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  1. Jul 2019
    1. What Can Melbourne Wedding Photography Experts be Able to Offer?

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    6. Best Melbourne Wedding Photography Offer by Tree Studio

      Wedding is the most important part of the romantic life

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  2. Feb 2019
    1. Extension of existing photographic techniques to give each individual a continuously available miniature camera for recording anything

      A mobile phone. A tool to make any of us become a reporter anywhere.

    2. This supplemented the individual's memory and ability to visualize. (We are not concerned here with the value derived from human cooperation made possible by speech and writing, both forms of external symbol manipulation. We speak of the manual means of making graphical representations of symbols—

      The expression "manual means of making graphical representation" makes me think of photography as a memory aid or augmenting tool. Although, of course, it would not necessarily refer to a symbolic portrayal.

      Interestingly, neuroscience today affirms our memory is far from a simple pointing to the past function, but it actually alters or edits the memory itself each time we go back to it and probably the subject who remembers changes in the process. Could that be an example of how technological aids can augment our brain processing of memories?

      I have recently explored this idea on my blog in a post called As We May Remember (a wink to the Vannebar Bush essay) http://eltnotes.blogspot.com/2019/02/as-we-may-remember.html

  3. Jan 2019
  4. Jul 2018
    1. We decided to use photography as a centerpiece of the new program. Photography emerged as the medium of choice because it:

      using photography in nature (a form of technology) to enhance learning science curriculum

  5. Mar 2018
  6. Jan 2018
    1. use of dark backgrounds

      I was taught this by a pro photographer when shooting a subject, even when the background is not focussed, it helps to consider framing it so there is a dark, non distracting background. It takes some practice to think of both the subject and how what behind them will affect an image.

      In this one, I wanted the dying sunflower frames against the lighter blue sky, it would have been lost, or even created a sense of distraction, with the darker trees behind it.

  7. Jun 2017
    1. In January 2018, the World Press Photo Foundation, in association with Newcastle University’s Open Lab, University of California Irvine and ArtEZ in the Netherlands will launch Talking Pictures, an open course in critical visual storytelling.

  8. Mar 2017
  9. Feb 2017
    1. Try to get a Ralph Gibson neg expose tri-x at E.I. 200 and overdevelop the neg if I remember correctly something along the lines of 11mins in Rodinal 1:25 20°C

      Normal Tri-X at ISO 200 in Rodinal takes 7 minutes according to the massive dev chart, 11 minutes is an increase in 57%.

    1. The negative I used was developed in Rodinal 1+25 for 16 minutes at 20*C and has still provided fairly soft tone gradation despite extended development.

      As mentioned further down:

      She simply set her spotmeter to the recommended ISO rating and placed the black ball of wool in the basket onto zone 3. Additional exposure was then given for the bellows extension factor. The recommended development time for Rodinal diluted 1+25 was 8 minutes, so that time was doubled

      Seems to be that exposing FP4+ at box speed and then doubling the development time can lead to adequate negatives for salt printing.

    1. advanced photography which can record what is seen or even what is not

      I realize this isn't contemporary but Bush's allusion to photography revealing the unseen made me think of this early meme:

  10. Jun 2016
    1. Produce your second DS106 Daily Create

      Another daily create, # 2 for this week. A little homage to the man that made animation possible, and changed photography- Edweard Muybridge! I used IMovie to bring his stills back to life with none other than Mr. Cash's 'walk the line'. https://youtu.be/5uuRMABElxk

      More about Muybridge: http://www.biography.com/people/eadweard-muybridge-9419513