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  1. Jul 2015
    1. Rita Scardaci, who replaced Kostielney as head of the Department of Health Services when he retired in 2005, said she inherited from him “a really well-organized, compassionate and professional department that was really focused on providing a broad array of services in the county.”
  2. Jun 2015
    1. City of Sonoma 4th of July Parade and Celebration Bike Valet

      The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition needs expert bicycle valet help at the City of Sonoma 4th of July Celebration! Click for more.

    1. Grand Jury 2014-2015 Final Report 2014-2015 (2MB) Individual Final Reports and Responses 2014-2015

      Full Sonoma County Grand Jury Final Report - just hit the internet. (new juries are empaneled in July). Press Democrat Jumped The Gun With This Homepage Advert

    1. [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions Ted Watrous [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions John Murphy [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions Scot Castle [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions carrollpb at comcast.net [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions Douglas McKenzie [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions John Murphy [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions Deanna McKenzie [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions Paul McKenzie [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions Doug Simon [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions Bill Oetinger [Chatty] Levi Leipheimer / TT questions Jerry Meshulam

      Quite the discussion about Levi's record-setting effort in last weekend's "Terrible Two" two-hundred mile bike ride...

    1. Mendocino Redwood Company: The First 100,000 Acres

      Will Parrish is not afraid to open up the can of worms and look inside... This should be an interesting series to follow.

    1. Terrible Two

      Levi Leipheimer broke, er, DESTROYED a long standing course record for the annual "Terrible Two" - a grueling two hundred mile bicycle ride put on by the Santa Rosa Cycling Club.<br> This is a record on "Strava" of Levi's incredible ride. While he may have officially "retired" from the pro peloton, he is far from out of shape - Levi is still as fit as ever - and with good reason. Have a look at his cycling routine - http://www.strava.com/athletes/155290 Levi rides ALL THE TIME.

    1. You won’t say that since the day you were born you had a professional one-on-one tutor who helped you hone your skills on a daily basis. Your father Dell Curry was an NBA great just like you are after him, but you will not remind the poor kids at my school that they have never had such a wonderful instructor and they never will.


    1. sonomacounty

      It appears the SonomaSun.com has a regular user cross-posting articles to the Sonoma County Reddit...

    1. On Sunday, June 14th, over 200 community members gathered at the Sebastopol Grange to discuss the rapidly changing landscape of cannabis. This smoke-free, family-friendly, educational event illuminated the cannabis conscious community on their rights and responsibilities. Seventeen guest speakers shared their knowledge and expertise with our community of cultivators, patients, caregivers and citizens.
    1. The park service is looking at trucking in water if need be — possibly from the nearby Kehoe Creek drainage — if the ponds go dry again.

      Trucking in water for Tule Elk if the ponds go dry. Because the Park Service has managing an unsustainably large herd on the list of priorities?

    1. Based on polling conducted in early 2015

      I'd like to know more about said "polling". Why do our electeds put so much stock in a poll like this? In this case, it was a many dozen thousand dollar mistake.

    2. Hopefully, Sonoma County supervisors will consider placing a road repair bond on the ballot during a high turnout election, such as the November 2016 presidential election.

      What, if anything, can citizens to to force the hand of the Supervisors to put a bond forward?<br> Because if the quotes and soundbytes hold any truth, the Board members intend to tow the gunshy company line towards being more aggressive about specific funding - and of course they might - because if it isn't part of the General Fund, they have little ability to exercise their discretion on how it is used. I see this as a great thing.

  3. May 2014
    1. Morton is assigned to the FAA’s UAS Integration Office. His presentation, titled “Integration of UAS for Law Enforcement Applications,” drew an audience of police and law enforcement officials. He told attendees that the FAA wants police to report any sightings of small UAS flights.

      This is the level at which the FAA is recruiting police agencies to help them manage small unmanned aerial vehicles? Laughable.

  4. Nov 2013
    1. My esteemed colleague Jules Verne used to write inventive techno-thrillers, such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. This cool book is about a dread pirate. Captain Nemo is an anonymous tech-genius anarchist, a stateless marauder who lives inside a self-built, mysterious, super-machine. Quite a catchy notion by Jules there. It really sticks with the reader long-term.

      Testing to see if hypothes.is annotation plays well with medium.com annotation.

    1. Leoni of the Pleasant Hill firm Rains Lucia Stern.

      Rains Lucia Stern is the same firm responsible for defense of Johannes Mehserle in the January 1, 2009 killing of Oscar Grant.

  5. Oct 2013
    1. After posting bail, he reportedly checked in to an alcohol treatment facility, where he said he remained for five weeks.

      Presumably this specific report is stated this way because Mr. Carrillo is the ONLY source of information about his "treatment" whereabouts. That no other person can reliably vouch that he was, in fact, in treatment, might warrant acknowledging that this is an unverified statement.

    1. Could it be that the man was a middle-aged business developer living in Fountaingrove, instead of a teenager in a hoodie walking in a largely Latino neighborhood?

      I don't think this is a fair comparison. The circumstances surrounding the fountaingrove standoff were completely different. The man was holed up inside a structure, with a known gun - not a machine gun. In no way, shape, or form does this justify either action - simply noting that they are vastly different operational circumstances.