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  1. Jun 2024
    1. According to this law, nothing has independent, permanent, or absolute existence. Everything is part of a limitless web of interconnections and undergoes a continual process of transformation.

      for - definition - emptiness - interdependent origination - dependent arising - definition - interdependent origination - Francesca Fremantle

      definition - interdependent origination - According to this law (of interdependent origination), - nothing has - independent, - permanent, or - absolute - existence. - Everything is - part of a limitless web of interconnections and - undergoes a continual process of transformation. - Every appearance arises from - complex causes and - conditions, - and in turn combines with others to produce countless effects. - By interrupting the causal chain at certain key points, - the course of existence can be altered and - effects prevented by eliminating their causes.

      comment - This definition of interdependent origination is very closely related to that of - emptiness (shunyata) and - https://hyp.is/nyBf5CFTEe-wpwveR5kjtg/www.dalailama.com/news/2014/teaching-about-emptiness-and-dependent-arising-at-likir-ladakh - dependent arising - relationship between - dependent arising and - emptiness - from his Holiness, the Dalai Lama - https://hyp.is/nyBf5CFTEe-wpwveR5kjtg/www.dalailama.com/news/2014/teaching-about-emptiness-and-dependent-arising-at-likir-ladakh

      adjacency - between - emptiness - dependent arising - interdependent origination - Indyweb/Indranet - adjacency relationship - The Indyweb/Indranet is epistemologically designed to reflect this trilogy of intertwingled Buddhist ideas: - emptiness - interdependent origination - dependent arising - within the sphere of human thinking - The Indyweb/Indranet is designed as people-centered, - which means that individual human beings are the locus which their entire world of ideation - evolving moment by moment - can be captured to detect the evolutionary flow of ideation - The Deep Humanity praxis employs the term - "human INTERbeCOMing" to shift the frame of a person - from a noun / object - to a verb / evolutionary process - Ideas are intrinsically dependently arising - from other causes and conditions - which are the source ideas that inspired the new ones - The Indyweb/Indranet's people-centered provenance feature assures that - any idea generated by a person is ASSOCIATED to that person - and tracks the exact time of the occurrence of that idea - The other half of the Indyweb/Indranet is that it is INTERPERSONAL - allowing all people, - with their people-centered nexus of evolutionary ideas to - SHARE them with OTHER people - Hence, from looking at a record of our evolutionary history of ideas - we can see that we are psychologically fundamentally following interdependent origination - Ideas are in constant flux, giving rise to new ideas - in a continuous process of transformation

    1. Je Tsongkhapa’s text, ‘In Praise of Dependent Arising’ which emphasises the importance of both emptiness and dependent arising

      for - adjacency - emptiness - dependent arising - Je Tsongkhapa

      adjacency - between - emptiness - dependent arising - Je Tsongkhapa - adjacency relationship - (quote - see below) - His Holiness then announced his intention to give a transmission of Je Tsongkhapa’s text, - ‘In Praise of Dependent Arising’ - which emphasizes the importance of both - emptiness and - dependent arising. - He suggested that it would be good to recite the Heart Sutra followed by this text daily. - He said that - emptiness and - dependent arising - are complementary. - If - dependent arising makes you think of emptiness and - emptiness makes you think of dependent arising - at the same time, - you have a proper understanding of emptiness.

    2. Emptiness implies dependent arising.

      for - adjacency - emptiness - dependent arising

  2. Jan 2024
    1. A variable is considered dependent if it depends on an independent variable. Dependent variables are studied under the supposition or demand that they depend, by some law or rule (e.g., by a mathematical function), on the values of other variables. Independent variables, in turn, are not seen as depending on any other variable in the scope of the experiment in question.[a]

      Dependent variables depend upon independent variables (whereas independent variables are independent).

