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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Campbell’s lived experience as a native Black Bostonian showed her firsthand how uneven and oppressive the school-to-prison pipeline can be. Her late twin brother, Andre, was a victim of the systems she works to rebuild.

      Campbell should have won! She is earnest and has a clear vision for what Boston can be to address these systemic issues.

    2. it is telling that the top two picks are the fairest skinned

      Sad, but true. Boston might be a liberal city that aims to welcome all, however the reputation of being a racist city has left many POC feeling left out and not welcomed in the city.

    3. One of the most heartbreaking realizations of the mayoral campaign was learning why she didn’t run until she took office. As a daughter of Roxbury, she didn’t believe it was possible

      Kim Janey, City Council President & Acting Mayor, didn't believe it was possible for her to run for mayor of Boston. "I just didn't think I could. You can't be what you can't see."

  2. Oct 2020
    1. My attempt is rather to relate, firstly, the origin and sources of our chivalry; secondly, its character and teaching; thirdly, its influence among the masses; and, fourthly, the continuity and permanence of its influence.

      author's purpose

    1. Provide an approach to content instruc-tion that cultivates the skills for 21st century literacy: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity

      approaching a unit thinking abut how will students practice the 4 C's: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity

  3. May 2020
    1. they remain beholden to and supported by the state.This makes them operate in fundamentally different ways than U.S. banks.

      How do Chinese banks operate differently compared to U.S. Banks? What relationship do they have with the government and how does it help Chinese banks run effectively?

    2. such as stock and bond markets, leaving banksas the main providers of credit in China’s economy and,thus,indispensable.

      This system has made Chinese banks indispensable but how has this led to inefficiencies? how could China adapt this system to prevent future financial losts

  4. Dec 2019
    1. “Often, schools say, ‘We’ll give help to the kids who are posing the biggest challenges.’ But what about the rest of the students?”

      what gaps are left when schools are unable to effectively address the challenge students hold coming to school.

    2. Lallinger had worked hard to build strong relationships with his students, and so he sometimes knew what was affecting them before they even set foot in his classroom. But not always. And that made it hard to teach and hard to know why a student was zoning out or struggling with homework

      trying to build relationships with students can build trust. it doesn't always mean better academic performance.

    1. Fourth, inoffering examples of how the tools have been used, I encouragethought about how the tools might be used in other educationalresearchers’ work

      further applications to improving research

    2. Third, I would like to stimulate thoughtabout how these tools can be extended and improved

      new ideas/suggestions to improve process

    3. Second, I offer tools for mea-suring the content of instruction, the content of instructionalmaterials, and the alignment between these and illustrate thetools’ validity and valu

      amount of material covered and how it is properly organized

    4. First, to illustrate theimportance of the content of instruction as a variable in educa-tional research and as a key component of efforts to improve thequality of instructional practice
    1. Made in China 2025, Beijing has designs to dominate cutting-edge technologies like advanced microchips, artificial intelligence and electric cars, among many others, in a decade
  5. May 2018
  6. Feb 2018
    1. But what the data shows is we know if we're looking at test scores, if we're measuring the achievement gap, which is the test score gap between black and white students, that gap was the narrowest at the peak of integration in the school integration, which was 1988. As soon as we start to see the segregation increasing again, that achievement gap increases. And we've actually never gotten back to that low point that we were at when schools were their most integrated.

      affect of desgregation

    1. They do things like buy expensive designer belts and $2500 luxury handbags.

      Tongue and cheek. The author is trying to show how ridiculous our feelings toward the less fortunate can be.

  7. Jan 2018
    1. Students are introduced to the murder of Emmett Till through watching an excerpt from the “Awakenings” segment of the Eyes on the Prize video series. Then they begin to explore how Emmett Till’s murder became a pivotal moment in civil rights history through identifying the important decisions made by individuals and groups involved in this event

      lesson plan

    1. his purpose in the struggle was strictly to save the Union; it was not to free the slaves

      thesis statement

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    1. Appropriate questioning is an important means of differentiation and infusing critical thinking in academi-cally rigorous learning environments.

      How to create questions that lead the students to new levels of understanding (based on what they know so far)

    1. They are motivated by wishful thinking. This error leads the individual to stop gathering information when the evidence gathered so far confirms the views (prejudices) one would like to be true.

      Good explanation

  9. Jul 2016
    1. degradation

      definition: fall in quality, decline

    2. was invented during the 19th century and, despite concerted attempts by today’s scholars to kill it off, it simply refuses to die

      common misconception

    3. oxymoron

      definition: idea that contradicts itself

    4. stagnation

      definition: lack of progress/growth