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    1. UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. (2021, October 12). The CBC Conference 2021 programme has just been released and is packed with thought-provoking talks, international keynote speakers, symposia, and plenty of networking opportunities and social exchanges for delegates. Register now! Http://tinyurl.com/5xwa7c27 #cbcconf2021 https://t.co/9iZqPjEEY6 [Tweet]. @UCLBehaveChange. https://twitter.com/UCLBehaveChange/status/1447860878511157252

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    1. So, what problem is blockchain solving for identity if PII is not being stored on the ledger? The short answer is that blockchain provides a transparent, immutable, reliable and auditable way to address the seamless and secure exchange of cryptographic keys. To better understand this position, let us explore some foundational concepts.

      What problem is blockchain solving in the SSI stack?

      It is an immutable (often permissionless) and auditable way to address the seamless and secure exchange of cryptographic keys.

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    1. This graph view is the easiest possible mental model for RDF and is often used in easy-to-understand visual explanations
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    1. The coat is a use value that satisfies a particular want

      Marx: "Yesterday I pawned a coat dating back to my Liverpool days in order to buy writing paper" (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Collected Works, vol. 38 [1852-55]: 221).

      On the significance of Marx's coat, see Peter Stallybrass, “Marx’s Coat,” in Border Fetishisms: Material Objects in Unstable Spaces, ed. Patricia Spyer (New York: Routledge, 1998): 183–207. [PDF].

    2. Exchange value

      Exchange value appears as the property of a commodity that is exchangeable for other commodities. It also presupposes societies who produce commodities and exchange them. While all societies have things with use values, exchange value is relative to a specific time and place.

      Additionally, exchanging commodities must also presupposes a way to determine proportionality between different commodities, so that they can be exchanged in the first place.

      Exchange therefore requires some other measure that stands above the two commodities meant to be exchanged. If there were no ways in which iron and corn were found similar to a society, for example, then we would not exchange them and they would have no exchange value.

      Marx will contend that what each commodity must contain crystalized within it is value (formally) and that the substance of value is labor (viz. the common factor of both iron and corn is labor). Marx will call this kind of labor abstract labor.

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    1. inequality of exchange

      goods may be of equal value in the market place but are not equal in the minds of the traders.

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    1. 駭客入侵了 DNS 的服務商,欺騙惡意將用戶從一個站點重定向到虛假網站點,在竊取用戶的敏感個人資訊後,使用它來訪問用戶的帳戶。 簡單的舉例來說,你在前往銀行的路上迷路了,有人假冒警察給你指了一條通往假銀行的路,你在存錢之後輸入了銀行密碼,假銀行就拿著你的密碼去真銀行領錢。照理來說,真銀行不該負責,而是真警察沒有做好被假冒的風險防護。(唯一不同的是,在網路世界你必須要詢問 DNS 才能知道銀行的所在) 因此,遭受攻擊的是 DNS 的提供商,而不是交易所本身。照理來說,交易所沒有承擔責任的義務。

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/> 比特币诞生初期,就有人欢呼 “We don't need banks anymore”。时至今日,对此愿景翘首以盼的拥趸也大有人在,只不过他们把目光移向了比普惠金融更高阶的开放性金融,措辞也变得更为「绅士」:By crypto like Bitcoin we can “bank” the unbanked(为那些没能享受到金融基础服务的底层民众提供服务)。试问,假以时日加密货币登上舞台,人类是否还需要银行?如果需要,这种状态还会持续多长时间?在未来,银行这条清结算渠道是否会演化成其他范式,而非被取代? <br/><br/> 对此,许多人认同「非黑即白」的二元论答案,或者再暧昧一点,他们会说,要达到质变的最终目的,不过是时间长短的问题。「将 DNS 提供商比作警察,交易所比作银行」,如是比喻固然沿袭了旧世界的工程化思维,却无疑给了这群人当头一棒。