    1. The Collaborative Commons will be supported by the emerging technologies of the last half century relative to ICT, Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, GIS, blockchain, cryptography, and the myriad of supporting technologies
      • for: collaborative commons - technological dependence

      • comment

        • since the collaborative commons emerged from the internet, it is obviously dependent on and made possible by ICT technologies
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  4. Aug 2023
    1. 4. Too much couplingAnother issue I had with this is the coupling that it might introduce in your code. I do understand that our community in general is not very much interested in dealing with coupling and I am not an expert at this either, but I do get a feeling that this suppress method would lead to some very bad usages.For instance, why does the Copyable module needs to know about a class named Notification?
  5. Jan 2023
    1. one of the central theme of this year's annual meeting is about interconnection interdependencies and one of the Great India philosophers Shanti Deva speaks about how to analyze 00:20:51 complex things recognize the network of causes and conditions that give rise to them and what he says is this everything is dependent on something else even that thing upon which each is 00:21:04 dependent is not independent

      !- Shabti Deva : dependant origination quoted

  6. Dec 2022
  7. Oct 2022
    1. what yogachara does through its detailed analysis of the nature of consciousness through its detailed analysis of the three natures that all phenomena enjoy and through its 00:34:28 detailed analysis of the three respects in which things are natureless gives us a nice analysis of how it is that we come to represent what is in fact dependently originated as um as 00:34:42 independent and intrinsically real and how it is that we come to see our mediated access to the world as immediate

      Yogachara explains how we mistakenly construct dependently originating reality as independently and intrinsically existing, and how we take the mediated, constructed reality for the immediate reality.

  8. Aug 2022
  9. May 2022
    1. in human memory they call it external context um so we have 00:35:59 so the external context for instance is the the spatial cues and the other items that are kind of attached to the note right

      Theory: The external context of one's physical surroundings (pen, paper, textures, sounds, smells, etc.) combined with the internal context, the learner's psychological state, mood, etc., comprises a potentially closed system where each part props up the other for the best learning outcomes.

      Do neurodiversity effects help/hinder this process? What if people are missing one or more of these bits of contextualization? What does the literature look like in this space? Research?

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    1. I'm kinda stuck at the moment, going around in circles. Everything is really heavily coupled. I would like to get to the point where no load is called from within processors, but i'm not sure if that's possible. Currently the API and the caching strategies are fighting me at every step of the way. I have a branch where i'm hacking through some refactoring, no light at the end of the tunnel yet though :(
  14. Feb 2021
    1. @adisos if reform-rails will not match, I suggest to use: https://github.com/orgsync/active_interaction I've switched to it after reform-rails as it was not fully detached from the activerecord, code is a bit hacky and complex to modify, and in overall reform not so flexible as active_interaction. It has multiple params as well: https://github.com/orgsync/active_interaction/blob/master/spec/active_interaction/modules/input_processor_spec.rb#L41

      I'm not sure what he meant by:

      fully detached from the activerecord I didn't think it was tied to ActiveRecord.

      But I definitely agree with:

      code is a bit hacky and complex to modify

  15. Oct 2020
    1. Encoding is dependent on the type of output - which means that for example a string, which will be used in a JavaScript variable, should be treated (encoded) differently than a string which will be used in plain HTML.
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  18. Dec 2019
    1. TC39 urges caution when using Stage 2-or below proposals, as it might result in inadvertent pressure from the community to keep the implementation as-is instead of improving it for fear of breaking existing code or ecosystem fragmentation (e.g. using a different symbol like # instead of @ for decorators).
    2. It's completely understandable that this happens without realizing it, but continuing to do so sets different expectations for how the language progresses. It's nothing to feel guilty about — we learn as a community and remind one another of how JavaScript works.
    3. Therefore, it's easy to search around for tweets/blog posts/talks that say "ES7 Decorators" and find that it's become the accustomed name for it.
  19. Aug 2019
    1. Time-resolved analysis of individual cells revealed that past exposure to low levels of antibiotics increases tolerance to future exposure for the sessile but not for the motile cell
  20. Sep 2017
    1. individuals, groups, or systems.

      This perspective of looking at individuals in categories is the foundation of statistics--two variables that are mutually exclusive and the goal is to see if they relate in any way. SNA is very different--all variables are related and dependent. That is why SNA is descriptive--can't do predictive without mutually exclusive variables.