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  1. Feb 2024
  2. Jan 2024
    1. Die taz beschäftigt sich mit den Vorschlägen Emmanuel Macrons zur Klimafinanzierung für den globalen Süden. Dabei geht es u.a. um neue Regeln für Weltbank und IWF, um eine Beteiligung vor allem Chinas an der Finanzierung ärmerer Länder und um Kreditvergaben zu deutlich niedrigeren als den jetzigen Zinsen. Für den Erfolg dieser Pläne wird entscheidend sein, ob beim G20-Gipfel im November 24 und bei der COP30 entsprechende Beschlüsse gefasst werden.https://taz.de/Geld-fuer-den-Klimaschutz/!5984779/

  3. Dec 2023
    1. Find a better bank
    2. if you bank with one of the largest 11 banks in the U.S., the report suggests using the rough estimate of 0.24 metric tons of CO2 for every $1,000 you have in the bank. Between 20% and 30% of your money is likely used in fossil fuel projects or other carbon-intensive sectors like mining.
      • for: stats - bank emissions

      • stats: bank emissions

        • if your bank is equivalent to the largest 11 US banks, the Project Drawdown report estimates
          • 0.24 metric tons of CO2 for every $1,000 USD saved in the bank
          • between 20 to 30 percent of your money is likely used to finance fossil fuel projects or other carbon intensive sectors like mining.
    1. you can see it all the time it's 00:41:37 unbelievably it's unbelievably painful we look at all the our institutions
      • for: polycrisis - entrenched institutional bias, examples - entrenched institutional bias - bank macro economic policy - lobbyist

      • paraphrase

        • James provides two examples of major institutional bias that has to be rapidly overcome if we are to stand a chance at facilitating rapid system change:
          • Bank of England controls macroeconomic policies that favour elites and not ordinary people and
            • these policies are beyond political contestation
          • In the normal political system, lobbyists through the revolving door between the top levels of the Civil Service and the corporate sector bias policies for elites and not ordinary citizens
  4. Nov 2023
    1. Auf den Öl- und Gasfeldern der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate, darunter vielen, die der staatlichen Gesellschaft Adnoc gehören, wurde in den vergangenen 20 Jahren in großem Umfang routinemäßig Gas abgefackelt, was zu hohen Methanemissionen führt. Die Emirate hatten sich verpflichtet, das Abfackeln schnell zu reduzieren. Die dieser Selbstverpflichtung krass widersprechende Praxis gilt bei NGO als weiterer Beleg dafür, dass Selbstverpflichtungen der Fossilindustrie nicht getraut werden kann. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/17/cop28-host-uae-breaking-its-own-ban-on-routine-gas-flaring-data-showsactor

    1. Seit dem Pariser Abkommen haben europäische Banken fossile Energieunternehmen durch die Ausgabe vom Anleihen in Wert von ca einer Billion (1000 Milliarden) Euro unterstützt, wie eine Recherche des Guardian ergibt. Anleihen (Bons) sind inzwischen die wichtigste Form der Finanzierung der Fossilindustrie. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/sep/26/europes-banks-helped-fossil-fuel-firms-raise-more-than-1tn-from-global-bond-markets

  5. Sep 2023
  6. Jul 2023
    1. Detox Development: Repurposing Environmentally Harmful Subsidies
      • Title
        • Detox Development: Repurposing Environmentally Harmful Subsidies
      • Author
        • World Bank
    2. Hiding in plain sight: The missing trillions for climate change
      • Title
        • Hiding in plain sight: The missing trillions for climate change
      • Author Axel Van Trotsenburg
      • Date
        • June 15, 2023
      • Publisher
        • World Bank
  7. Jun 2023
  8. Apr 2023
    1. Based on yesterday's discussion at Dan Allosso's Book Club, we don't include defense spending into the consumer price index for calculating inflation or other market indicators. What other things (communal goods) aren't included into these measures, but which potentially should be to take into account the balance of governmental spending versus individual spending. It seems unfair that individual sectors, particularly those like defense contracting which are capitalistic in nature, but which are living on governmental rent extraction, should be free from the vagaries of inflation?

      Throwing them into the basket may create broader stability for the broader system and act as a brake via feedback mechanisms which would push those corporations to work for the broader economic good, particularly when they're taking such a large piece of the overall pie.

      Similarly how might we adjust corporate tax rates with respect to the level of inflation to prevent corporate price gouging during times of inflation which seems to be seen in the current 2023 economic climate. Workers have seen some small gains in salary since the pandemic, but inflationary pressures have dramatically eaten into these taking the gains and then some back into corporate coffers. The FED can increase interest rates to effect some change, but this doesn't change corporate price gouging in any way, tax or other policies will be necessary to do this.

