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    1. I really like the idea, but haven't found a similar suggestion in the Trac yet

      I could swear that there's a suggestion in WordPress Trac for creating a custom post type for comments somewhere.

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    1. Shabari B., a Bengaluru resident, found 2020 challenging. Her daughter, now nine, did not take to online classes well. “She developed anxiety and this manifested in behavioural issues — she began to act out and would be rude to her teachers,” says the 44-year-old. The child missed her friends and her normal school day. Shabari’s younger child, now seven, was affected differently; the long months without seeing a single other person or going outside, affected his relationships with other people. “He used to be very vocal, but now he finds social situations very anxiety provoking,” says Shabari.

      Sisters face-off post-covid schooling behavioral issues

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    1. Acute respiratory failure is defined as the requirement for mechanical ventilation longer than 48 hours postoperatively or unplanned reintubation for cardiac or respiratory failure.

      Respiratory failure defined.

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    1. https://diggingthedigital.com/een-alternatief-voor-post-kinds/

      I know some of your pains Frank. I do wish that someone might come along and help David Shanske convert the plugin for Gutenberg use.

      The thing I love the most is that the plugin does its best to provide excellent reply contexts.

  7. Dec 2021
    1. Similar to the idea of {{ if .Title }}, does Micro.blog (or Hugo) have a way to identify if a post only contains images and capture that to a variable?

      Another potential method (or an additional filter) for finding posts with photos, or more specifically posts whose main purpose is a photo or image is to use use the post type discovery algorithm. Given that Micro.blog is built on a variety of IndieWeb building blocks, most photos could/should have a class of u-photo on their img tags, so you could search for these instead or in addition to. I believe there are a set of parsers and tools out there that do this in a few languages already and someone in the IndieWeb Dev chat can direct you to them if they’re not linked to the page above.

    1. Except that the creator of Birds Aren’t Real and the movement’s followers are in on a joke: They know that birds are, in fact, real and that their theory is made up.

      Linking to a New York Times tag archive would not be considered evidence by any self-respecting conspiracy theorist.

    1. So we are headed for a post agricultural world we're changing the climate of the past 10,000 years into a completely different climate which is not an agricultural climate. And when you say a post agricultural world. 00:24:21 What we're saying again, to be blunt, is not enough food to feed people. That's right. And billions and billions of people starving to death. That's right. We're looking at billions of people not able to survive because of starvation, water deprivation. And then, of course, you pile on the diseases for many, many, many years. The Infectious Disease experts. 00:24:50 We just had an experience of it with covid-19, have warned us that actually all of the infectious and communicable diseases are going to be increased by putting up the global temperature. And lots of floods. It's a recipe. It's a suicidal recipe. And the only plans we have are plans for Global suicide.

      Is there any research on global heating resilient agriculture? Camilo Mora has done some research on this.

  8. Nov 2021
    1. In this report, we investigated performance of the omnibus test using simulated data. The hierarchical procedure is a widely used approach for comparing multiple (more than two) groups.[1] The omnibus test is intended to preserve type I errors by eliminating unnecessary post-hoc analyses under the null of no group difference. However, our simulation study shows that the hierarchical approach is not guaranteed to work all the time. The omnibus and post-hoc tests are not always in agreement. As our goal of comparing multiple groups is to find groups that have different means, a significant omnibus test gives a false alarm, if none of the post-hoc tests are significant. But, most important, we may also miss opportunities to detect group differences, if we have a non-significant omnibus test, since some or all post-hoc tests may still be significant in this case.Although we focus on the classic ANOVA model in this report, the same considerations and conclusions also apply to more complex models for comparing multiple groups, such as longitudinal data models [2]. Since for most models, post-hoc tests with significant levels adjusted to account for multiple testing do not have exactly the same type I error as the omnibus test as in the case of ANOVA, it is more difficult to evaluate performance of the hierarchical procedure. For example, the Bonferroni correction is generally conservative.Given our findings, it seems important to always perform pairwise group comparisons, regardless of the significance status of the omnibus test and report findings based on such group comparisons.

