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    1. DILLER: And, you know, of course they always say to Californians that we don't have seasons. Of course, that is not true. We have fire, flood, mud and drought.

      Was this originally hers? I've used a variation of it for decades myself....

    1. The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) is a research center at the University of California, Irvine. The TLG was founded in 1972 by Marianne McDonald (a graduate student at the time and now a professor of theater and classics at the University of California, San Diego) with the goal to create a comprehensive digital collection of all surviving texts written in Greek from antiquity to the present era.
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    1. COVID-19 has remained the leading infectious cause of death in L.A. County

      L.A county still being infected with lots of cases is crazy. There are still cases being made and it's still very dangerous especially with people who don't even have their vaccines or boosters. Its especially dangerous for older people.

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    1. Extrem starke Regenfälle haben in diesem Winter eine dreijährige Dürre in Kalifornien unterbrochen. Davor war der Grundwasserspiegel vor allem durch Übernutzung über Jahrzehnte gesunken. Das veraltete Wasserrecht hat verhindert, dass die Überflutungen wirksam zur Entnahme und Speicherung von Wasser genutzt wurden.

    1. After remaining members of the group performed a tribute to the late Glenn Frey during the Grammys and the show cut to commercial, the group inside the Staples Center saw a bit more. Show producer Ken Ehrlich stopped them from leaving the stage. He said when they were nominated for “Hotel California” in 1977, they didn’t want to attend the awards if they weren’t sure they were going to win, so they didn’t — and then he and Neil Portnow gave them their trophy, all these years later, for “one of the best albums ever made.”


      Eagles skipped the Grammys in 1977 because they didn't want to attend if they weren't sure they were going to win. The ultimately did win that night, but weren't presented with the award until the 2016 Grammys at the Staples Center where the remaining members of the group performed a tribute to the late Glenn Frey.

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    1. Genealogy Garage: Researching at the Huntington Library

      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/0f2j2K6JWGg" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
      • Julie Huffman jhuffman@lapl.org (host)
      • Stephanie Arias
      • Anne Blecksmith
      • Li Wei Yang
      • Clay Stalls cstalls@huntington.org


      Huntington Library

      Visit checklist

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    1. Heather E. Bullock


      Heather E. Bullock is an American social psychologist. She is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Blum Center on Poverty, Social Enterprise, and Participatory Governance at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Bullock is known for her research on people's beliefs about economic disparities and the consequences of stereotypical beliefs about the poor on public policy. This includes work examining attributions about poverty made by news media, and how such attributions influence public support of welfare policies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_E._Bullock

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    1. I didn't know what was happening, of course. We arrived to ____ California. We arrived at an apartment that we were sharing with about eight other people—my grandparents, my sisters and I, my mother, my uncles, then eventually my uncle's wife. One of my uncles got the opportunity to move to Chicago—a job opportunity—so he moved. I think after my parents divorced, all of my uncles saw us as their kids, because two of the ones that really took care of us never really had kids, so they loved us and they brought us in.Luisa: We moved to Chicago with my grandparents because my grandparents were my second parents by this point. My mother is the eldest—she took care of seven of my grandparents’ children, so my grandmother really, really loves my mother. We moved to Chicago to an apartment on Green Bay on the East Side, and that's how it went.

      Time in the US, Arriving in the United States, Living situation, First impressions

  22. May 2021
    1. I particularly enjoyed the California water commons, with its quiet nod to Elinor Ostrom’s original post-graduate research on emergent cooperation between county water-boards.

      A quiet nod here in it's own right. Now I want to dig into Elinor Ostrom's research and work.

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    1. Während Richard Walker seinen Vortrag über den New Deal zum Green New Deal hält, brennen nördlich der San Francisco Bay die Wälder. In den Wintern fällt zu wenig Regen und Schnee. Die Sommer sind zu heiß. Gleichzeitig sind die Immobilien in den Städten begehrte Investitions- und Spekulationsobjekte, die hohe Renditen versprechen. Die Folge sind exorbitante Mieten, die sich in San Francisco immer weniger Menschen leisten können. Sie ziehen in immer abgelegenere Gegenden. Dorthin, wo Immobilien noch bezahlbar sind. Oftmals gibt es in den preiswert errichteten Siedlungen nur eine Durchgangsstraße. 2018 verbrannten Einwohner in Paradise auf der Flucht vor den Flammen im Stau.Immer wieder entstehen die Feuer durch Funkenflug oberirdischer Stromleitungen, die trockene Blätter und Gräser in Brand setzen. Mitverantwortlich dafür sind fehlende Investitionen in Wartung und Pflege.
  25. Sep 2020
    1. Artikel in der NYT, in dem die Waldbrände als offensichtliches Ergebnis der Klimakrise bezeichnet werden - als ein Ergebnis, das viel schneller kommt als erwartet.

