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  1. Sep 2019
    1. endafewmonthswithherfriend

      While Hall isn't asking to be done, he is asking for a break

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      Hall thinks all current missionaries should stay in the field, yet he almost seems to imply that no new individuals should join them? But he just asked for manual labor help

    3. nfidenhthat1%isnetyethopel

      unlike the other missionaries, Hall doesn't want to quit (or is it reverse psychology??)

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      Hall is asking for money so that he can focus his energy where he feels it actually belongs

    5. Butwehavenotstrengthtoendureitmuohlong

      Hall is speaking for all missionaries when he says that they are almost out of energy to continue

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      Hall is also finding himself spending (in his opinion) too much time on manual labor and not enough time preaching

    7. ngagajdnbOurexpendituresf9?theyearneeama,lzealaop~strainedneaskferamareliberalgrantnemeetnhgm,than.1anKnQforlastyear

      Hall needs more money to keep La Pointe afloat

    8. tterunderstandingofeachone'sappropriatedutiesinthemission

      Articles of Agreement between Hall and Ely about what each other do

    9. Thelabourofasinglefemalew0uldrelieveme&setmeatlibertytodevotemytimetodirectMissionarylabours--butnosuchhelpistobehadher

      Hall expressed to Ely that he was in need of another woman at La Pointe because his wife was continually ill and he was doing all the housework

    1. IammytimeathomewhichIoughttospendabroadotemanyhourstodomesticdutieswhichoug

      Hall almost seems upset that he has to be at home caring for his children instead of travelling and christianizing the Natives

    2. WehavenofourChildren,betweenthebirthfnotwoofwhomwasthereabove18months.TheycannotlearntodosuchbusiesswithoutgoingtoCollege,Perhapshecan.B[u]tareallbabiesandrequiiscqnstantattention.Besideswhattheysufferfromneglectintheireducation,theysufferfromneglectinotherrespects.Thecareofsuchafamilyisenoughtophoweverstrongherconstienfeebledbydisease.Durimyself,exceptthekindassispartof[the]dayatatimeatassociateinthemission,dreofherownfamilydidnotpethanatherconnnementwitquitefeeble,shehasbeencagratitude.Thepromiseofstostratethehealth&stren[g]thofanyMother,ionmaybe;muchmoreonewhoseconstitutionismyWife'slastconnnement,sheha[d]nonursebuttancerenderedbyMrsNewtonwhoassistedusathreeorfourdifferenttimes.MrsTownourssedthechildafewtimes,butthenumerousdutiesrmithertodomore.Mywifehoweverwasbetterhanyofherotherchildren.Tho'herhealthisnowrriedthroughsofarinamannerthatcallsforspecialrengthequaltoourday,hasbeenverined.Mywifeoftenfeelsasifshecouldnotsustaintheconstantlabourswhichdevolvedup

      there are four children at La Pointe in 1836, all of whom are considered babies that need constant care

      Hall thinks that they are being neglected both in terms of education and actual care

      the women are sick a lot and cannot care for the babies as well as mr. Hall thinks they should be

    3. unstab

      Hall describes the Natives as having unstable character

    4. ightitnotbefortheinterestofthecausetocalloneofushomefortwoorthreemonths,ofwecanbespared,toconsultwiththeCommitteeandmakeeffortstoobtainlabourersforthisne

      Hall is suggesting sending missionaries back to Boston for a few months to have them talk to the committee and obtain new people for labor

      he also wants to keep the newly built houses in the hands of the committee and lend them to the Natives

    5. WehaveamoreformidablefoetoencounterinCathlolicismthaninheathenismitself

      Hall believes that Catholicism is a bigger threat to the success of the missions than "heathenism"

    6. Mr.Boutwellismoreinfaultthanyourself.Butinhemanwhomweemploytodothatbusinesswasaquentlytoinquirewhatheshoul

      the tone of Hall's response suggests that he frustrated at the Mission and at Greene

    7. Youmustnotbefortsofthecatholics

      Hall advises Greene not to let the Catholics upset him

    8. oallwhichwedesire,&whichwesupposedthatthedowhatweca

      In response to Greene stating that abandoning the mission would be the next option, Hall says that it is their duty to do what they can

  2. Aug 2019
    1. fheisneededmoreatFondduLac,oratsomeotherstationthanhere,hewillprobablylea

      Sproat was supposed to go with Ely to Fond du Lac, but the sickness of Mrs. Hall made him stay at La Pointe to help Ms. Cooke with the school

    2. fIthoughtyouorLydiacouldbetion,AreyounotwillingtoserveChristinthisw

      Hall essentially asks his sisters to come help at La Pointe

    3. Ihavebeenobligedtorenderilytotheneglectofimportantmissionarywor

      because his wife is often sick, Mr. Hall has to do some housework, which takes away from the importance of missionary work

    1. nadditiontothearticleswhichIhaverequestedyouinformerletterstosendus,IwishyouwouldalsosendthreeorfourEnglishBiblesforgratitousdistribution,andan8vNewTestamentinlargetype.Alsoaflatfurcap,(thesizeshouldberathersmallforama3oruplainsuspenders,someshavingsoapasomecommonglassinkstands.Ihopetheshoeswillnotfailtoc

      items that Mr. Hall requests from Mr. Greene



    1. S.HalltoDavidGreene,LaPointe,November7,1833

      Hall writes to Greene to tell him what the Mission needs: books, medicine, clothing, shoes

    2. roceedtoMrWarren‘spost,atLaPoints,onLakeSuperior,whi

      Mr. Hall, Mr. Ayer, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Campbell (interpreter) traveled to La Pointe on Lake Superior