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  1. Dec 2023
    1. all that's really going to happen for these extraordinarily wealthy folks with their in their in their estates in new zealand with their landing strips and stuff is that they're just going to have an extra couple of decades to watch things 00:43:13 fall apart around them
      • for: quote - survival of the richest, climate crisis - elite walled community

      • quote: survival of the richest

        • All that's going to happen to these extraordinarily wealthy folks with their estates in New Zealand with their landing strips is that they're going to have an extra couple of decades to watch things fall apart around them and that doesn't sound very appealing to me
      • author: Thomas Homer-Dixon
      • date: 2021

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  2. Nov 2023
    1. blah. this surveillance system is one big personality test.<br /> the problem is, they do not want a balance of all personality types or "natural order",<br /> but they do a one-sided selection by personality type.<br /> aka socialdarwinism, socialism, survival of the social, social credit score, civilization, high culture, progress, "made order", human laws, human rights, humanism, ...

    1. "Der Verfassungsschutz hat die Aufgabe, Bürger vor Verfassungsfeinden zu schützen."

      und wer schützt mich vor "bürger"? also vor "zivilisten"?

      das hier ist noch mehr sozialdarwinismus, also "survival of the social",<br /> also sozialisten, die unter sich sein wollen in ihrer echokammer, eugenik.<br /> "antisoziale" menschen sollen ausgerottet werden, euthanasie.

      der witz ist, ein antisoziales weltbild ist angeboren,<br /> es ist ausdruck von angeborenem persönlichkeitstyp.

      erziehung kann den subtyp ändern,<br /> aber wir brauchen alle persönlichkeitstypen für eine "gerechte" welt,<br /> für ein biodynamisches gleichgewicht, für symbiose.

      also die sozialdarwinisten sagen:<br /> "die natur ist schuld, dass unser sozialismus nicht funktioniert,<br /> also müssen wir eine hälfte der natur ausrotten."

      ich sage:<br /> "wenn ihr die halbe natur ausrotten müsst, damit eure erwartungen erfüllt werden,<br /> dann habt ihr falsche erwartungen."

      aber ja... sozialisten (und pazifisten) sind schon circa 10.000 jahre auf diesem "trip",<br /> dass sie die natur "beherrschen" müssen, damit ihre "schöne" zivilisation funktioniert.

      und wie immer, diese idealisten interessieren sich keine sekunde für das "hier und jetzt",<br /> sondern es geht immer um eine "bessere" zukunft oder ein "besseres" leben nach dem tod.

      also die sozialisten marschieren wieder...<br /> in dem sinn: leute, wir sehn uns im knast

  3. Oct 2023
  4. Sep 2023
    1. In those countries where manpower is not available, or some process where human efforts are limited, Automation is justified. Howeverin the countries with huge potential of young manpower automation can be limited.

      So, Essentially, they're proposing we take populous countries and limit the automation and let it go wild, but wouldn't this mean that over time, there would be technology segregation or a widespread between the automated countries and the manual labor ones? This would potentially create a crisis. We can likely say that opening borders because of not having to be in the physical location could open up some other doors.

  5. Jul 2023
    1. The notion of functional integration as a basis for biological identity was fully developed only in the 19th century, where it was transformed by the rise of both cell and evolutionary theory. Herbert Spencer
      • Herbert Spencer fully developed Digby's concept into the modern concept of functional integration
        • Spencer introduced the term "survival of the fittest"
        • ‘He tried to unite complex new findings about metabolism and organismic development with evolution and the seeming correspondence of organisms to their environments.
          • In The Principles of Biology (1864), Spencer wrote
            • a biological individual is one in which
            • the interdependence of the parts allows it to function and
            • respond to environmental change as a whole.
          • That is: ‘any concrete whole having a structure which enables it,
            • when placed in appropriate conditions,
        • to continuously adjust its internal relations to external relations, - so as to maintain the equilibrium of its functions.’
  6. Apr 2023
    1. Bei einer Vollversammlung des permanenten Forums der UN für indigene Angelegenheiten warnten Vertreter indigener Völker nachdrücklich vor einer Dekarbonisierung auf ihre Kosten, etwa durch Bergbau. Auch Artenschutz wird angeführt um indigene zu vertreiben, wie bei einem von den Vereinigten Arabischen Vereinigten Emiraten vorangetrieben Wildreservat im Massai-Gebiet. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/apr/23/un-indigenous-peoples-forum-climate-strategy-warning

  7. Mar 2023
    1. Cause‑specific Cox modelRegression on cause-specific hazards is an extension ofthe popular Cox proportional hazards model for CRs

