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  1. Nov 2022
    1. This year my intention was to have fun, to not plan anything in advance and to just see what would emerge organically.

      I believe you were able to do that precisely because you were prepared. The more you prepare, the more beneficial letting go of the plan is .

  2. Jul 2022
    1. These are the four positions on the diamond shape; the opposites, both and neither.  We swing around and around the diamond shape if we stay in language and our thinking. This is the swirling world of thinking and samsara. To enter the truth, we have to get off the diamond shape and enter into the center of the chart. The center of the chart is, as Katagiri Roshi always said, the intersection of time and space. It is the truth-happening place, the only true reality – the present moment. When we find our heads spinning around all the prism of viewpoints, we can simply enter into the intersection of time and space and let “understanding” go.

      This is a very pith statement. We go round and round in our thinking, jumping from one position to another but not able to see that our sense of frustration does not arise from not finding the right view, but rather from chasing after any view. ANY view will have the same inherent flaw. We are like a dog chasing its own tail, or like the ouroboro serpent attempting to eat its own tail.

      It is the awareness of the meta-condition that is the key insight. Ultimately, it is up to us to finally convince ourselves to let go of chasing "understanding" to fall into the lived experience of the truth, rather than the propositional only....which is like empty calories and can never salsify our deepest aspirations of wisdom.

  3. Feb 2021
    1. In the classroom, I delegate responsibilities to my students at a rate that astounds people. There is almost nothing that I will not allow my students to do, including teaching my lessons whenever possible. My students take full and complete ownership of the classroom, whether they like it or not, and as a result, they possess great ownership of their learning.
    2. They fail to understand the importance of autonomy when delegating responsibilities.
    3. They lack faith in the capacity of others.