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  1. Dec 2020
    1. Egypt’s public prosecution has officially closed its investigation into the murder of Giulio Regeni, rejecting Italian prosecutors’ findings that accused four Egyptian security officials of kidnapping and torturing the Italian doctoral student in 2016.
  2. Jun 2020
    1. Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?

      Great article. Great writer.

    1. Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow


    2. Papert was working with [Marvin] Minsky at MIT

      Ah ha!

    3. There’s like, what happened after a few hundred years of the Romans importing Greeks to do their thinking for them. It’s like a thousand years of nothing.


    4. Neil Postman


    5. AK: Yeah. We can eliminate the learning curve for reading by getting rid of reading and going to recordings. That’s basically what they’re doing: Basically, let’s revert back to a pre-tool time.

      Podcasts, Ebooks

    6. Do you know how to do an undo on an iPhone? Let me ask you that question. I’ll just test you out a little. Suppose you do something on the iPhone and you don’t like it, how do you undo it?FC: Unless you’re within an application, then … I don’t know.AK: So, in theory, you’re supposed to shake the iPhone and that means undo. Did you ever, did anybody ever tell you that? It’s not on the website. It turns out almost no app responds to a shake. And there’s no other provision. In fact, you can’t even find out how to use the iPhone on the iPhone. You ever notice that?

      Absolutely. Absolutely stupid.

    7. The connection between Montessori, MacLuhan and Papert is worth exploring.

    8. For instance, I got into thinking about personal computing from a child’s point of view, because of an encounter with Seymour Papert, the Logo [programming language] guy in the ’60s. I had heard about him, went to visit him in ’68. I read all his stuff. Papert was a mathematician. I have a degree in math and I could see what he was doing. It was like, “Holy shit. This is the best idea anybody’s ever had.” It was profound.

      Time to resurrect Seymour Papert and Logo.

    9. Human Universals

      Donald Brown

    1. So, what is a stringout?  Simply put, a stringout is a sequence of shots that a Story Producer assembles and gives to an Editor to serve two purposes; 1) to give the Editor a “head start” on getting through the raw material that has been shot, and, 2) to give the Editor a “road map” on what the story of a specific scene should be. 

      String out.

    2. What’s a string out?

  3. May 2020
    1. etting hold of the right papers was also complicated. One of the first requirements was a valid passport. However, from 25 November 1941, Germany collectively stripped all German Jews living outside the territory of their nationality, insofar as they had not yet been individually “ausgebürgert”. Although there were diplomats in Europe who could provide stateless people with emergency passports, this measure seriously complicated the emigration process.

      from 25 November 1941

    1. Facebook began as a (horny) web scraping project, as did Google and all other search engines.

      Facebook... errrr.

    2. Scrapism

      Trying to understand how to scrape data (damn I hate that phrase... it makes me thinnk of some kind of test for colon cancer or something). This pertains to #clubcovid.