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  1. Jan 2024
    1. The systems involvedare complex, involving interaction among and feedback between manyparts. Any changes to such a system will cascade in ways that are diffi-cult to predict; this is especially true when human actions are involved.

      Perhaps the evolution to solve AI-resistance (mentioned in https://hypothes.is/a/-JjZurr3Ee6EtG8G_Sbt8Q) won't be done at the level of the individual human genome, but will be done at the human society level genome.

      Political groups of people have an internal memetic genome which can evolve and change over time much more quickly than the individual human's genes would work.

  2. Oct 2023
    1. In this study, we examine this latter view of internal constraints and poverty trapsrigorously.
    1. we raise two research aims: (1) to examine the conceptual structure of fast fashion avoidance beliefs in Korea and Spain and (2) to identify the effects of negative beliefs on the anti-consumption behavioral intention for fast fashion in Korea and Spain.

      Possible thesis.

    1. nly to specialists, I argue thatand interpretation are frequently established and scollectors, compilers, conservators, and curators whmake books* W


      Impact: Collectors often prioritize rare or valuable editions, which can create a skewed representation of what texts are "important."
      Risk: They may alter or rebind books to improve their aesthetic or monetary value, potentially compromising historical integrity.


      Impact: Compilers decide what gets included in anthologies or collections, effectively shaping the canon.
      Risk: The context of individual works can be altered when placed alongside other texts, affecting interpretation.


      Impact: They are tasked with preserving the physical condition of books, sometimes restoring them to a state that is as close as possible to their original form.
      Risk: In doing so, they may remove evidence of a book's usage history, which could be valuable for scholarly research.


      Impact: Through exhibitions and public programs, curators influence how texts are presented and interpreted by a wider audience.
      Risk: Their choices in displaying a text can prioritize certain interpretations or historical contexts over others, potentially shaping public perception.

      Overall Implication:

      The actions and decisions of collectors, compilers, conservators, and curators collectively influence what versions of a text are available and how those texts are interpreted. While each aims to honor the text in their own way, they also introduce their own biases and priorities, which can diverge from scholarly aims or historical accuracy. Therefore, understanding their roles is essential for a nuanced approach to textual studies.



  3. Jun 2023
    1. Collaborative publications, in which the student is one of several authors/creators, are permitted. In every case, the Preface must clearly describe the student's contribution to the research and creation—including, where applicable, the student's role in publications with several authors, or in material created by several authors.
  4. Mar 2023
  5. Feb 2023
    1. we have preserved Eco’s handwritten index cardresearch system in all its detail, precisely because it is the soulof How to Write a Thesis.
    2. He understood that the writing of a thesis forcedmany students outside of their cultural comfort zone, andthat if the shock was too sudden or strong, they would giveup.

      The writing of a thesis is a shock to many specifically because information overload has not only gotten worse, but because the underlying historical method of doing so has either been removed from the educational equation or so heavily watered down that students don't think to use it.

      When I think and write about "note taking" I'm doing it in a subtly different way and method than how it seems to be used in common parlance. Most seem to use it solely for information extraction and as a memory crutch which they may or may not revisit to memorize or use and then throw away. I do it for some of these reasons, but my practice goes far beyond this for generating new ideas, mixing up ideas creatively, and for writing. Note reuse seems to be the thing missing from the equation. It also coincidentally was the reason I quit taking notes in college.

  6. Oct 2022
    1. His best known publication is his essay "The Significance of the Frontier in American History," the ideas of which formed the frontier thesis. He argued that the moving western frontier exerted a strong influence on American democracy and the American character from the colonial era until 1890.
    1. Thesis to bear out (only tangentially related to this particular text):

      Part of the reason that index card files didn't catch on, especially in America, was that they didn't have a solid/concrete name by which they went. The generic term card index subsumed so much in relation to library card catalogues or rolodexes which had very specific functions and individualized names. Other cultures had more descriptive names like zettelkasten or fichier boîte which, while potentially bland within their languages, had more specific names for what they were.

