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  1. Sep 2020
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  3. Jun 2020
    1. Moderna had earlier announced that it would start its pivotal phase III studies in July, to be followed by a biologic-licence application (BLA) with the USFDA. While apprehensions have been raised over that timeline, senior researchers like Fauci who had backed Moderna’s vaccine have not made any observations on the quality of data shared.

      Very bad quality of data

    2. A few days ago, the US launched a public-private partnership under Operation Warp Speed that hand-picked five companies that can develop and make vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics on an accelerated basis.
    3. Tests on patients showed that remdesivir helped shrink the recovery time for critical patients from 15 days to 11 days but could not prevent mortality or bring down death rates. In short, remdesivir isn’t a definitive cure for Covid-19.
    4. Hundreds of chemistry-based and biological drugs – new and existing – are being tested everyday across continents to rein in the coronavirus, but so far only one has shown partial activity.
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      • Makalah ini membahas aspek yang belum pernah dibahas sebelumnya, walaupun fragmen-fragmen isu ini sudah ditampilkan di berbagai media sejak masa awal Indonesia menangani virus ini secara serius.

      • Menampilkan milestone di sini ide yang baik. Saran saja untuk juga menampilkannya dalam bentuk visual.

  4. May 2020
    1. destroying rainforest ecosystems raises the odds of new pathogens making the jump from animals to humans. It also harms our ability to deal with climate change, as tropical forests are a key component in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
    2. Environmental agencies have reported an uptick in deforestation during lockdowns, as well as increases in poaching, animal trafficking and illegal mining worldwide
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  6. Mar 2020
    1. Real data shows that book sales are down some 25 percent during this lockdown. People are not actually buying books—not in physical shops (understandably), and online sales are plummeting too. So, either Italians are rereading all the volumes they have at home, or they’re just lying.
    2. Was it a reading pandemic?
    3. It’s a story playing out among many couples in Italy right now. Unpredicted move-ins. New families.
    4. Will their children be called the coronaboomers?

      Mi sto piegando in due

    5. Canceled. Cancellato has became to me the most beautiful word in the Italian dictionary. Not Ti amo or pizza. Canceled.


    6. As a freelance writer, I say to myself that the lockdown doesn’t change much from before. I stay in my pajamas all day, as before, plus there is the cancellation of all social activities. No more endless dinner parties or pointless meetings. It’s so relieving.

      It's the same for University students, excluded the few hours of weekly lectures

    7. The turning point, for me at least, came when I learned that someone real, someone on the fringe of my immediate circle, was in mortal danger. It was the 70-year-old father of a friend of a friend. He died. But the scariest and saddest thing is how he died: alone, in an intensive care unit, with no chance to say goodbye to his loved ones. For now, funerals are also prohibited. That is how one dies in the time of the coronavirus. This is the most terrible thing.When you hear stories like that, you start following the rules. You are suddenly ready to stay home. You wear your mask, and you don’t feel like making jokes about the virus. You get depressed.

      The turning point of attitude and behavior related to Corona Virus

    8. This is a very Italian kind of sport: negotiating a bureaucracy.
    1. If concerns over students’ safety is at the heart of this, shouldn’t we strongly encourage students not to leave, no matter what, and only require that students who absolutely must leave not return?
    1. switching to online will be more chaotic and hard than you can imagine, and it will cause greater damage to disadvantaged students than you will probably notice.

      Switching to "online"

  7. Nov 2015
    1. Your corona is located in the position of the Third Eye. It is an energy field or pattern and it serves both as a radiator and a receptor. By stabilizing it with this blue luminescence it will allow this session and future sessions to proceed more easier for you to see visual images. These images will help you to understand more completely than you have in the past what I am saying to you.