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    1. The Globe and Mail reports that Element AI sold for less than $500 million USD. This would place the purchase price well below the estimated valuation that the Montréal startup was said to have after its $200 million CAD Series B round in September 2019.

      This was a downround for them in a sense that eventhough they sold for USD$500M their post-money round in Sep 2019 was CAD$200M meaning that they did not improve on their valuation after one year. Why?

  4. Oct 2020
    1. maybe once a week do a weekly review and put stuff back into the wiki, either new notes, or refinements of existing ones

      This regularly scheduled review and revision portion can be very important. Too often people throw things into their "stream" and then never revisit them. The reflection and review over them may help one gain greater perspective or allow them to re-think something to discover bits they may not have seen or realized before, particularly after intervening time has provided additional ideas and experience.

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    1. Virtually all BPMs have utilities for creating simple, data-gathering forms. And in many types of workflows, these simple forms may be adequate. However, in any workflow that includes complex document assembly (such as loan origination workflows), BPM forms are not likely to get the job done. Automating the assembly of complex documents requires ultra-sophisticated data-gathering forms, which can only be designed and created after the documents themselves have been automated. Put another way, you won't know which questions need to be asked to generate the document(s) until you've merged variables and business logic into the documents themselves. The variables you merge into the document serve as question fields in the data gathering forms. And here's the key point - since you have to use the document assembly platform to create interviews that are sophisticated enough to gather data for your complex documents, you might as well use the document assembly platform to generate all data-gathering forms in all of your workflows.
  9. Sep 2018
    1. A big part of the problem is at the university level, in schools of education, according to the authors of a 2016 article in the Journal of Childhood & Developmental Disorders. "Faculty have ignored the scientific knowledge that informs reading acquisition," the authors wrote. "As a result, the pre-service teachers who are being educated at these institutions fail to receive the necessary training."
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    1. structural acquisitions included a conventional T1-weighted sagittal scout series, a proton density/T2-weighted interleaved double-echo axial series, and a three-dimensional inversion recovery-prepped spoiled grass coronal series

      ID: Scout Type: Scout AcquisitionInstrument: McLeanScanner

      ID: T2 Type: PD/T2 AcquisitionInstrument: McLeanScanner

      ID: Anatomical Type: SPGR AcquisitionInstrument: McLeanScanner

    1. The acquisitions included a 3-D inversion recovery-prepped spoiled gradient recalled echo coronal series, which was used for structural analysis (124 slices, prep=300 msec, TE=1 min, flip angle=25°, FOV= 24 cm2, slice thickness 1.5 mm, acquisition matrix 256×192, number of excitations=2).

      ID: SPGR AcquisitionInstrument: MRIScanner Type: SPGR

  12. Dec 2015
    1. This could be the first time we can talk with empirical evidence about language requiring innate components or not.