  9. Feb 2023
  10. Jan 2023
    1. you've got a climate denier in charge of 00:42:13 the World Bank so why are you surprised that the World Bank is completely failing to do its job

      !- world bank : leader is a climate denier

  11. Sep 2022
    1. Indicative of howclose many Americans are to poverty, a recent study by the Federal ReserveBank found that 37 percent of Americans do not have enough savings put asideto protect them from a $400 emergency.20
      1. Federal Reserve Bank, “Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2019” (Washington DC: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 2020).
  12. Jun 2022
    1. In 1968, he resigned as Secretary of Defense to become President of the World Bank.

      Similarly Paul Wolfowitz was U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense running the U.S. war in Iraq before leaving to become the 10th President of the World Bank.

      McNamara was the 5th President of the World Bank.

  13. Dec 2021
  14. Apr 2021
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  15. Feb 2021
  16. Jan 2021
    1. 顧客情報に機械学習と予測分析を使用して、今後生まれてくるニーズを予測する。そして、その予測に基づいて商品やサービスを顧客に提案する。顧客情報には連絡先の詳細情報の他、事故履歴やライフスタイルの変化などが含まれる。


  17. Oct 2020
    1. “Yes. My objection is, that your proposal obliges us to wait.”

      It would be rather anti climactic for the mystery to be dependant on waiting for the reclaim of the diamond from the bank. It makes me believe that something else is likely to happen in between that timeframe, perchaps a new fact that reveals a different location of the diamond. At any rate it seems as if this part of the plot (the diamond resting in a bank) may not be what's really going on... Interested to see what is missing here, maybe Franklin will somehow remember something from before that event that renders this fact irrelevant, assuming that Rachel is truthful and did indeed see Franklin steal the diamon.

  18. Aug 2020
    1. Bartik, A. W., Cullen, Z. B., Glaeser, E. L., Luca, M., Stanton, C. T., & Sunderam, A. (2020). The Targeting and Impact of Paycheck Protection Program Loans to Small Businesses (Working Paper No. 27623; Working Paper Series). National Bureau of Economic Research. https://doi.org/10.3386/w27623

  19. Jun 2020
  20. May 2020
    1. golden rule: If someone calls saying they’re from your bank, just hang up and call them back — ideally using a phone number that came from the bank’s Web site or from the back of your payment card.

      Golden rule of talking to your bank

    2. “When the representative finally answered my call, I asked them to confirm that I was on the phone with them on the other line in the call they initiated toward me, and so the rep somehow checked and saw that there was another active call with Mitch,” he said. “But as it turned out, that other call was the attackers also talking to my bank pretending to be me.”

      Phishing situation scenario:

      • a person is called by attackers who identify as his bank
      • the victim tell them to hold the line
      • in the meantime, the victim calls his bank representative who confirms after a while that he is with them on another line
      • in reality, the another line is done by attackers pretending to be him
  21. Apr 2020
  22. Oct 2019
  23. Sep 2017
    1. reasonable expectation that it will be utilised

      Does the constitutional right to privacy envisage the purpose limitation principle? Does it only apply to state/private parties acting on behalf of state or for purely horizontal relationships as well?

    2. access to bank records to the Collectordoes not permit a delegation of those powers by the Collector to a private individual. Hence even when the power to inspect and search is validly exercisable by an organ of the state, necessary safeguards would be required to ensure that the information does not travel to unauthorised private hands.

      Where delegation of responsibilities, need for proper safeguards. Very relevant observation in the context of PPP models of governance and data collection/processing

    3. India’s international commitments under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(ICCPR)

      ICCPR and UDHR as instrumental in foundation for affirmation of privacy

    4. The significance of the judgment in Canara Banklies first in its reaffirmation of the right to privacy as emanating from the liberties guaranteed by Article 19 and from the protection of life and personal liberty under Article 21

      privacy derived from freedoms under 19, as well life and liberty under 21

    5. Court repudiated the notion that a person who places documents with a bank would, as a result, forsake an expectation of confidentiality. In the view of the Court, even if the documents cease to be at a place other than in the custody and control of the customer, privacy attaches to persons and not places and hence the protection of privacy is not diluted

      2 important observations

      • recognition of privacy attached to persons and and not places (moving beyond a propertarian view of privacy)

      • sharing of information does not lead to forsaking a reasonable expectation of privacy. Without reference, repudiation of third party doctrine. privacy not quivalent with secrecy.

    6. penumbras created by the Bill of Rights resulting in a zone of privacy101leading up eventually to a “reasonable expectation of privacy”

      Canara Bank - reference made to penumbra of rights creating a zone of privacy

  24. Jul 2017
    1. 商业银行IT系统的开发演进基本跟随了软件技术的各个发展阶段

      主机/终端 -> C/S -> B/S, 3 Tiers, BI/CRM -> SOA

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    1. 490,-

      Platí se nejspíš až za druhou a každou další kartu. Jedna karta je k MůjÚčet a Konto G2.2 zdarma.

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