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  1. Jun 2021
    1. This time, we’ve come up with one of the best dog sitter apps in our App of the Week column. The Rover app promises to provide you with a professional who will take care of your pet. It seems like the Rover mobile app has tapped into the need – they’re valued at $970 million.
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  9. Dec 2018
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  10. Oct 2018
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    1. Give a dog diarrhea medicine when your dog suffering through loose motion. The dog diarrhea medicine helps to improve digestion, prevents dehydration, controls loss of electrolytes and control loose motion. By giving proper and effective diarrhea medicine make pet life healthier.

  11. Sep 2018
    1. FidoBuddy is one of the products of Fidomate that consists of best in class pure salmon oil for dogs which is rich in omega fatty acids and essential Dogs Vitamins like vitamins A, D3 and E. Fidobuddy is vitamin supplement which fulfills the requirement of vitamins for dogs.

  12. Aug 2018
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  13. May 2016
    1. I really enjoyed the assignment for DOG 1. We were supposed to go to a place that we found safe and comforting. I chose Lake Merritt because I come here to clear my mind and often just to sit by the lake. Its very relaxing and besides that the view is beautiful. I live for spectacular views. Its just a calm feeling that I get here that I never seem to get anywhere else. This place brings me peace. There were a lot of people at the lake. People were working out, exercising, and jogging. I loved to see that because I had just come from the gym myself. I love working out and I believe in staying physically fit. I saw people that were out with their families and just casually walking the lake. I saw a lot of people that looked like they were coming from work. Some people were in groups and some people were alone. All the people coming from work were all in their 40’s which was very interesting. I saw a few people sun bathing, and one girl that sat in the grass to eat a salad. There was a homeless man laying in the grass not too far from me, he looked so relaxed. Every human being here looked content, no one looked like they were having a bad time.