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  1. Nov 2021
    1. Harmonized Dataset 1992-2019

      Data from all currently available waves (1992-2019) were recently harmonized into a single dataset.

  2. Sep 2020
  3. Jun 2020
    1. What privacy and security measures do you have on the platform?

      Privacy statement - not so helpful

    2. What languages can be transcribed?

      Transcription Languages

  4. Apr 2020
    1. Long-Term Care Outbreaks

      Long-Term Care Outbreaks. Can't find an official spot showing this information on the AB Health website.

  5. Feb 2020
  6. Dec 2019
  7. Nov 2019
  8. taylorinstitute.ucalgary.ca taylorinstitute.ucalgary.ca
    1. hiring a transcriptionist (see here for a recommended transcription site), and

      Recommended by TI

  9. Aug 2019
  10. Jun 2019
    1. Framinggenocide in Canada as an unlawful act of thestate spanning decades and composedof numerous distinct acts and omissions which, in aggregate, violate the internationalprohibition against genocide allowsusto understand its true nature without theentanglement caused by aninappropriate “copy and paste” of the logic pertaining toindividual criminal liability and to Holocaust-typesof genocides.

      I think this sentence says it all

  11. Apr 2019
  12. Nov 2018
  13. Oct 2018
    1. RA 21: What are you doing to protect your patrons?

      More thoughts for Doug and Justin

  14. Aug 2018
    1. Close to 16% of Canadians report using cannabis in the past three months

      THIS will be interesting to watch over the next several quarters!

  15. Jul 2018
    1. Solution 7 – Press the Esc key Many users reported that they managed to solve left mouse button drag problems simply by pressing the Esc key. This is an unusual solution, but it works according to users. If your mouse won’t drag, simply press the Esc key and the problem should be resolved. Several users reported that this solution solved the problem for them, so be sure to try it out.

      Well that was weird, but this worked for me!

  16. May 2018
    1. The crime map is back, and pointing to the Open Data portal

  17. Apr 2018
    1. For the past few months I’ve been working on setting up a few endowments for students in the Faculty of Native Studies here at the University of Alberta.

      An excellent cause!

  18. Mar 2018
    1. INFORMATION: Invitation to Sealed Bid on Library Bookmobile

      So tempting!




  19. Feb 2018
    1. Our crime mapping application is undergoing maintenance and is not currently available

      Checked on Feb 21, 2018

  20. Jan 2018
    1. 9. Does Editors Canada have a code of ethics? No. Editors Canada does not have a code of ethics, but it has adopted general principles of professional editing. You can download Professional Editorial Standards from  Editors Canada for a list of these principles.

      Not having a code of ethics seems to be a big miss!

    1. list of nominees for Best Film Editing will quickly change your mind: Barbara McLean. Margaret Booth. Dorothy Spencer. Monica Collingwood. Adrienne Fazan. Alma Macrorie. Viola Lawrence. Anne V. Coates. Thelma Schoonmaker (rings a bell?). Verna Fields. Marcia Lucas. Dede Allen. Lisa Fruchtman. Nena Danevic. Susan E. Morse. Claire Simpson. Susan E. Morse. Gabriella Cristiani. Geraldine Peroni. Veronika Jenet. Sally Menke. Simona Paggi. Lisa Zeno Churgin. Jill Bilcock. Clare Douglas. Juliette Welfling. Pamela Martin. Anne-Sophie Bion. Sandra Adair.
    1. This painting was originally created in the 1930s for the teashop 'Pooh Corner' in Bristol

      This painting was originally created in the 1930s for the teashop 'Pooh Corner' in Bristol


    1. The biggest regret in EH Shepard's life was agreeing to illustrate Winnie the Pooh for AA Milne, as it resulted in the bulk of his work, even during his lifetime, being completely overshadowed.

      The biggest regret in EH Shepard's life was agreeing to illustrate Winnie the Pooh for AA Milne, as it resulted in the bulk of his work, even during his lifetime, being completely overshadowed.


    1. LEZ_Boundary_20071113_tab_shape.zip

      Low Emission Zone

    1. Near Lock is free in the Apple App Store, but a $3.99 in-app purchase to unlock Pro Mode is required to access all the features.

      Might not be working with all the recent os updates...

    1. Instead precise quotation should be realized in the following way. If author A wants to specifically cite a particular piece of author B’s work, then A must quote a minimum five or six word phrase in their main text that is distinctive to the passage being cited. A reader following the digital trail then clicks on A’s URL link to B’s text, crosses to it and from the top of B’s text uses Ctrl+F plus the quote text to find the exact passage involved.10. In practice this means that we must completely abandon the familiar but vague style of reference where an author summarizes and cites a text, without specifically quoting from it. Without page numbers we can only cite like this:‘Shifting functions from the government sector to off-budget bodies has been a core element in new public management (NPM) approaches (Dunleavy and Margetts, 2013)’.But we achieve precision by instead including a findable and distinctive short quote:‘Margetts and Dunleavy (2013) consider “externalizing services from the government sector to off-budget bodies” as a core element in new public management (NPM) approaches’.

      Woah, meta! Hypothesis can fix this problem perfectly! :-)

  21. Jul 2016
  22. May 2016
    1. This publisher has been dropped from the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) due to "Suspected editorial misconduct by publisher". See also https://scholarlyoa.com/2012/07/21/a-vanity-scholarly-press-from-quebec/ and http://recursed.blogspot.ca/2014/02/bogus-editors-for-bogus-journal.html

  23. Apr 2016
  24. Dec 2015
    1. Otherwise you'll get a preview just fine in the Expression Editor, BUT no data shown in the Refine cells when you apply it!

      No kidding - wish I'd seen this a couple of hours ago!