      Post hoc not significant when omnibus test is significant.

    1. We are like someone who knows that a fever, a cough, and loss of smell are all symptoms of something, but has no idea about the virus that causes them.

      Metaphor to illustrate that we don't know the cause of depression.

    1. But isolation plus public shaming plus loss of income are severe sanctions for adults, with long-term personal and psychological repercussions—especially because the “sentences” in these cases are of indeterminate length.

      Putting people beyond the pale creates isolation, public shaming, loss of income, loss of profession, and sometimes loss of personal identity and psychological worth. The most insidious problem of all is the indeterminate length of the "sentence".

      For wealthy people like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and Kevin Spacey, they're heavily insulated by the fact that at least they've got amassed wealth which mitigates some of these issues. In these cases the decades of extracting wealth through privilege gives them an unfair advantage.

      There are now apparently enough cases of this happening, it would be interesting to watch the long term psychological effects of this group to see if these situations statistically effects their longevity or if there are multi-generational knock on effects as have been seen in Holocaust survivors or those freed from slavery.

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    1. Simple Tips to increase Your Blog Traffic with Guest Post Service

      Ask any guest post services, and they'll have many recommendations on the thanks to increase your blog traffic. relying on your niche, they might suggest anything from holding a contest to happening an aggressive guest post campaign. While these could even be effective ways to urge traffic, it's best to start out with the basics . Here are three simple tips to help you to urge more blog traffic.

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      Write more often. In simplest terms, the more posts your blog has, the more traffic you'll expect to receive. Each post should appear in program rankings for various terms, therefore the more posts you'll write, the broader a net you'll cast over the keywords related to your subject. If you merely write once or twice a month, you're not doing much to increase your traffic.

      For best results, you need to plan to post to your blog the utmost amount as possible; a minimum of once or twice per week is true . Your posts should be written around information people try to seek out on your topic; using keyword research tools can assist you identify what keywords people are using to seem . Posts of 350 words or more are usually easier to rank for his or her given keywords.

      Promote your blog. This is often one area where it doesn't pay to be shy. If you'd wish to receive more blog traffic, people got to know you exist! Speak up for yourself and permit them to understand you're out there. Place links to your site in your signature on forums you're active in, especially people that are related to your blog's topic. distribute flyers or business cards, or start a bit of writing marketing campaign. Write up articles on topics related to your blog's subject, to means to readers that you simply simply know your stuff. Place links to your site at the highest , and invite readers to return read more about your subject.

      In some cases, there is a fine line between ethically promoting yourself and coming off as a spammer. While spamming won't necessarily cost you blog traffic, it can impact how readers see you. If your site is supposed to means you as an authority on a selected subject, it's probably not worth risking your reputation for a few of additional clicks onto your site.

      Network. Another important component of promoting your blog is networking. Not only does one need to network with other bloggers, but also with people interested by your material. Use social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter to hunt out like-minded folks that might be interested by your site. Try making some YouTube videos about your subject, and post links to your blog within the sidebar.

      Visiting other blogs can also help boost your blog traffic. Leaving comments on other sites will show readers your expertise, and may often give them the way to click back to your blog. Guest Post on more successful blogs related to your niche is additionally a superb because of getting swells of traffic from other blogs.

    1. It’s a familiar trick in the privatisation-happy US – like, say, underfunding public education and then criticising the institution for struggling.

      This same thing is being seen in the U.S. Post Office now too. Underfund it into failure rather than provide a public good.

      Capitalism definitely hasn't solved the issue, and certainly without government regulation. See also the last mile problem for internet service, telephone service, and cable service.

      UPS and FedEx apparently rely on the USPS for last mile delivery in remote areas. (Source for this?)

      The poor and the remote are inordinately effected in almost all these cases. What other things do these examples have in common? How can we compare and contrast the public service/government versions with the private capitalistic ones to make the issues more apparent. Which might be the better solution: capitalism with tight government regulation to ensure service at the low end or a government monopoly of the area? or something in between?

