky action at a distance.

      Confirmed. Einstein. Physics.

    2. The behaviour of a unit of code should be as obvious as possible by looking only at that unit of code

      Locality is also a principle in physics.

  2. Jan 2024
    1. A system is a composition of objects thatare abstractions, which hide data andexpose behavior*

      Composition Abstraction Hide data Expose behavior

    1. Object metaphors are powerful, both because they leverage something familiar to introduce something new, and because they lean into our natural cognitive strengths for spatial reasoning and object manipulation.

      Metaphors make for good introductions. They leverage what is known to tackle the unknown.

  3. Dec 2023
    1. Building blocks encode a useful trait. A building block note encodes an idea.Building blocks are atomic. You want your BB-notes to be as small as possible, but no smaller. This maximizes combinatorial surface area.Building blocks are composable. BB-notes are focused on composition too. Big ideas are composed from smaller ideas, through hyperlinking and transclusion.

      Modularized note-taking principles.

    2. Introduce mutation.

      Question lines and prompt routines.

    1. A conversation can happen between yourself and yourself, across time, through the notes your past self took for your future self.

      While protocols are generally meant for systems with many free agents to organize their behavior toward a particular equilibrium, necessary to sustain. Given the efficiency of protocols to coordinate complex actors and incentivize them to participate in an orchestra of collectively meaningful dance. I want to explore whether it would be possible to consider human multiplicity of states viable for protocolization and thus creating internal incentives between your many variations to maintain some important behaviors.

    1. There is a growing need for open standards for formats used to represent text, images, video and other collections of data, so that one producer's data will be accessible to another's software.

      Data formats are like currency. Either standardize it or make sure there are converters. Money exchange. Most used formats are valuable but also valuable content in a rare format makes the converter more valuable.