      Cause-specific Cox model

    2. The aims of this manuscript can be summarised as:(i) examination of extensions of PLANNCR method(PLANNCR extended) for the development and vali-dation of prognostic clinical prediction models withcompeting events, (ii) systematic evaluation of model-predictive performance for ML techniques (PLANNCRoriginal, PLANNCR extended, RSFCR) and SM (cause-specific Cox, Fine-Gray) regarding discrimination andcalibration, (iii) investigation of the potential role ofML in contrast to conventional regression methods forCRs in non-complex eSTS data (small/medium samplesize, low dimensional setting), (iv) practical utility of themethods for prediction

      Objetivos del estudio

    3. Nowadays, there is a growing interest in applyingmachine learning (ML) for prediction (diagnosis or prog-nosis) of clinical outcomes [12, 13] which has sparked adebate regarding the added value of ML techniques ver-sus SM in the medical field. Criticism is attributed toML prediction models. Despite no assumptions aboutthe data structure are made, and being able to naturallyincorporate interactions between predictive features,they are prone to overfitting of the training data andthey lack extensive assessment of predictive accuracy(i.e., absence of calibration curves) [14, 15]. On the otherhand, traditional regression methods are consideredstraightforward to use and harder to overfit. That beingsaid, they do make certain (usually strong) assumptionssuch as the proportional hazards over time for the Coxmodel, and require manual pre-specification of interac-tion terms.

      pros and cons about machine learning and traditional regression survival analysis such as KM-SV

  8. Jan 2023
    1. Kropotkin’s actual argument is far more interesting. Much of it, for instance, is concerned with how animal cooperation often has nothing to do with survival or reproduction, but is a form of pleasure in itself. “To take flight in flocks merely for pleasure is quite common among all sorts of birds,” he writes. Kropotkin multiplies examples of social play: pairs of vultures wheeling about for their own entertainment, hares so keen to box with other species that they occasionally (and unwisely) approach foxes, flocks of birds performing military-style maneuvers, bands of squirrels coming together for wrestling and similar games

      Perhaps play helps to provide social lubrication, communication, and bonding between animals which may help in creating cooperation which improves survival or reproduction?

    2. Spencer, in turn, was struck by how much the forces driving natural selection in On the Origin of Species jibed with his own laissez-faire economic theories. Competition over resources, rational calculation of advantage, and the gradual extinction of the weak were taken to be the prime directives of the universe.
    1. We appreciate this is a long span of time, and were concerned why any specific artificial memory system should last for so long.

      I suspect that artificial memory systems, particularly those that make some sort of logical sense, will indeed be long lasting ones.

      Given the long, unchanging history of the Acheulean hand axe, as an example, these sorts of ideas and practices were handed down from generation to generation.

      Given their ties to human survival, they're even more likely to persist.

      Indigenous memory systems in Aboriginal settings date to 65,000 years and also provide an example of long-lived systems.

  9. Nov 2022
    1. the phrase “survival of the fittest” — usually considered central to the theory and often attributed to Darwin — instead came from British philosopher Herbert Spencer, and didn't appear until the fifth edition of the text.
  10. Jul 2022
    1. Historical Context and Path Dependence

      … of the so-called path dependence and historical context in contextual political analysis. It analyzes the different meanings and uses of the concept of path dependence in contemporary …

    1. Path Dependence in Historical Sociology

      … This article does not seek to reorient all such modes of analysis toward the study of path dependence. Nevertheless, the article does seek to establish that path-dependent analysis …

    1. … This article does not seek to reorient all such modes of analysis toward the study of path dependence. Nevertheless, the article does seek to establish that path-dependent analysis …
    2. … of the so-called path dependence and historical context in contextual political analysis. It analyzes the different meanings and uses of the concept of path dependence in contemporary …
    3. J Mahoney, D Schensul - … of contextual political analysis, 2006 - scholars.northwestern.edu
  11. Mar 2022
  12. survivedandpunished.org survivedandpunished.org
    1. Survived & Punished (S&P) is a national coalition that  includes survivors, organizers, victim advocates, legal advocates and attorneys, policy experts, scholars, and currently and formerly incarcerated people. S&P organizes to de-criminalize efforts to survive domestic and sexual violence, support and free criminalized survivors, and abolish gender violence, policing, prisons, and deportations
  13. Jan 2022
  14. Oct 2021
  15. Sep 2021
    1. Lee, J. W., Su, Y., Baloni, P., Chen, D., Pavlovitch-Bedzyk, A. J., Yuan, D., Duvvuri, V. R., Ng, R. H., Choi, J., Xie, J., Zhang, R., Murray, K., Kornilov, S., Smith, B., Magis, A. T., Hoon, D. S. B., Hadlock, J. J., Goldman, J. D., Price, N. D., … Heath, J. R. (2021). Integrated analysis of plasma and single immune cells uncovers metabolic changes in individuals with COVID-19. Nature Biotechnology, 1–11. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41587-021-01020-4

  16. Jul 2021
  17. Jun 2021
    1. Mike: And a lot of thing is survival too. A lot of people have to survive. A lot of people don't have the luxury of being able to get up, go to work every day. A lot of people wish that they had a job. Would kill to just get up early and just get that paycheck. I know a lot of families that they have to go through the most, but they still do it, because they have to. They have no choice. And it's way better than here. And I didn't understand that until now.

