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    1. IneversawtheseInds.halfsogivenuptoeveryspeciesofwicked-nes

      According to Boutwell, the Ojibwe at Leech Lake are spiritually and moral less than any other he has seen

    2. Chiefgavemehismedisinba

      a chief at La Pointe gives his medicine bag to Joseph Town, except it's actually at Fond du Lac?

    3. IammytimeathomewhichIoughttospendabroadotemanyhourstodomesticdutieswhichoug

      Hall almost seems upset that he has to be at home caring for his children instead of travelling and christianizing the Natives

    4. reachin

      Preaching at La Pointe is the best it's ever been in 1836

  2. Sep 2019
    1. AndsothetotalnumberofthenEwly-convertedIndiansinthismission,sinceth

      213 new converts since August (1835?) at Fond du Lac (?)

    2. PierreCotté

      Baraga mentions the fur trader again (Pierre Cotte) who sings and reads to the Natives



  3. Aug 2019
    1. Largeandshowyplatesanswerthemostvaluablepurpos

      the fact that the missionaries need colorful plates to get the Natives attention suggests that the Natives are not truly interested in being converted

    2. TwonativeyoungmenoftheMethodistconnexionarespendingthewinteratthisplace.Theyareinvaluableassistantsninourwork.TheyweresentoutbytheMethodistEpiscopalSocietyasnativemissionariesorexhorte

      two Native missionaries sent out by the Methodist Episcopal Society



    1. SheisconvincedthatBaptism&Absolutioncanneversaveher.Shewasbredecatholic.Shelistenedwithdeepattention&sometimeswithtears,lestsumner,atLePoi

      some of the Natives want to be converted, but don't think they can be

    2. precedenthasbeenestablished,&theScripturesarebeingdailyreadtot

      precedent of reading scripture to Natives every night

    3. thankedthegoodma

      a pious fur-trader at Fond du Lac is the reason so many Ojibwe wanted to be converted (Pierre Cotte)

    4. ndiansinFondduLac

      According to Baraga, the Natives at Fond du Lac want a priest

    5. heconversionofasingleheathe

      according to Baraga, "the conversion of a single heathen" provides enough joy to forget all the hardships of the land

    6. Theirerrorsaremoreformidabletothemissionarythantheheathenismit

      The Catholic influence in the area is deemed as worse than the Native religious influences

    7. NinetymilesfromhereisantherIndianvillagecalledFondduLac,wheretherearemanyIndianswhowishtoaccepttheCatholicreligion

      Fond du Lac is 90 miles from La Pointe, and according to Baraga has many Ojibwe who want to be converted

    8. Trulythelackofpriestsintheirregionislamentabl

      The area around La Pointe is low on priests

    9. ThismanandhisWifearethenrstfruitsuntilChristamongthpoorIndians,whohavecomeandunitedwithhisChurch.Theyappeartruly0lovetheSaviourandhisword

      Christianized 4 of the Ojibwe

    1. atient,affeotionato,peraovcringlaboristheonlythingthatwill3370theIndia

      "the only thing that will save the Indians" is "patient, affectionate, persavering labor"

    2. houldyougotothisstationyouwouldbeexpectedtoteachtosomeextent,todidintakingcareofthesecularaffeirsofthefamily,andtobewiththeIndiana,asmuchascircumotencsewouldpermit,aidingthemcomeintheirattemptstobecomesettled&cul—tivatetheground,persuadingthemtoattendmeetingt,andsendtheirchildrentoschool,impartingreligiousinstructionasforasyoucould,bymeansofinterpretersorotherwise.Youmightalsodidsomeinprovidingcomfortablebuildingsforthefamily,iftheyshouldnotyetbefurniehod,andperhapsituiohtbeadvisableforyoutoaidoccasionallyatoneortwooftheotherattioneinthatvicinity,inthesamen

      What Mr. Town would be expected to do at Yellow Lake



    1. urruilty,ruinedstatebynatureIendoau-ouredtosetbeforehim,andtoTh0?hintheabsolutenecessityofrepentance&theinfinito14:0rtnnooofit

      insight into what Missionaries tell the Natives about God

    2. neanydevoteconaid-arableof113timetoscatteringabnnndtheaecddnflir

      wants two males missionaries so that one can be a traveling preacher essentially

    3. h1hk"that“about"soormoreiramnegmightbeErGngnéGitnlnnfnény4eremf‘tnéinflucnoomoreorlessdir-aot3faimiséi‘szhéz-éfg

      Ayer anticipates at least 60 families can be converted by a Mission at Yellow Lake

    4. Thereisbutlittleprospectthatmanyofthemwillbebenefit—todmuchbyvhattheyheariftheycannotbeinducedtosettledown&cultivatethegroun

      Ayer doesn't think Christianization will work unless the bands settle down and cultivate land rather than roaming for most of the year

    5. heywouldretaintheircustoms&habitsIftheGreatSpirithaddeaignadtheyshouldbeinstructedtheywouldhavehadhiawordcommunicatedtothanbefore.."TheGreatSpiritdesignedtheyahouldhaveadifforentreligion&quotnmofromnhoWhites

      This is how Ayers describes the decision of the Ojibwe band to not listen to Christian teachings

    6. thereforemucheasiertoproducesuchaconversionastheCatholicsaimtoeffect,thantoconvertthemtrulytothegosp

      it will be easier for the missionaries to convert just the image of the Native to Christian, rather than to convert their actual faith

    7. eathensuperstitions,towhichtheyarestronglyattached,andwhihhisagreathindrancetotheirreceivingthegosp

      The religion of the Natives gets in the way of the Christianizing process

    8. Religiousinstructionmustbegivenwheretheycanbefound,ifat

      because the Ojibwe don't settle in one place, Christianization is difficult

    9. wecouldgaintheiru..‘confidenceenoughtosecuretheirchildrentobetaught,manywouldundoubtedlybeinducedtolisten.tothegos

      Hall and Boutwell think that securing the education of mixed children will solidify the christian gospel in the region

    10. hiscircum—stanceisfavourabletochristianeffortinthiscount

      anticipated influx of people into the Great Lakes region is expected to be good for Christianization efforts

    11. ehavefoundthemosteffectualwayofpreachingtotheIn-dianstobefromhousetohous

      visiting houses is the most effective way for the missionaries to Christianize

    12. eligiousexerciseontheSabbathfortheIndians

      Sabbath exercise for the Natives at La Pointe