  7. Sep 2022
    1. A poem of possibility. A poem about assumptions. It is about aweful futures or awe-inspired ones. Fear or love.

    2. Did I Miss Anything?

      Ultimate FOMO or JOMO (joy of missing out).

    1. Traditionally, doctoral students are expected to implicitly absorb thisargument structure through repeated reading or casual discussion.

      The social annotation being discussed here is geared toward classroom work involving reading and absorbing basic literature in an area of the sort relating to lower level literature reviews done for a particular set of classes.

      It is not geared toward the sort of more hard targeted curated reading one might do on their particular thesis topic, though this might work in concert with a faculty advisor on a 1-1 basis.

      My initial thought on approaching the paper was for the latter and not the former.

  8. Aug 2022
  9. May 2022
    1. xml <link rel="related" type="application/atom+xml;profile=opds-catalog" title="theses.fr > Flux ATOM et OPDS des thèses accessibles en ligne" href="/?q=&sort=dateSoutenance+desc&access=oui&format=atom"/>

  10. Apr 2022
    1. regarding the private sector response to COVID-19, perhaps this is the catalyst that’ll shift the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to human social responsibility (HSR)

      This pandemic has indeed promoted a great number of changes in our society; I also believe that it could be a catalyst to shifting our attention to an idea of human social responsibility. I think that the use of masks, especially, is one of the ways in which this concept of human social responsibility has been talked about the most (specially at the beginning of the pandemic).

    1. I do not vouch for Janet's conceptions being valid, and I do not say that the two ways of looking at the mind contradict each other or are mutually incongruous; I simply say that they are incongruent [sic]. Each covers so little of our total mental life that they do not even interfere or jostle. Meanwhile the clinical conceptions, though they may be vaguer than the analytic ones, are certainly more adequate, give the concreter picture of the way the whole mind works, and are of far more urgent practical importance. So the 'physician's attitude,' the 'functional psychology,' is assuredly the thing most worthy of general study to-day.

      While James (1907) didn't believe in lab work but did see the importance of it. Clinical work does shed light on many different aspect of the mind through functional psychology to scientific world.

  11. Dec 2021
    1. I argue that US shrinking cities that are variably engaged in a shiftfrom traditional pro-growth to right-sizing planning models have come to representactual and potential zones “of cohabitation and contestation among multiple economicforms” in which breaks “in the relations and practices constituting the performance” ofprevious development models have opened up possibilities for the flourishing of “neweconomic becomings” (Gibson-Graham, 2006) that can be understood as prefigurationsof “a resilient, resourceful and convivial local economy ” (North, 2014; North, 2017)diverging from hegemonic neo-liberal urban development models (Rossi, 2017).

      The land use experimentation in shrinking cities breaks with dominant economic growth models and can be viewed contestations of previous neo-liberal planning models and precursors to more neighborly types of local economic activity.



  12. Nov 2021
    1. ignores

      Critiques community economic development's focus on local empowerment. Advances the argument that a local focus divorced from the broader political economy cannot tackle the larger governance and economic forces that create inequality, especially due to concentrated poverty in some jurisdictions that leaves local governments under-resourced due to a meager tax base.



    1. T h e a u t h o r p r o p o s e s t h e t e r m a n a l y t i c autoethnography to refer to research in which the researcher is (1) a full mem-ber in the research group or setting, (2) visible as such a member in publishedtexts, and (3) committed to developing theoretical understandings of broadersocial phenomena

      The author introduces the term analytic authoethnography (research is part of research subject and setting, visible as such (published), and dedicated to developing knowledge of social world.



    1. identity negotiations that characterize ‘doing fieldwork’ are a key element ofthe process of becoming a

      How people negotiate their own identities in the process of doing fieldwork has implications for



    1. From this statement we can conclude that the socialagenda was not the only reason for conducting the slumeradication program. In fact for some people the provisionof adequate housing for workers of low income was not themost important result which would come from the eradicationof slums.


