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    1. Bloodcurdling war cries are a universal way of striking terror in foes. Maori war chants, the Japanese battle cry "Banzai!" (Long Live the Emperor) in World War II, the Ottomans' "Vur Ha!" (Strike), the Spanish "Desperta Ferro!" (Awaken the Iron), and the "Rebel Yell" of Confederate soldiers are examples. In antiquity, the sound of Greek warriors bellowing "Alala!" while banging swords on bronze shields was likened to hooting owls or a screeching flock of monstrous birds.
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    1. Te Hiku Media gathered huge swathes of Māori language data. Corporates are now trying to get the rights to it

      Example of tension between indigenous IP and commercial use.

  7. Mar 2015
    1. Best health outcomes for Māori: Practice implications

      This is an excellent resource...well written, informative and practical. I recommend you set aside an hour or so to read it fully.

    1. Best health outcomes for Maori

      This is a very good resource. Well written, informative and practical advice.