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  1. Mar 2024
    1. To emphasize that “free software” refers to freedom and not to price, we sometimes write or say “free (libre) software,” adding the French or Spanish word that means free in the sense of freedom. In some contexts, it works to use just “libre software.”

      My second language is Spanish, and I understand quite well what 'Libre' means. In my view, there's no real difference between FLOSS and FOSS, since 'Free' translates to 'Libre'. However, when 'Free' pertains solely to 'price', it's more accurate to use 'Gratis', which means 'No Cost'.

      Additionally, considering that words can have multiple meanings in English as well, I question the necessity of incorporating an 'L' from another language into an English acronym. Instead of complicating the acronym, I believe in giving a clear explanation.