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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Buckminster Fuller officially began teaching Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science (CADS) at MIT’s Creative Engineering Laboratory. His labs applied scientific methods to generating designs. Buckminster’s approach built on the knowledge of elite teams of engineers, industrial designers, materials scientists and chemists to innovate. “A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

      Buckminster Fuller在麻省理工学院的创意工程实验室正式开始教授 Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science 综合预测设计科学(CADS)。他的实验室将科学方法运用到设计中,在工程师、工业设计师、材料科学家和化学家的精英团队的知识基础上进行创新。


    1. In light of this, Fuller developed synergetics, a field of study that considers a system to be larger than the sum of its parts, thereby implying that it is impossible to understand a given system only by considering its parts in isolation. In short, Fuller's synergetics champions a holistic approach to thinking about systems, particularly our own planet and the human societies that inhabit it.


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    1. Buckminster Fuller // "Evolution consists of many great revolutionary events taking place quite independently of man’s consciously attempting to bring them about... I remind you quickly that none of you is consciously routing the fish and potato you ate for lunch into this and that specific gland to make hair, skin, or anything like that. None of you are aware of how you came to grow from 7 pounds to 70 pounds and then to 170 pounds... All of this is automated, and always has been. There is a great deal that is automated regarding our total salvation on Earth, and I would like to get in that frame of mind right now in order to be useful in the short time we have."

      巴克明斯特·富勒 : "进化由许多伟大的革命性事件组成,这些事件的发生完全独立于人类有意识地试图实现它们...我要提醒你们,你们中没有人会有意识地把你们午餐吃的鱼和土豆放到这个和那个特定的腺体里,,以形成毛发、皮肤或类似的东西。你们都不知道自己是如何从7磅长到70磅,然后又长到170磅的... ... 所有这些都是自动完成的,而且一直如此。关于我们在地球上的全部拯救,有很多是自动化的,我现在就想进入这种心态,以便在我们所拥有的短暂时间内发挥作用。"