    2. theya i_cq fdcsd two of ths main tourist srrivsl zonss of thsisland.

      Slum elimination also motivated for economic reasons - because it looked bad for tourism.

  13. Oct 2021
    1. Now let me propose that the greater the concentration of power in a community the greater the probability of success in any collective action affecting the welfare of the whole

      More concentrated power in a community- better chance at collective action.reaching positive ends. Factors: 1) concentration (though it can be extremely diffused in terms of concentration and still be successful). 2)Mobilizing people and resources.

    2. alternative way of treating the matter

      There's another way to analyze community power structures in the context of urban renewal.



    1. at all. Through an awareness of intersectionality, we can better acknowledge and ground the differences among us and negotiate the means by which these differences will find expression in constructing group politics.

      I LOVE THIS.... It provides a justification for employing an intersectional analytical framework for group politics.

    1. The cover did not give Kamala D. Harris due respect. It was overly familiar. It was a cover image that, in effect, called Harris by her first name without invitation.

      In my opinion, this introduces the main concern for the article and that is the over familiarity of one of the nation's biggest and most recent accomplishments.

    2. what should have been a blissfully distracting, glossy celebration of a barrier-breaking moment has become a cause for disappointment. Not because of what was in the frame, but because of what was absent.

      I decided that this is the thesis of this article because it clearly states the issue. This article by Vogue, a major publication, lacks awareness in a hectic time.

  14. Sep 2021
    1. But that method misses an important resource: the field-worker’s reflec- tions and commentary on issues that emerge during the process.

      MARGINAL NOTES: Pay attention to thoughts that emerge during coding about the informant relationship - what was really being said - quality issues - reservations about questions - new hypotheses, things to pursue later. cross ref. to other data sets - my reactions to remarks. enter into the writup.



    1. re they a cost-effective strategy forachieving economic growth?

      fundamental question of the paper.



    1. ncorporates community and environmentalconcerns along with economic one

      Main point is that High Line fails because it didn't include community considerations.

    2. contradictions of market driven sustainability projectsin a climate of neoliberal urbanization.

      Critical urban neoliberal sustainablity literature lense.



    1. ur purpose in this book is to describe the generic process of designing qualitative research; it entails immersion in the everyday life of the setting chosen for study, values and seeks to discover participants’ perspectives on their worlds, views inquiry as an interactive process between the researcher and the participants, is both de- Scriptive and analytic, and relies on people’s words and observable behavior



    1. "theory of change approach"

      A "Theory of change approach" to evaluating community initiatives will have three stages: 1) IDing what should change 2) Set and measure, determine activities and outcomes 3) evaluate, interpret against desired change, and adjust to improve. This draws on typical evaluation process - but CCIs have more elusive nuances because of economic, political and social aspects of communities which have interactions from levels of institutions (govt and NGOs) and community capitals/network, as well as small and collective actors.



    1. doubly engaged ethnography doesso by developing and maintaining authentic rapport with com-munity members and by considering the ways in which vulner-able communities are most susceptible to exploitation.

      Researcher as savor? Or researcher as activist



  15. May 2021
    1. The most common way to stage an argument in the thesis goes something like this: Here is a puzzle/problem/question worth asking. If we know more about this puzzle/problem/question then something significant (policy, practice, more research) can happen.Here is what we already know about the puzzle/problem/question. I’ve used this existing knowledge (literatures) to help: my thinking and approach; my research design; make sense of my results; and establish where my scholarly contribution will be. Here is how I designed and did the research in order to come up with an “answer”.Here’s the one/two/three clusters of results.Missing stepNow here’s my (summarised) “answer” to the puzzle/problem/question I posed at the start. On the back of this answer, here’s what I claim as my contribution(s) to the field. Yes I didn’t do everything, but I did do something important. Because we now know my answer, and we didn’t before I did the research, then here are some possible actions that might arise in policy/practice/research/scholarship.
  16. Nov 2020
    1. marriage is no exception and can be successfully analyzed within the framework provided by modern economic

      rational choice can be used in Economic analysis to study marriage.