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    1. Same with trading view. I'm okay with not trading through there. I'd rather not trade through a third party if I can trade directly on the exchange. It just mitigates risks from a trading side.
    2. Gemini was easy when I first got into Crypto. Any cash you have in there has FDIC insurance up to 250. No other exchanges were providing that. I also noticed they were pretty selective about which currencies they put on there.
    3. Yeah, because Gemini trusted US dollar exchange. It's actually one of the only ones regulated and licensed by the state of New York, which has some of the strictest regulations in the world.
    4. I just don't like buying on there. So if I don't have to go into the application, i prefer not to. [inaudible] to Coinbase pro is also, it's poorly set up in my opinion. I don't know why i use it, but usually I'm just going in there to withdraw money.
    5. Even though they've been having some issues in the last few weeks, um, to just get it at the price that I want immediately and then, because it's connected to my api in three commas.
    6. And as far as binance goes, they just have a track record, uh, where there was some type of hack to some degree.
    7. Uh, I have a lot of exchanges, but as the market stiped down, I only use coinbase pro, bitrix, and binance, uh, mainly because of the liquidity and safety.
    8. I'm most likely just in the finance application itself to make sure things execute quickly.
    1. Regulating cryptocurrency without hindering innovation is a challenge for many governments. But Japan seems to be striking a pretty good balance. After the Coincheck incident, the FSA “studied very hard about cryptocurrency and cybersecurity” and wound up better informed than most consultants in the industry, says Oki Matsumoto, chairman and managing director of Monex, Coincheck’s new owner.

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/>中介是多余的,但是它促进了市场资本主义中社会和人的有机互惠,散发出人情味儿;去中介化的点对点模式是高效的,但却单一追求不信任个体间的速生联系,显得冰冷淡漠。在行业监管这件事上,日本政府也活学活用玩起了「去中介化」,甩掉了那帮以兜售智谋为生的顾问,直接参与到行业监管政策的制定和落实过程中。这本不是什么很有人情味的举动,但却因为一个较为开放的结果而受到了区块链从业者的一致好评。或许这将启发人们思考,什么是「合格」(qualified)的监管者?什么是「好」(enlightened)的监管者?怎样才能被 Oki Matsumoto 称为 “better informed”?

    1. Dear XRP Army, Ripple is (and was first) a payment protocol whose native currency is XRP. You could suggest the eponymous company change its name (again) to avoid ambiguity. The convention is <protocol> <asset>, like: Ripple XRP, Ethereum ether, Bitcoin bitcoin, etc.

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/>2011 年,杰西· 鲍威尔(Jesse Powell),也就是后来 Kraken Exchange 的创始人,拜访了当时最大的比特币交易所 Mt. Gox 位于日本的办公室,为这家遭受黑客攻击的交易所提供帮助。彭博社的一篇文章记载了鲍威尔打算创办交易所的想法:“It was clear after that hack at Mt. Gox, when they were down for like a week, that the exchange is really the most critical piece of the ecosystem...I wanted there to be another one to take its place, if Mt. Gox failed.” 三年后,又一次黑客攻击窃取了 Mt. Gox 交易所里的 85 万枚比特币,致使其损伤惨重,最终破产倒闭。 <br/><br/> 至此,我们也就不难理解为何 Kraken 的这条推文带有如此浓厚的「脱裤子放屁」之官僚主义风格,而它在评论区的那股敦厚老实认真劲甚至让人怀疑,这难不成是搞得一出黑色幽默?交易所强化安全意识,这一点无可厚非,但以此为基础起底的机构组织,却容易把这种意识外延到审美标准和价值观层面——看看 Kraken 给 “protocol”、“asset” 下的定义吧!也许评论区里嘲笑它的网友们可以调侃道:What the hell is the unbreakable protocol? What the most worthwhile asset? And how about the combination of both?

    1. 欲戴皇冠,必承其重。“交易即挖矿”曾使FCoin撬动了老牌交易所的地位,不可否认它是成功的,它可以帮助新交易所快速积累用户和交易量,但FT没有实际价值支撑,则是一切崩盘最根本的原因。蜂拥而来的用户并没有忠诚度,对于交易所来说并不是健康的发展模式,人们最关心的是平台币涨跌,交易所的政策、发展、生态建设与他们毫无关系。当进度条推动到此时,和张健所说的要建立一个透明社区的理想,恐怕已经相去甚远。 


    1. “Well, they believe that when they have listed all His names — and they reckon that there are about nine billion of them — God’s purpose will be achieved. The human race will have finished what it was created to do, and there won’t be any point in carrying on. Indeed, the very idea is something like blasphemy.”