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    1. My surprise that no one is insulted by this is quickly overtaken by surprise that Venmo is condoning alcohol consumption among kindergarteners, the only group in America who is routinely asked, with educational toys like Leapfrog, to match short words with pictures.

      I appreciate what Barron is getting at here but I think he's taking an extremely contrarian stance to get at his point. Obviously Venmo is not condoning childhood alcohol consumption - a better and more nuanced take (which he alludes to elsewhere in the article) is that the conditions of modern life have prolonged adolescence for millennials (and generation z) - the traditional signifiers of adulthood are gone and the aesthetics of contemporary corporate app and internet design have adjusted to reflect this shift.

  16. Mar 2021
    1. After we posted our initial exchange, and posited our formative thoughts about openness and politics, we could not have anticipated – much less controlled – who would join as reader or conversant, what they would contribute as an annotator, and how we would subsequently react.

      Not to mention the fact that the experiment will continue on into the future past the official publication.

    1. Yes, but honestly, and no offense intended, but I don't see the harm in these type questions, nor why some people are offended when they are asked. If I owed a website, I wouldn't mind it because it just creates more pages that can be indexed. I see it as helping the website. But, I did look and didn't see a simple answer. Again, no offense is intended. I've just never understood the complaints.
  17. Feb 2021
    1. David Dye. (2021, January 26). So if you work somewhere already like this maybe suggest how to really run a WFH/mobile collaboration uni, and how we re-tool the physical meeting place we then in light of that? Maybe the philosophers already know this?? [Tweet]. @DavidDye9. https://twitter.com/DavidDye9/status/1354176181042556929

  18. Jan 2021
    1. An autobiographical understanding seems to create a mine-ness to our reasons: we don’t just act on reason; we act for reasons that are ours, because we have the possibility of authoring the biographical story through which we act.
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    1. Landi, F., Marzetti, E., Sanguinetti, M., Ciciarello, F., Tritto, M., Benvenuto, F., Bramato, G., Brandi, V., Carfì, A., D’Angelo, E., Fusco, D., Lo Monaco, M. R., Martone, A. M., Pagano, F., Rocchi, S., Rota, E., Russo, A., Salerno, A., Cattani, P., … Bernabei, on behalf of the G. A. C.-19 G. T. (n.d.). Should face masks be worn to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the postlockdown phase? Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. https://doi.org/10.1093/trstmh/traa085

    1. Post Kinds consists of a few elements A URL parser that takes an input URL and tries to extract it into structured data Enhancements to the Post Editor to add additional structured data to the post object A Taxonomy that takes that structured data and classifies it and dictates behavior A rendering piece that takes the structured data stored in post meta and displays it using templates that can be overridden in the theme by including them in a subdirectory called kind_views

      This is a great short description from a WordPress developer perspective of what the Post Kinds Plugin does

    1. I read this post and wonder why Gutenberg doesn't solve the problem by allowing a theme to target all of these options, even when multiple post formats are used in the same post?

      Post Kinds is a great example of extending Post Formats, but it needs to be dovetailed into the Gutenberg way of doing things.

    1. As programmers, we’re kind of inherently built to want the ABSOLUTE BEST HIGHEST FIDELITY FORMATS OF ALL TIME. Like dammit, I need the timestamp down to the micromillinanosecond for every cheeseburger that gets added to my bespoke Watch-The-BK-Throne app. If I do not have this exact knowledge to the millisecond of when I consumed this BBQ Bacon WHOPPER® Sandwich From Burger King® I may die.

      I totally want this as a Post Kind on my website now!

    1. Although I'm starting to regret even posting this because I feel like it cheapens what we've accomplished.
    2. But I suppose it comes with the territory when I consider even publishing an article like this. I was sitting on this one for weeks and wasn't sure I was going to publish it until I found myself trying to defend why I didn't just give up before I started.
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    1. Balla-Elliott, D., Cullen, Z. B., Glaeser, E. L., Luca, M., & Stanton, C. T. (2020). Business Reopening Decisions and Demand Forecasts During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Working Paper No. 27362; Working Paper Series). National Bureau of Economic Research. https://doi.org/10.3386/w27362

  23. Jul 2020