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  1. Apr 2021
    1. because the public’s perception of the goodness or evil of a Silicon Valley company often hinges on the design of the company’s apps.

      This is one of the core points Barron is making in the article - the cutesy design choices these companies make are not a whimsical design decision made off the cuff, but the end result of many deliberate UI and UX choices to shore up their image, which helps to counteract against any negative press they might receive.

  2. Mar 2021
    1. It’s the usual Silicon Valley sleight-of-hand move, very similar to Uber reps claiming drivers aren’t “core” to their business. I’m sure Substack is paying a writer right now to come up with a catchy way of saying that Substack doesn’t pay writers.
  3. Feb 2021
    1. Une situation potentiellementdestructrice, mais toujours sourcede rassemblements et deredéfinition des liens avec lesautres.»

      L'auteur considère que l'épreuve du deuil des adolescents est "toujours" source pour eux d'envie de se confier à leurs amis de confiance et de valoriser leurs relations.

  4. Dec 2020
    1. Brebeuf commenced his letter when he described the conversion , baptism, and happy death of some Hurons. At a council of the Huron chiefs, Brébeuf produces letters from Champlain and Duplessis-Bochart, who exhort the tribesmen to follow the teaching of the missionaries. The Hurons are in constant dread of hostile incursions from the Iroquois. In August, Mercier and Pijart arrive from Quebec. Brébeuf recounts the many perils of the journey hither, and the annoyances and dangers to which apostles of the faith are continually exposed among the savages. But he offers much encouragement. Brébeuf closes his account with an expression of much hope for the future success of their labors. Mingled, however, with fear lest these savage neophytes may grow restive when placed under greater restrictions on their moral and social conduct, than have thus far seemed advisable to the cautious missionaries.

  5. Aug 2020
  6. Jul 2020
    1. PRs are now playing the news industry at its own game. They are discovering how to work around journalists, getting their own slickly produced stories, videos and graphics straight to their target audiences – often with the help of the very news organisations they are subverting.
    2. “[PR] agencies are now employing many more former journalists,” says Steve Barrett, editor of PR Week. “There are lots of refugees out there, really top-quality journalists who have gone into PR in a very specific way.”
    3. Employment in US newsrooms has fallen by a third since 2006, according to the American Society of News Editors, but PR is growing. Global PR revenues increased 11 per cent last year to almost $12.5bn, according to an industry study entitled The Holmes Report. For every working journalist in America, there are now 4.6 PR people, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, up from 3.2 a decade ago. And those journalists earn on average 65 per cent of what their PR peers are paid.
    1. Stalking Cat is open to the idea of a relationship, especially with a cat girl by far, which may exist but they haven't met them. It requires a very deep bond, and it's difficult to deny that bond to a given animal, so I imagine it might be difficult to sustain a non cat-cat relationship.

      There's also the issue of not having enough time to sustain a relationship, as much time is spent pursuing body modifications.

    1. Balancing out difficulties with human communication, Grandin has recently popular- ized the notion that ASDs can produce a special understanding of animal consciousness and contribute to enhanced interspecies communication.

      Those with Autism Spectrum Disorders can logically break down human interaction, but are woefully unable to replicate it in the moment. This can also be applied to interspecies interactions.

  7. May 2020
  8. Mar 2019
    1. The European Unionhad filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) about China’s practices of forcing technology transfer as a condition of market access. Under WTO rules, countries may impose tariffs on subsidized goods from overseas that harm domestic industries

      Italy joined Belt and Road Initiative in March 2019.

  9. Feb 2019
  10. Mar 2018
    1. Then, as now, the most reliable path to a progressive politics that produces true justice and human rights is that which begins with building the political power of workers. It is this proposition that has often made elite opponents of white supremacy — both black and white — deeply uncomfortable.

      Antiracism and procapitalism

  11. Nov 2017
    1. Show


      Over the last several decades of the 20th century, the United States and Cambodia established, broke off, and reestablished relations as a result of armed conflict and government changes in Cambodia. Full diplomatic relations were established after the freely elected Royal Government of Cambodia was formed in 1993. President Obama became the first incumbent President to visit the country during the November 2012 East Asia Summit. The United States is working with Cambodia to further develop its democratic institutions and promote respect for human rights. The two countries also are striving to increase trade and address challenges from promoting regional security to expanding global health and development. The United States also supports efforts in Cambodia to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, improve nutrition for children, eliminate human trafficking and corruption, address environmental degradation, better manage natural resources, foster economic development, achieve the fullest possible accounting for Americans missing from the Indochina conflict in the 1960s and 1970s, and to bring to justice those most responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law committed under the 1975-79 Khmer Rouge regime.

