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    1. Throughput in Planned vs Unplanned Work: The graph to the left is even more interesting as it contains the initial hints at what’s actually happening. That graph measures throughput with an emphasize on unplanned work. Now, what’s unplanned work? Typically, everything related to features or improvements is planned, whereas bugs, re-work, and service interruptions are unplanned. Let’s see why unplanned work is relevant.

      [[throughput]] - [[planned work]] [[unplanned work]] - what things fall under planned and unplanned, and how are they impacting things?

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    1. Currently, each of the four pairs has a capacity of 10 terabits per second (Tbps), amounting to a total of 40Tbps on the TGN-A cable. At the time, a figure of 8Tbps was the current lit capacity on this Tata network cable.

      Yet still, us end-users are getting data capped! How would you argue against this affirmation now, Virgin & Verizon, huh?!