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  1. Last 7 days
    1. iarrhoeafor4or5.dhysp

      Ayer has been ill

    2. Thelabourofasinglefemalew0uldrelieveme&setmeatlibertytodevotemytimetodirectMissionarylabours--butnosuchhelpistobehadher

      Hall expressed to Ely that he was in need of another woman at La Pointe because his wife was continually ill and he was doing all the housework

    3. feélsomuchirritatedattimeswhensomeoftheseScampspresentthemselves&commencetheirbegging,thatIfeelwretchedenough,untilIseetheirbacks,&eventhenfeelwretchedthatIhaze£§l1.§

      Ely describes the needs of the Natives through his own eyes at Fond du Lac

    4. HetellsmehehastheVenerealdiseas

      Eminaso (a Native in Ely's region) has a venereal disease

    1. henmyfamilyweresosickthatIcouldnotwrit

      Ayer family was sick as well



  2. Sep 2019
    1. rombelowarrived?Isfowhatarethey?Ifnotrecd:1whenissheexpected?ShouldIbedisappointedinaorderedcanyoufurnishmeandatwhatrate.Atwithgoods(principallydrygoods)?WhatistheknownwhentheRedRiverpeoplewillbedown.alvedandaretheydoingwell.IfIcouldnotleaveheretogoforthemtillthenrstofJunewouldnotthecareofthembetoomu

      Mr. Ayer's questions for Henry Sibley, who resides at St Peters

    2. Oneonwhomandencecuthimselfseverelysomeweekssince—andavebeensicmorethanusual

      help at Pokegama for the Ayer's family is low because of injury and sickness

    3. andmustbeforafewweeks—asourgroundforplantingisyetcoveredwithlogs&brush.

      the Ayer's family arrived at Pokegama (?) and is unsettled due to house and land setbacks



  3. Aug 2019
    1. erequestthatHrSeymourorElymaybesenttoouraidnextspring"iftheLordwil

      Mr. Ayer requests Mr. Ely or Mr. Seymour

    2. Thereisbutlittleprospectthatmanyofthemwillbebenefit—todmuchbyvhattheyheariftheycannotbeinducedtosettledown&cultivatethegroun

      Ayer doesn't think Christianization will work unless the bands settle down and cultivate land rather than roaming for most of the year

    3. erewelefttochooseweshouldpreferhrE.ec‘woarewellacquaintedwithhim,andknowthatourvieweonthesubjectofplinlivingandvarioussubjectsconnect-edwithmissionaryOperationsharmoniz

      Ayer expects Ely to close his Mission near Sandy Lake because not many Natives settle there and requests that Ely be sent to Yellow Lake because he has similar views to the Ayer Mission Family

    4. willbeverydesirableundersuchcircumtttnoeeinourunsettleditetetohaveamolefella:laborrwhoinadditiontoschooltoohingwillsuperintendtheconcorno0hi.Iall]ainstructtheIndia

      Ayer requests another male for the Mission to teach and superintend while he [Ayer] is away

    5. IhaveoftennoughtdirectidnxoftheLordandampersuadedthatthein-terestofthemissionnonldventuallybemuchpromotedifweshouldobtainthissituation."

      this remark indicates that Ayer is primarily concerned with improving the condition of the Natives through the building of a Mission in this region

    6. IthinkImntionedinmyformeroomntheun-dosirablanesaofnavina“lesion‘ttionintheneighbourhoodofatradingbonusona/oofthenoral3'tilonoothatreignsaroundthem

      Ayer does NOT want a mission near a trading post because "of the moral pestilence that reigns around them"

    7. hersthatLeechLakeistheplacetolocateamissionforthatIsectionofthecountry

      I think this is saying that Mr. Ayer thinks Leech Lake, not La Pointe, is the best spot for a mission because so many different bands congregate there

    8. roceedtoMrWarren‘spost,atLaPoints,onLakeSuperior,whi

      Mr. Hall, Mr. Ayer, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Campbell (interpreter) traveled to La Pointe on Lake Superior