      Sci-Fi Stack Exchange has a good thread on what this story signified https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/102956/what-does-the-end-of-nine-billion-names-of-god-signify

    1. 在整个过程中,中心化交易所不但是现实世界与区块链世界的出入口,还是不同区块链网络的连接器。简单来说,交易所决定了一个新的 Token 是否有资格接入其他 Token 以及法币共同构成的清算网络。很多区块链项目的发展在被扭曲为满足交易所需求的方向上越走越远。区块链经济网络急需分布式的清算机制加入,其意义不在于要迅速替代中心化的交易所,而是带来一种新的选择与制衡,让区块链的真正价值被再次发掘,让用分布式的方式解决分布式的问题成为可能。


    1. DX Exchange uses Nasdaq’s Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol to facilitate trades. Using this platform, DX Exchange allows users to swap tokenized stocks in major global companies, including Amazon, Baidu, Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Nvidia, and Tesla. All of these companies will be available for trading on the platform as easily as you would swap tokens on a conventional cryptocurrency exchange.


      DX.Exchange 此举中,值得讨论的一点在于,「每一种数字代币都有一股普通股作为支撑,持有者将有权获得相同的现金股息,尽管这些公司本身并未参与其中」。 </br></br> 这让人联想到这些年来社交网络上有关「被代表」的讨论。时不时有声音呼吁民众对巨型官僚机构和商业公司保持警惕,但是当「代表」与「被代表」的两方角色互换,反转后的清奇画面又让人惊愕。这样一来,那些发声者又该如何回应?也许他们可以说,这不过是巨型商业公司的自导自演而已。

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  19. cloud.degrowth.net cloud.degrowth.net
    1. One of the proposals would be togenerate more spaces for sharing knowledges. Eg providing virtual spaces, eg I have done this, what has and hasn ́t worked. I admire what you do in Unitierra, and the Zapatista, and my context is very different, so we need to change the way of looking atthings.

      There is a thing which we call Federated Wiki, that challenges how we produce knowledge : http://federated.wiki/federated-wiki-introduction.html

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    1. This, of course, leaves us none the wiser as to how to model velocity, as the equation of exchange is nothing more than an identity. MV=PQ just says that the money flow of expenditures is equal to the market value of what those expenditures buy, which is true by definition. The left and right sides are two ways of saying the same thing; it’s a form of double-entry accounting where each transaction is simultaneously recorded on both sides of the equation. Whether an effect should be recorded in M, V, P, or Q is, ultimately, arbitrary. To transform the identity into a tool with predictive potency, we need to make a series of assumptions about each of the variables. For example, monetarists assume M is determined exogenously, V is constant, and Q is independent of M and use the equation to demonstrate how increases in the money supply increase P (i.e. cause inflation).
    2. The first practical problem with velocity is that it’s frequently employed as a catch-all to make the two sides of the equation of exchange balance. It often simply captures the error in our estimation of the other variables in the model.
    1. Pantera Capital has had a thesis of investing into local exchanges since the inception of its venture capital fund. Local exchanges have an advantage of a local team who understands the culture and marketing of a specific geography in addition to having the relationships for banking and regulations. In June 2014, Pantera investigated and became the lead US investor in the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, Korbit. Korea was a compelling geography for a local exchange investment because of the country’s familiarity with virtual currencies, becoming one of the first countries to adopt them for gaming, having a government that is pro-innovation, having a large mobile ecosystem.
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    1. an effective marginal cost of zero

      This aspect of information goods is oft quoted as a distinguishing feature whose existence supports a radically different approach from previous publishing methods.

      It's true that the marginal cost is dramatically decreased with digital publishing. But there's a big difference between "closer to zero than before" and actually zero. The marginal cost of digital information goods is not actually zero. That people are willing to trade their privacy in exchange for someone else bearing the costs of managing information is one piece of evidence of this.

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    1. same.

      What is the Columbian Exchange and what is transferred between Europe and the Americas in this exchange?