    1. An important step in extending the traditional analysis of individual rational choice is to incorporate into the theory a much richer class of attitudes, preferences, and calculations.

      attitudes preferences and calculations should be added to the analysis

    2. ut what parents try to do can be greatly affected by public policies and changes in economic and social conditions.

      public policies, economic and social conditions can also set values in the family.

    3. Again, I am trying to model a commonsense idea, namely, that the attitudes and values of adults are enormously influenced by their childhood experience

      what happened to a person as a child influences their behavior as an adult.

    4. the assumption that when men and women decide to marry, or have children, or divorce, they attempt to raise their welfare by comparing benefits and costs. So they marry when they expect to be better offThis content downloaded from on Thu, 05 Nov 2020 14:33:48 UTC All use subject to https://about.jstor.org/terms

      Thesis: people marry or divorce seeking to maximize their personal welfare.

    5. effort to calculate both private and social rates of return to men, women, blacks, and other groups from investments in different levels of education. After aThis content downloaded from on Thu, 05 Nov 2020 14:33:48 UTC All use subject to https://about.jstor.org/terms

      Possible to calculate ROI on human capital investments for different classes of people.

    6. theo- retical and empirical implications of the assumption that criminal behavior is rationa

      Implications of criminality being rationally motivated.

    7. theory of individual rational choice to analyze social issues beyond those usually consid- ered by economists is to incorporate into the theory a much richer class of attitudes, preferences, and calculations. While this approach to behavior builds on an expanded theory of individual choice, it is not mainly concerned with individuals. It uses theory at the micro level as a powerful tool to derive implications at the group or macro level.

      RC theory can be used for analysis of a broad set of social issues by adding into the development of the theory more "attitudes, preferences, and calculations" --- resulting in a theory of individual choice. BUT by studying at the micro level - it's possible to understand implications at the macro.

    1. The goal Rational Choice Institutionalism is different. For Rationalist scholars, the central goal is to uncover the Laws of political behavior and action.

      What are Rational Choice Institutionalists after?

    2. In either case, the Historical Institutionalist is interested in developing a deep and contextualized understanding of the politics.

      Thesis about Historical institutionalists



    1. new models of risk assessment, planning and co-productionare required to address these limitations



    1. land-use planningwill be increasingly required to manage climigration events over the coming decades and willrely on input and guidance from other disciplines to do so effectively



  17. Oct 2020
    1. it may be necessary for researchers to considerdangers seen, unseen, and unforeseen in conducting research
    2. when they do not pay careful attention to their ownand others’ racialized and cultural systems of coming to know, know-ing, and experiencing the world.

      Reminds me of Haraway's writings about embodied and situated knowledge.



    1. eoliberalism can beframed as a productive power which has created new competencies in thefield and a new professionalism shaped by the strategic priorities of themarket-led state.

      He thinks neoliberalism has been good for the profession??

    2. My research suggests that a model of prac-tice which can broadly be characterised as‘neoliberal community develop-ment’has now become normalised in the field.
    3. It is these‘regressivepossibilities’which interest me in this article. As my research shows theypotentially involve an increasing role for community development infurthering the political project of neoliberalisation, austerity and themarketisation of public services.
    4. community development emerges not so much as a social professionrooted in the needs and aspirations of communities as a technology ofgovernment which is deployed by local states to facilitate neoliberalisa-tion, austerity and the marketisation of public services



    1. h · nee of ublic executions marks therefore the decline 1!~~ of the s ectacle; but it also mar s a s ackening o t e old on the ~j·-\.> ~I



    1. knowledge of reality with respect to its culturalsignificance and its causal relationships, can be attained through the quest for recurrentsequences.

      Weber is saying that our understanding of an event and how it relates to other events can be understood by looking for a relationship between events - boiled down to its elemental elements.



