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  1. Dec 2023
    1. Untangling Threads by Erin Kissane on 2023-12-21

      This immediately brings up the questions of how the following - founder effects and being overwhelmed by the scale of an eternal September - communism of community interactions being subverted bent for the purposes of (surveillance) capitalism (see @Graeber2011, Debt)

  2. Oct 2023
  3. Jul 2023
    1. As Threads "soars", Bluesky and Mastodon are adopting algorithmic feeds. (Tech Crunch) You will eat the bugs. You will live in the pod. You will read what we tell you. You will own nothing and we don't much care if you are happy.

      Applying the WEF meme about pods and bugs to Threads inspiring Bluesky and one Mastodon app to push algorithmic feeds.

    1. "After years of research, our engineers have created a revolution in social media technology: a Twitter clone on Instagram that offers the absolute worst of both worlds," said a VR headset-wearing Zuckerberg in an address to dozens of friends in the Metaverse. "At long last, you can read caustic hot takes written by talentless idiots, while still enjoying oppressive censorship and sepia-toned thirst traps from yoga pants models with obnoxious lip injections. You're welcome!"

      Babylon Bee article with made up Mark Zuckerberg quote touting the virtues of Threads. This is some of the Bee's finest writing and not at all inaccurate.

    1. ```js // Getting details on a Threads user and outputting it to the console

      const getUserDetails = async (username) => { let userInfo = await threads.getUserData(username); console.log( "", Name: ${userInfo.full_name}\n, Bio: ${userInfo.biography}\n, ID: ${userInfo.user_id}\n, Followers: ${userInfo.follower_count}\n, Website: ${userInfo.bio_links[0].url} ); } getUserDetails("Gisgar3"); ```

    1. ```js import { ThreadsAPI } from 'threads-api';

      // or in Deno 🦖: // import { ThreadsAPI } from "npm:threads-api";

      const main = async () => { const threadsAPI = new ThreadsAPI();

      const username = '_junhoyeo'; const id = await threadsAPI.getUserIDfromUsername(username); console.log(id);

      if (!id) { return; }

      const user = await threadsAPI.getUserProfile(username, id); console.log(JSON.stringify(user));

      const posts = await threadsAPI.getUserProfileThreads(username, id); console.log(JSON.stringify(posts));

      const replies await threadsAPI.getUserProfileReplies(username, id); console.log(JSON.stringify(replies)); }; main(); ```

  4. Aug 2022
    1. This very much appears to be a bug or design flaw in puma - The fact that a persistent connection ties up a thread on the chance a request might come over that connection seems like not great behavior. This would really only be an issue when puma is run with no workers (which wouldn't be done in production) but it still seems a little nuts.
  5. Jun 2022
  6. Sep 2021
  7. Jul 2021
  8. Jun 2021
    1. Process based parallelisation is simpler than thread based due to well, the GIL on MRI rubies and lack of 100% thread safety within the other gems. (I'm fairly certain for example that there are threaded bugs lurking within the mocks code).
    1. Parallel testing in this implementation utilizes forking processes over threads. The reason we (tenderlove and eileencodes) chose forking processes over threads is forking will be faster with single databases, which most applications will use locally. Using threads is beneficial when tests are IO bound but the majority of tests are not IO bound.
  9. Feb 2021
  10. Jan 2021
  11. Dec 2020
    1. locked and limited conversation to collaborators

      Why do they punish the rest of us (can't even add a thumb up reaction) just because someone was "talking too much" or something on this issue?

  12. Oct 2020
    1. Also, as a reminder to everyone, this thread is soft-locked and I will be marking as spam any comments that don't meet the criteria I described above.
  13. Sep 2020
  14. Jul 2020
    1. ruby-prof provides two options to specify which threads should be profiled: exclude_threads:: Array of threads which should not be profiled. include_threads:: Array of threads which should be profiled. All other threads will be ignored.
  15. Apr 2020
  16. Nov 2019
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