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    1. Dear XRP Army, Ripple is (and was first) a payment protocol whose native currency is XRP. You could suggest the eponymous company change its name (again) to avoid ambiguity. The convention is <protocol> <asset>, like: Ripple XRP, Ethereum ether, Bitcoin bitcoin, etc.

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/>2011 年,杰西· 鲍威尔(Jesse Powell),也就是后来 Kraken Exchange 的创始人,拜访了当时最大的比特币交易所 Mt. Gox 位于日本的办公室,为这家遭受黑客攻击的交易所提供帮助。彭博社的一篇文章记载了鲍威尔打算创办交易所的想法:“It was clear after that hack at Mt. Gox, when they were down for like a week, that the exchange is really the most critical piece of the ecosystem...I wanted there to be another one to take its place, if Mt. Gox failed.” 三年后,又一次黑客攻击窃取了 Mt. Gox 交易所里的 85 万枚比特币,致使其损伤惨重,最终破产倒闭。 <br/><br/> 至此,我们也就不难理解为何 Kraken 的这条推文带有如此浓厚的「脱裤子放屁」之官僚主义风格,而它在评论区的那股敦厚老实认真劲甚至让人怀疑,这难不成是搞得一出黑色幽默?交易所强化安全意识,这一点无可厚非,但以此为基础起底的机构组织,却容易把这种意识外延到审美标准和价值观层面——看看 Kraken 给 “protocol”、“asset” 下的定义吧!也许评论区里嘲笑它的网友们可以调侃道:What the hell is the unbreakable protocol? What the most worthwhile asset? And how about the combination of both?