      Reflections, The United States, Worst Parts

  18. May 2021
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  23. Jun 2020
    1. Snyder-Mackler, N., Burger, J. R., Gaydosh, L., Belsky, D. W., Noppert, G. A., Campos, F. A., Bartolomucci, A., Yang, Y. C., Aiello, A. E., O’Rand, A., Harris, K. M., Shively, C. A., Alberts, S. C., & Tung, J. (2020). Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals. Science, 368(6493). https://doi.org/10.1126/science.aax9553

  24. Apr 2020
  25. Aug 2019
    1. so that instead of predicting the time of event, we are predicting the probability that an event happens at a particular time .
  26. Jul 2019
    1. In practice, we found that it is not appropriate to use Aalen’s additive hazardsmodel for all datasets, because when we estimate cumulativeregression functionsB(t),they are restricted to the time interval where X (X has been defined in Chapter 3) is offull rank, that meansX0Xis invertible. Sometimes we found that X is not of full rank,which was not a problem with the Cox model.
    2. An overall conclusion is that the two models give different pieces of informationand should not be viewed as alternatives to each other, but ascomplementary methodsthat may be used together to give a fuller and more comprehensive understanding ofdata
    3. The effect ofthe covariates on survival is to act multiplicatively on some unknown baseline hazardrate, which makes it difficult to model covariate effects that change over time. Secondly,if covariates are deleted from a model or measured with a different level of precision, theproportional hazards assumption is no longer valid. These weaknesses in the Cox modelhave generated interest in alternative models. One such alternative model is Aalen’s(1989) additive model. This model assumes that covariates act in an additive manneron an unknown baseline hazard rate. The unknown risk coefficients are allowed to befunctions of time, so that the effect of a covariate may vary over time.
    1. Note that, three often used transformations can be specified using the argument fun: “log”: log transformation of the survivor function, “event”: plots cumulative events (f(y) = 1-y). It’s also known as the cumulative incidence, “cumhaz” plots the cumulative hazard function (f(y) = -log(y))
    2. Note that, the confidence limits are wide at the tail of the curves, making meaningful interpretations difficult. This can be explained by the fact that, in practice, there are usually patients who are lost to follow-up or alive at the end of follow-up. Thus, it may be sensible to shorten plots before the end of follow-up on the x-axis (Pocock et al, 2002).
    1. RF is now a standard to effectively analyze a large number of variables, of many different types, with no previous variable selection process. It is not parametric, and in particular for survival target it does not assume the proportional risks assumption.
    1. Thesurvival function gives,for every time,the probability of surviving(or not experiencing the event) up to that time.The hazard function gives the potential that the event will occur, per time unit, given that an individual has survived up to the specified time.
  27. Oct 2016
    1. dried tubers.

      Merely surviving on the little bits of life that still exist during the winter. Feeding on mainly potatoes and whatever else can be found.

  28. Jul 2016
    1. what is the English-speaking world missing out on by not reading the content written in other languages

      Though he’s been associated with a very strange idea he never had, Edward Sapir was quite explicit about this loss over a hundred years ago. Thinking specifically about a later passage warning people about the glossocide English language. But it’s been clear in his work from long before that excerpt that we’re missing out when we focus on a single language.

  29. Oct 2015
    1. Over time, they have created massive communi-ties with millions of inhabitants, complex lifeworlds, economic arrange-ments, cultural practices and life-styles

      The people will find a way to survive.. they always do.. but we should be able to find easier ways to make that happen that will provide better situations for them.

    2. Here in the city-escapes, under bridges, ingraveyards and side streets, street children have formed “flourishing”outdoor communities, some with elaborate order, discipline, and an
    3. heyhave spread among educated young people with higher status, aspirationsand social skills—government employees, teachers, and professionals

      Changes in the environment are reflected by the characteristics of society.

  30. Feb 2015
  31. Oct 2013
    1. anyone is under the impression that people who rob others or falsify accounts or do any evil thing get the advantage, he is wrong in his thinking; for none are at a greater disadvantage throughout their lives than such men; none are found in more difficult straits, none live in greater ignominy; and, in a word, none are more miserable than they.

      This is a really good point. They are all at a very low point doing what they have to do (even though it is wrong) to survive.

  32. Sep 2013
    1. preservation of the species

      consider in context of Darwinian "survival", and interesting to consider the contrast with Berlant's "Slow Death" concept--hunger to the point of obesity, love striving after objects to the point of depression