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  1. Jun 2023
    1. I love my new Retro 1951 pens, but love my Pentel EnerGel refills better than the stock rollerball or even Parker Gel refills.  So, I chopped the ends off of my EnerGel refills to match the Length of the Parker and Retro refills with an exacto knife - worked great.


      Mike Rohde has previously had luck with the Bic Gel 0.7mm refill chopped down to fit his Retro 51 pens. Similarly he's done the Parker Gel 0.7mm refill and the Pentel Energel 0.7mm refill chopped down to fit.

    1. https://www.therefillguide.com/product-category/brand/retro1951/

      In addition to their own branded rollerball refills, Retro 51 pens will also take a Parker style G2 ballpoint and capless rollerball refills.

      Schmidt is another brand or compatible refills that is sold in Retro 51 packaging

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  5. Oct 2020
    1. an enthusiastic band of hobbyists with a taste for the retro and a fondness for old-school fan pages.

      While this may describe a few people within the group and it could be a stereotypical perception for those old enough to remember the "old" web, I'd have to push back on this perception. While many of us do come from the old web, we realize how much we've given away (including our agency) and we're attempting to create a web renaissance or even a neo-web. There is honestly very little that is very retro about this and in fact it is quite forward thinking.

      I suspect that Desmond is simply using this description here to set up his story.

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    1. Remember, PIMS were a hot market prior to Windows 3.0 - but most products were never ported to Windows because there wasn't enough revenue being made. This was because users would buy the hype, buy the product but weren't commited enough to get past the learning curve and dedicate time to maintaining data in it. So, most PIMs just became shelf-ware. And it wasn't because they weren't powerful or didn't have good interfaces - they did (as Grandview and Agenda easily demonstrate).
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