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  1. Apr 2019
    1. greater control over how the spaces in which we live are socially produced

      An excellent example of this, also in Chicago, is the Mexican-American area known as Pilsen. One way the community has taken control is through the development of street murals, described here: https://interactive.wttw.com/my-neighborhood/pilsen/art-as-activism.

  2. Dec 2018
    1. "Olha o custo, olha como a ideologia é cara. É burrice ter ideologia." Devemos entender que os bebedouros da escola de Chicago dão imunidade contra algo tão universal nas sociedades humanas?

      O cara realmente acredita que é livre de toda ideologia? Essa merda de escola de Chicago é a verdade universal então? Os caras acreditam que detém a verdade?

  3. Dec 2015
    1. Go out and see the birds along the building, singing, because, [therewas] no snow! Everybody be standing over the pipes, talking because it’s warm,standing out all winter long.’

      I visit my family in Chicago every winter.. I can assure you all it's nothing like this anymore. It's cold outside. Whether there is snow or not (due to storm variations every year) it's cold.. very cold.