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    1. Java program to calculate area of a circle
    2. Java program to add two numbers
    3. Java program to calculate area of rectangle
    4. Java program to convert decimal number to binary
    5. Java program to delete specified integer from an array
    6. Java program to find IP address
    7. Java program to find even or odd
    8. Factorial program in java
    9. Java program to print Floyd’s triangle
    10. Java program to find if given year is leap year
    11. Java program to multiply two matrices
    12. Java program to check if a number is palindrome or not
    13. Java program to check whether string is palindrome
    14. Java program to display pascal triangle
    15. Java program to check whether number is prime or not
    16. Java program to print alphabets
    17. Java program to find simple interest
    18. Java program to swap two numbers
    19. Symmetric matrix program in java
    20. Even odd program in java using ternary operator
  3. Mar 2019
    1. Q&A: How to Develop ‘Program Architecture’

      Discusses they ways in which Kacey Thorne of WGU, outlines plans for developing underlying competencies for online programs. Program architecture refers to the connect of skills and competencies for specific industries linking back to a network of what students will learn in school through offered programs. This is necessary for creating relevant programs that teach translatable skills for the real world after college. Rating 10/10

  4. Jul 2018
    1. We’ve run into roadblocks, and people really appreciate hearing about them because for the most part they’re running into the same issues
    2. they can develop a action plan to communicate change
    3. to embed their organizational aims in it
    1. We designate a room. We’re like, “This is the sleeping room. If you want to fall asleep, we turn off the lights, and you just go to sleep there.” It runs from noon to noon.
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