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  1. Nov 2015
    1. I Loved the way 'The Island Of The Colorblind' ended, with no speculation about the people, but just a description of night fishing. No complicated questions or hidden meanings, just imagery. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much I need to process everything Oliver Sacks writes, it's so heavy with information.

      The author comments on the structure and the different types of information in the essay. The author sees contrasting styles in Oliver Sacks's essay and compares them.

      The author also talks about his own experience in reading.

    2. I always think it is beautiful when a privileged person gives away some of their privilege to one who needs it more.

      The author takes a singular experience and connects it to a more general action. What might be said about the particular act (Knut's generosity with his monocular)? What might be said about the general case? How much does this particular fit the general? What more can be learned?

    1. Because the people of Pingelap weren't sad or didn't seem to fell held back because of chromatopsia, their spirits seemed high.

      The author supports her alternative with thoughtful analysis.

    2. "voices so high and unexpected and unearthly and pure that I again had sense of Pingelap as a place of enchantment, another world, an island if spirit."

      The author uses the text to make a general statement about Sacks's vision of the island. This evidence supports the idea that the island is an enchanted, beautiful place where people coexist in harmony. The use of unearthly and pure voices carries the metaphor of harmony.

      Again, we can be generous to Sacks and accept his vision. What can be learned from this approach? What does his view of the people make us think and feel?

      And we might be critical or doubt his idea. Where does this idea of the island as "a place of enchantment" fall flat? How does this idea reveal limitations or problems with Sacks as a writer? An outside observer?

    3. I don't believe it fits the Island

      The author is critical of the writer's choices.

      What might happen if the author weighed both sides of the author's choice?

      1. Why might Sacks decide to give it this name? How does the name affect the reader? What does the name reveal about Sacks?

      2. Why might the name be inappropriate? What are alternatives? Why are these alternatives better? What do these alternatives reveal about the author?

    4. Yet now that I think about the name that was given to island

      The author is thinking on paper. Entertaining ideas and then looking at them more carefully.

  2. Sep 2015
  3. Aug 2015
    1. Most of the time

      Qualifying the conditions makes this song heartbreaking. It sounds like such a strong statement until the final line.

  4. Apr 2015