    1. The considerations which have governed the specification of languages to be taught by the professor of Modern Languages were that the French is the language of general intercourse among nations, and as a depository of human Science is unsurpassed by any other language living or dead:

      Thomas Jefferson had an appreciation for French language, as can be seen in his words to Dugald Stewart, "the French language is unquestionably an important object of education." Jefferson had been in France during the first portion of the French Revolution and when serving as U.S. Secretary of State became the leader of the pro-French Democratic-Republican Party. https://history.state.gov/milestones/1784-1800/french-rev https://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/french-language

    1. US-Cambodian diplomatic relations were first established in 1950. Looking back over the past sixty years, the US-Cambodia relationship can generally be characterized as a relationship with high degrees of fluctuation. In the early years, the United States provided Cambodia assistance with development projects including the construction of a highway connecting Phnom Penh to the port of Sihanoukville

      Eve Cambodia went though the hard time that effected from Vietnam War. US still keep her roll of supportive for Cambodia as well as president Lon Nol and present prime minister.

    1. The US Justice Dept. "has identified more than six members of the Russian government" involved in hacking the DNC. Arrests and prosecutions are unlikely, but they have made a habit of filing charges as a way of discouraging foreign hackers.

  12. Oct 2017
    1. ... "Frontline" will give consumers not just a story via a two-part documentary on Vladimir Putin, "Putin's Revenge," which begins tonight and looks at the evolution of his thinking about, and animus toward, the United States.

      At 10 p.m., it will post online virtually every bit of all its interviews, or 70 hours of 56 interviews. They're with figures big and small, ranging from former big-time U.S. intelligence officials such as James Clapper and John Brennan to Putin confidantes, journalists, policy experts and others whom you don't know but have a lot to say on this important and ambiguous topic.

      Both the video and transcripts will be easily searchable and annotated right here.


    1. Military Industrial Complex:

      1. Eisenhower has seen the consequences of this intersection of military power and his own "new look" policy

      Presidential speeches can be measured by how long we talk about them. Still one of the most referenced presidential speeches ever given.

      IRAN — Mohammed Mossafegh (1951–1954)

      • First military Coup during CIA golden age
      • US tells Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1941–1979) that they will take over the country unless he overthrows Mossafegh.
      • For 20+ years we supported a dictator who murdered his own people
      • Any nation state has the option to buy out foreign companies

      Guatemala — Jacobo Arbenz Guzman (1951–1954)

      • Democratically elected leader, called for Progressive Reform (second President to do so)
      • Nationalizing land (US decided it looked like Communism)
      • Guzman runs into problems with the United Fruit Company, who had been cheating on their taxes, undervaluing their land prices. Government seeks to purchase land to nationalize it, and wants to buy it for the price that the UFC valued their land for.
      • UFC and US Government set up a military Coup. Using radio broadcast propaganda, pretending that an army is ravaging the countryside. Guzman believes the propaganda and flees. We set up a dictator.
    1. n. Women countered some of the denigrating attitudes expressed toward them by males and asserted positive self-images. The local folklore, to which females as well as males contributed, stresses the importance of women, their indispensable role, and their ability to get their way.76
    2. ven Christians and Jews shared these practices and enforced them.6
    3. Far more basic and important than the distinction between slave and freeman was that between male and femal
  13. Sep 2017
      1. Talking about these lands as depopulated — size comparisons downplay population
      2. Uplifting Disney music. Contrasting the old with the "modern" new 3. Rural natives — "Cling to their primitive ways" within the "confines of their small world"
      3. Audience: Americans, middle-class men 5. Primary consumers of videos like this: middle-class, business-men in the United States. Looking to invest in businesses in Central America. Sex tourism is also huge.
      4. Gender — Showing a lot of women, exotic. Don't see men represented because your audience is male.
    1. : Trump's 2017 U.N. speech trans

      Advocates for strong nation states as a way to elevate the human conditions. Argues that the UN post-WWII has been continually rigged against America. Smaller nations have broken the international system.

      • Uses the word "sovereignty" 22 times — Voyant textual analysis.
      • Nationalist document.
    1. Advocates for strong nation states as a way to elevate the human conditions. Argues that the UN post-WWII has been continually rigged against America. Smaller nations have broken the international system.

      • Uses the word "sovereignty" 22 times — Voyant textual analysis.
      • Nationalist document.
    1. Calling people out using the constructionist ideals — The American government is not living up to their high ideals.

      Poetry as a way to express frustration when there is no way to go up against actual US military power. A weapon of the weak; a powerful message.

    1. This document informs the way Americans have seen themselves since the beginning of the twentieth century.

      Interventions are presented as idealistically noble and undeniably moralistic. Instead of recognizing the complexities and consequences of intervention, we continue to propagate intervention as an ideological imperative

      We take on the domestic issues of other nations without being invited to take part. We identify as the prevailer of freedom and democracy when these are just ideals that we aspire to, sometimes missing the mark just as terribly as the nations we seek to guide and coerce.

    1. Although the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 was essentially passive (it asked that Europeans not increase their influence or recolonize any part of the Western Hemisphere), by the 20th century a more confident United States was willing to take on the role of regional policeman.

      While the Monroe Doctrine has been around since 1823, it was unenforceable. Now America can back up their assertions.

  14. Jul 2017
    1. James Kirchick says Democrats need to acknowledge that the Obama administration was far too soft on Russia. As it is, their concern over Russian interference in the 2016 election looks partisan.

  15. Jun 2017
  16. May 2017
    1. North Korea may be determined to build nuclear weapons capable of deterring an attack from the US. They may also hope to coerce South Korea into a union on their terms. Maybe worse -- if they have the technology to strike the US, they can sell that technology.

