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  1. Jan 2022
  2. Sep 2021
    1. I was able to secure my current full time job because I was the best communicator and had one of the best interviews. I know my coding skills were no where near other candidates but I was told that they couldn’t communicate well.
  3. Mar 2021
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  5. Nov 2020
    1. LinkedIn, via the New York Times, reported these ‘soft skills’ as the most in demand in 2016. Communication Curiosity Adaptability Teamwork Empathy Time Management Open-Mindedness

      [[soft skills]]

  6. Oct 2020
    1. It is only soft-deprecated, which means that your code will not break at the moment and no deprecation warning will be displayed, but this constant will be removed in the future.
  7. Apr 2020
    1. dispositif de réorganisation permanente du site par ses habitants

      c’est d'ailleurs la qualité du mobilier urbain que d’être appropriable par ses occupants (ex. déplacer une chaise dans une place publique, ne serait-ce que de quelques centimètres ou en la tournant de quelques degrés: par ce simple geste, on se l'approprie, même si c'est un bien commun; contrairement à un banc fixé dans le béton, la chaise déplaçable permet d'assouplir (soft-en) l’environnement urbain pour qu’il puisse être plié aux usages)

  8. Feb 2020
    1. each student could create their own Wakelet

      One of the important discoveries I have made about using tech in the classroom is that I can model its use, show how I use it, keep using it in a public way, and generally hope it gets adopted. What I know from the population of students I teach (underprepared, first generation, working class) is that they've got quite enough tech in their lives. They are terrific people but they have busy lives. No time for new stuff that doesn't solve an immediate problem. I get a few privileged students in my classes who do adopt tech readily. Classic case of the rich getting richer, seeing past the minimal amount of time and attention needed to adopt a tool like Wakelet. I have three or four students out of 65 who are adopting this tool in the way you so astutely suggest. I find the same issues with Vialogues and Hypothes.is in the classroom. Mostly I get respectful students who clearly are not buying what I am selling, hence my soft sell, a wing and a prayer.

      Maybe instead I should always be closing?


  9. Oct 2019
    1. 2019 год - это важный этап для Atronix, поскольку он отмечает 10-летний юбилей развертывания систем на основе REBOL
  10. Jul 2019
    1. Здесь просто задается вопрос. Но у emacs есть spaced repetition . Это может быть полезно в программистких целях.

  11. Mar 2019
    1. Internet has affected international politics in many ways; however, it is seemingly overlooked by most scholars, and in particular, realists who view the Internet as low-politics. This article argues that the impact of the Internet on international politics should not be underestimated. By focusing on the capabilities of the Internet in general and P2P net-works in particular, this paper shows how the Internet is able to disseminate soft power re-sources. This is demonstrated by an exami


    2. Japanese

      Japanese inventions

    3. general and P2P net-works in particular, this paper shows how the Internet is able to disseminate soft power re-sources. This is demonstrated by an examination of the dissemination of Japanese

      The best farah in the world

  12. Jan 2018
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  13. Sep 2015
    1. Qual é o objetivo deste site? Certamente não é "discutir assuntos de homens entre homens", já que metade do conteúdo é feito por mulheres.

      Provavelmente uma boa parte também é de conteúdo imbecil copiado e traduzido da internet americana: "procrastinação estruturada".

      O resto é dividido entre coisa que brota da parte mais baixa da atividade mental de quem está escrevendo ("como arrumar uma barba estilosa") e ideais esquerdistas-soft do dia ("a publicidade e sua relação com as mulheres").

      Pelo menos dois autores deste negócio são também integrantes d'O Lugar, um site que reúne todas as coisas newest age da internet. Este site aqui também, como O Lugar, usa em seu menu principal a palavra "Fluxo", sinal de que estes dois autores estão entre os principais.