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    1. A $3,000 award is available to faculty who adopt open access course materials by incorporating previously published open access materials into their classes, thereby eliminating the need for students to purchase textbooks or other course materials. A new, $4,500 award is now available to faculty who adapt open access course materials by choosing existing Open Educational Resources and significantly altering them to update the material or to fit the needs of the course. A $7,500 award is available to faculty who create open access course materials. At least 75 percent of the course content must be original, with the remaining 25 percent or less being adopted open access materials.

      OER Stipends

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    1. OER is only really OER (inasmuch as it depends on its openness) if it is a process, in movement, embedded in pedagogy, and deeply engaged in a reciprocal relationship with its users” (para 15)

      Process over product.

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    1. At William & Mary, one way Swem Library is leading the way is by bringing open educational resources (OER) to the campus.