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  1. Dec 2020
    1. Su autora Gina Trapani es una de esas personas que siempre me han inspirado y creó Todo.txt para su uso personal cómo un sript bash (todo.txt.cli) con el gestionaba un fichero de texto con su lista de tareas almacenada.

      Sobre todo.txt

  2. Dec 2019
    1. You can create sub-projects (or sub-contexts) by adding a backslash
    2. Double click on a project/context select all there sub-projects/contexts, therefore show their tasks
    3. Supported toto.txt addons: due flag future note schedule
    1. Due dates and threshold dates aren't part of the todo.txt format spec! Due date and threshold date are implemented as key:value tags, which are fully compliant with the todo.txt format spec. They both are popular extensions to the todo.txt command line scripts.
    2. What are threshold dates? A threshold date indicates that a task should not be started until the threshold date. Adding threshold dates is a way to indicate "future tasks". A threshold date is formatted as: t:yyyy-mm-dd.
    1. Feed iguana +Personal @Home (A) Ask doctor about ticks +Personal @DoctorsOffice Write elephant touchscreen post +HowToGeek @Home @Laptop (B) Research laptop prices +Personal @Home @Laptop (C) Clean the damn kitchen +Personal +Cleaning @Home
    2. the system
    3. It’s flexible in precisely the way so many modern apps aren’t, and if you like tweaking things until they’re just right, I can’t recommend it enough.
    1. It's not for beginners, but it's extremely flexible once you get a handle on things. If sticking to a system is hard for you, I highly recommend giving this system a try.
    2. Best to-do list app for taking control of your to-do list
    1. Superseded by (replacement project): https://github.com/QTodoTxt/QTodoTxt2/

      Before I realized there was a replacement project:

      Blah. Looks good but unmaintained. Too many competing forks.

      Other interesting fork: https://github.com/kmicc/QTodoTxt/tree/dev

      This branch is 17 commits ahead, 201 commits behind QTodoTxt:dev. https://github.com/QTodoTxt/QTodoTxt/compare/master...kmicc:dev https://github.com/kmicc/QTodoTxt/network