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    1. Nonetheless, works of popular fiction appeared, the first, a pamphletin 1709 under the title The Life and Adventures of Capt. John Avery;the Famous English Pirate, Now in Possession of Madagascar, byAdrian van Broeck.
    2. One of the first writers to take up the cause ofthe new pirate state was a young Daniel Defoe, who in 1707published in his journal Review an elaborate case for recognizingAvery’s kingdom:

      Was this the same broadside mentioned earlier that others of the time were reading?

      What is the specific reference?

    3. he British government duly declared Avery an “enemyof all mankind” and an international manhunt was announced—theworld’s first.
    4. blasphemy, and the systematic rejection of religion, was anothermatter.

      Recall both the seriousness and the violence and cruelty of the Salem witch trials which were roughly contemporaneous.

    5. Perhaps the best that could be said of them is that theirbrutality was in no way unusual by the standards of their time, buttheir democratic practices were almost completely unprecedented.

      If the theory in Colin Woodard's American Nations is applicable here, where would these pirates/proto-democratic practitioners have gotten their ideals from to have infected the larger group? What did their social networks look like such that they evolved this way? Was there some common source (written/oral) that they may have used 20-50 years earlier that created their own generation?

  2. Jan 2023
    1. contractual relations of individual and collectivity (in the formof written ship’s articles specifying shares of booty and ratesof compensation for on-the-job injury

      Pirate ships as forms of political organization and collective action!

    2. Defoe was writing a broadside in England

      which work is this exactly?

    3. Captain Johnson’s A GeneralHistory of the Pyrates in 1724

      According to Rodney Blaine, this book was possibly written by Daniel Dafoe.

      Baine, Rodney M. (1972). "Daniel Defoe and Captain Caneton's Memoirs of an English Officer". Texas Studies in Literature and Language. 13 (4): 613–627. JSTOR 40755201

      See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Defoe

    4. stories about pirate utopias

      Not a pirate utopia, per se, but Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island was serialized in 1881-82 and published as a book in 1883.

    5. the story of the greatutopian experiment of Libertalia, a story also set in Madagascar,which appears in a chapter of a certain Captain Johnson’s A GeneralHistory of the Pyrates in 1724.
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    1. And among the Malay pirates

      The Malaysian archipelago was a major center of the spice trade and maritime commerce with Europe. Its takeover, first by Portugal in 1511, then by the Dutch East India Company in the mid-16th century, and followed by British colonization at the end of the 18th century, further complicated the diverse socioeconomic and cultural conditions that develop in the midst of international trade. Then as now, the flow of capital and goods made piracy a lucrative, albeit dangerous, activity. For more information see The Maritime Heritage Project.