  26. Aug 2020
    1. Burn bosses in California can more easily be held liable than their peers in some other states if the wind comes up and their burn goes awry. At the same time, California burn bosses typically suffer no consequences for deciding not to light.
    2. “The median compensation package — including base pay, special pay, overtime and benefits — for full time Cal Fire firefighters of all categories is more than $148,000 a year.”
    3. A six-word California fire ecology primer: The state is in the hole. A seventy-word primer: We dug ourselves into a deep, dangerous fuel imbalance due to one simple fact. We live in a Mediterranean climate that’s designed to burn, and we’ve prevented it from burning anywhere close to enough for well over a hundred years. Now climate change has made it hotter and drier than ever before, and the fire we’ve been forestalling is going to happen, fast, whether we plan for it or not.
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    1. The California Coastal Commission protects, conserves, & restores the coast for current & future generations.

      Posts on replanting native flora.

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    1. Asaha Inc. filed as a Articles of Incorporation in the State of California on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


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    1. Una ricerca dell’istituto Ipsos Mori ha scoperto che 6 adulti su 10 in 38 nazioni pensano possa esistere un legame tra l’insorgenza dell’autismo e il vaccino; in Francia sono il 65%, in Gran Bretagna il 55% e in Italia il 52%. Anche per questo, secondo i dati pubblicati dall’Oms tra il 2016 e il 2017 il numero di casi di morbillo è aumentato del 31% in tutto il mondo; nella sola Europa l’incidenza è cresciuta del 400%, con quasi 4mila casi solo nel nostro Paese, dove la copertura vaccinale è scesa sotto il 90% per la prima volta in 10 anni.

      Il grafico qui sotto riportato mostra l'andamento del tasso di crescita dei soggetti autistici nel solo Stato della California nel periodo 2001-2016 ed è stato realizzato secondo le fonti ufficiali del locale Ministero dell'Educazione. Accedendo a questa pagina [https://amp.sacbee.com/site-services/databases/article90300877.html] è possibile vedere il grafico in forma dinamica al fine di avere una percezione del trend esponenziale di crescita. La California è lo Stato dell'Unione in cui il tasso di vaccinazione è altissimo. Troppo evidente per passare inosservato. Osservate bene, nella pagina di cui al link sopra riportato, il grafico dinamico e il tasso di incremento annuale (praticamente esponenziale). Eh, l'"autismo è di natura genetica" continuano a dire... Non si può più ignorare e chi ignora il fatto dovrebbe fare harakiri...Allo stato attuale il Ministero dell'Istruzione italiano non ha mai condotto una statistica seria (anche solo per rendere le strutture e il personale scolastico più adatte e competenti e per fare una seria politica di prevenzione basata sui fatti reali). Eppure è una macchina mangiasoldi che paghiamo tutti non so quante volte e ci viene offerto un servizio di qualità scadente..

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    1. Taking that water and dividing it up some other way, he says, would be like taking everyone's paycheck, putting it into a pool, and saying: "We're going to divide that up evenly. Even though you went to school as a doctor for eight or 10 years, and you're making a lot more money than the guy who's driving a school bus, let's take all the money and divide it up evenly."

      People with greater education will not be different compared to others when it comes to salary. If one farmer has lots of water because he is responsible and resourceful, while some other farmer has little water because he is lazy, ultimately both will have the same amount of water. It is unfair for resourceful farmers, and thus shows that you do not have to work hard to gather water because everyone will eventually have the same amount of water.

  38. Apr 2015
    1. A better way to think about a food’s value might be to think about how a gallon of water could translate into calories that most efficiently feed us humans.

      Calories was exactly my first thought when I saw the chart where it was originally published.