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  1. Apr 2024
    1. An r-block b with an empty payment and comment approve points to balancedr-coin payments block b′, where b does not observe a block equivocating with b′

      What's the point of explicit approvals if it can be derived out of DAG?

      It won't spare computation, as one would still need to go through DAG and ensure payment's balanced and equivocation-free. Can't trust the issuer of "APPROVE".

  2. Apr 2022
  3. Mar 2022
    1. Oh and I automated my entire crypto portfolio.

      Interesting boast for someone who works for someone else. 🤔

  4. Nov 2021
    1. there are over 1,300 cryptocurrencies in existence

      According to Statista, there are 7557 cryptocurrencies as at November 2021.

  5. Jun 2021
    1. The high costs of implementing a TTP come about mainly because traditional security solutions, which must be invoked where the protocol itself leaves off, involve high personnel costs. For more information on the necessity and security benefits of these traditional security solutions, especially personnel controls, when implementing TTP organizations, see this author's essay on group controls. The risks and costs borne by protocol users also come to be dominated by the unreliability of the TTP – the DNS and certificate authorities being two quite commom sources of unreliability and frustration with the Internet and PKIs respectively.

      The high costs of TTPs have to do with the high personnel costs that are involved in the centralized solutions.

    1. This is super important because the more open protocols we have, the more open systems we will have.

      Societal benefits of cryptocurrencies

      The more open protocols we have, the more open systems we have.

  6. Nov 2020
    1. Solving all those complex puzzles requires a huge amount of energy. So much energy that the two biggest blockchains in the world – bitcoin and Ethereum – are now using up the same amount of electricity as the whole of Austria. Carrying out a payment with Visa requires about 0.002 kilowatt-hours; the same payment with bitcoin uses up 906 kilowatt-hours

      cryptocurrencies require A LOT of energy

  7. Aug 2020
  8. Oct 2019
    1. The big idea behind Brave is that instead of supporting websites by viewing their banner ads, you can pay them directly through your browser

      How to make money with Brave Browser:

      1. You use money to buy Brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency, and that BAT goes into your Brave wallet.
      2. Brave will keep track of how much time you spend on each website or YouTube channel.
      3. Then Brave will divide up your BAT and pay websites and YouTube channels each month based on how much time you spent using them.

      This means instead of making a bunch of small individual donations to the dozens of websites and YouTube channels you use each month, you can just load money into Brave. Brave will then passively distribute that money for you.

  9. Apr 2018