  17. Apr 2017
    1. The president of the European parliament has said Britain would be welcomed back with open arms if voters changed their minds about Brexit on 8 June, challenging Theresa May’s claim that “there is no turning back” after article 50.

    1. The U.S. Navy strike force that was supposedly racing to North Korea won't be there until sometime next week.

      White House officials said on Tuesday they were relying on guidance from the Defense Department. Officials there described a glitch-ridden sequence of events, from a premature announcement of the deployment by the military’s Pacific Command to an erroneous explanation by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis — all of which perpetuated the false narrative that an American armada was racing toward the waters off North Korea.


      The Carl Vinson is now on a northerly course for the Korean Peninsula and is expected to arrive in the region sometime next week, Defense Department officials said. The White House declined to comment on the misunderstanding, referring all questions to the Pentagon. “Sean discussed it once when asked, and it was all about process,” said a spokesman, Michael Short.

    1. (2) The board of a public post-secondary institution other than Banff Centre may, after consultation with the academic staff association of the public post-secondary institution, do one or more of the following: (a) designate categories of employees as academic staff members of the public post-secondary institution; (b) designate individual employees as academic staff members of the public post-secondary institution; (c) change a designation made under clause (a) or (b) or under section 5(2) or 42(2).

      Replaced with LRC language

    2. (2)

      Section 58.6 of the LRA is introduced here now. Introduces duty to consult about designation

    1. A party to an agreement affected by this section may apply to the Board for a determination respecting the application of this section, and the Board’s decision is final and binding

      Can take interpretation of extension and arbitration provisions to LRB

    2. For greater certainty, nothing in this section prevents the parties from referring matters in dispute to voluntary arbitration under section 93.

      We can decide to agree to arbitration

    3. An agreement under section 87 or 96 of the Post-secondary Learning Act that operates for an unspecified term is deemed, despite section 129 of this Act, to provide for its operation for a term of 3 years beginning on the date the Bill to enact An Act to Enhance Post-secondary Academic Bargaining receives Royal Assent or for a shorter period agreed on by the parties.

      Our handbook is probably has three years from date of royal assent if we want.

      Unspecified agreements can go for another three years from royal assent

    4. Effective on the day on which the Bill to enact An Act to Enhance Post-secondary Academic Bargaining receives first reading, a provision in an agreement under section 87 or 96 of the Post-secondary Learning Act that requires disputes that arise during the negotiation of a future agreement to be resolved by binding arbitration is unenforceable.

      Arbitration language is now unenforceable

    5. A person or bargaining agent affected by a designation or change in designation made under section 5(2), 42(2) or 60(2) of the Post-secondary Learning Act, or a failure to designate, may apply to the Labour Relations Board to decide whether a category of employees or individual employees are academic staff members.

      We can appeal designation issues, including previous ones

    6. This section applies whether a designation or change in designation or a failure to designate by the board of governors occurred before or after the coming into force of this section

      Can appeal retroactively

    7. (2) The academic staff association of a public post-secondary institution is deemed to be a trade union for the purposes of acting as bargaining agent for the public post-secondary institution’s academic staff members.

      Faculty Associations are deemed trade unions

    8. Application

      These divisions are:

      • Employers’ Organizations
      • Certification
      • Voluntary recognition
      • Modification of bargaining rights
      • Revocation of bargaining rights
      • General provisions on Certification and voluntary recognition
      • Health, welfare and pension trusts



  18. Mar 2017
  19. Jan 2017
    1. relation

      I think relations end up being a big part of the show for Hume. There is an important distinction between something like relativism and relationalism. See kpolizzi's annotation of Hume's use of catholic.

    2. prejudice

      What's perhaps unusual here is that prejudice is the lack of externalities rather than the removal of them.

    3. being found incompatible

      His use of incompatible here is fantastic in light of his emphasis upon relations throughout. Rhetoric as compatibility?

    4. man in a fever would not ""-~3 insist on his palate as able to decide concerning -.+,. fl~vours

      A very crucial point here: judgment and discernment are themselves relational and contextual.

      That said, we would be wise to keep in mind the Lemos piece on norms and normalcy (as it bears upon bodies) as we read the rest of this paragraph.

    1. mixed modes,

      "Mixed modes" comes up quite a few times throughout this excerpt, so I went looking for a definition...

      Here's a breakdown of "complex ideas" that might be helpful with some of the terminology used throughout this excerpt (modes, substances, and relations).

      Also, when I got to Book III, 18-20, I kind of wished those were earlier. They give a quick (and maybe useful?) explanation of simple ideas, simple modes, mixed modes, and substances.

    1. It’s also important to acknowledge that a more isolated, more nationalist America helps Putin in his objectives even while it compromises our own. We need to accept that America was part of, and needs to be part of, a global system — and that this system is better, cheaper, and more powerful than any imagined alternatives. For many years, the United States has been the steel in the framework that holds everything together; this is what we mean by ‘world order’ and ‘security architecture,’ two concepts that few politicians try to discuss seriously with the electorate.

  20. Dec 2016
  21. Oct 2016