    1. or politically effectivealternative media that in order to advance transformative political can include certain elements of capitalist mass mediaas well as elements of the ideal type of alternative media.

      argues that the ideal-type needs to be rethought to allow a new niche of Alternative Media in order - one that can maximize the effectiveness as a participant in transforming society and politics. The authors say that Alt media must be permitted to have some form of revenue to support its reach to the masses. They don't argue against giving up control production, but they do argue for the professionalism of the media. (not open to everyone) and also be should be able to finance itself to such a scale that it can reach a mass audience.

    2. by providing critical content alternative media canhelp advancing societal transformations and contribute to the realization of a truly participatory society, because criticalcontent expresses progressive political interests and tries to give attention to the realization of suppressed possibilities ofsocietal developmen


    3. The category of the produser commodity

      MY THESIS AH - HA - The author is using Weber's methodology by creating Categories of ideal types - and using this to framework to support at mezo analysis of the alternative media institutions.

    4. alternative media differ from mainstream media in re-gard to their organizational principles.

      Organizing principles of alternative media make it something distinct from mainstream media.



  18. Jun 2020
  19. May 2020
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  21. Jan 2020
    1. In what follows, I shall be rehearsing some arguments put forward by Wittgenstein, and some others developed by Wilfrid Sellars, Donald Davidson, and Robert Brandom. I think that these arguments help give a plausible sense both to the claim that nature itself is a poem that we humans have written, and to the claim that the imagination is the principle vehicle of human progress.


  22. Oct 2019
  23. Sep 2019
    1. It is the challenge of faculty across the disciplines, along with their colleagues in writing pro-grams and writing centers — to show them other ways of imagining writing.




  24. Aug 2019
  25. Jul 2019
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    1. Therapeutic Impacts of Tocotrienols on Cholesterol Dynamics, Lipoprotein Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Status in Young Smokers and Rats Exposed to Cigarette Smoke
    1. High throughput recovery of recombinant protein from inclusion bodies of E. coli
  28. May 2019
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    1. Cloning and Expression of Hwnan Chorionic Gonadotropin Subunits and a Chllnaeric Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Construct in a Mammalian Cell System
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    1. Characterisation of orphan cytochrome P450s from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

      Studies on Transcription Translation coupling and the consequences of its failure in Escherichia coli Modulation of Rho dependent transcription termination by H NS family of proteins

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    1. ArgP protein of Escherichia coli: roles in osmoregulation,gene regulation and inter-relationship with LysG of Corynebacteriumglutamicum
    1. Nor do we consider one of the major reasons why schools and colleges overlook the intellectual potential of street smarts: the fact that we associate those street smarts with anti-­intellectual concerns. We associate the educated life, the life of the mind, too narrowly and exclusively with subjects and texts that  we consider  inherently  weighty  and academic.

      In a version of Graff's thesis statement or controlling idea, he makes the claim that knowledge of the "content" of education -- be it science, philosophy, literature, etc. -- isn't as important as the "form" of critical engagement, i.e., in the ability to gather and evaluate evidence and to compose and respond to intellectual arguments.

      • Do you agree with Graff's claims? Why or why not?
      • Highlight another section of Graff's essay that you might use as evidence to support your response to question #1. Explain how you could use it.
      • Be ready to discuss what consequences Graff's essay (and your ideas about it) could have about the way we organize education: in terms of assignments, grades, courses, etc.
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    1. Studies on Calcineurin-NFAT signaling in cellular proliferation and effect of its inhibitor, cyclosporine A, in cell death response
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      studies on profilin 1 mediated signal transduction pathways in relevance to its tumour suppressor activity

    1. Tannase from Penicillium charlesii: Process Optimization, Purification, Characterization, Scale up and Industrial Applications
    1. Understanding the role of Diffusible Signaling Factor(DSF)in virulence of Xanthomonasplant pathogens
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  40. Mar 2019
    1. It is rather unclear what the purpose of the paper is as the author continues to discuss or mention other sources' viewpoints about the problem and not his own. There is basically no argument whatsoever in the article.