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  1. Jan 2020
    1. chơi bản bình thưởng trước, chờ ra hết dlc rồi mua

      <3 :3

    1. But avoiding credit cards altogether can make life really difficult

      I only have debit card, but not credit card. Is it a big deal ?

  2. Dec 2019
    1. Today, the government provides universal health and education for all citizens.

      really ? free ?

    1. Some of these books were obviously sold unbound - what factors do you think determined whether a book was sold bound or unbound?

      Books are sold unbound can be bound later by preference of buyer.

    1. The Book of Curiosities of the Sciences and Marvels for the Eye Anon (1020–1050)

      I should get to read this book

    1. mandate of heaven

      "Mandate of heaven" meaning that heaven (jade emperor, a god in Chinese culture, who rule the heaven and the earth below) said that the dynasty fit to rule Chinese.

      "Mandate of heaven" justify the rule of the King or Emperor of China and so the dynasty.

    2. eunuchs

      A man who had his penis cut, so he may work in the palace.

    1. YOY usage

      What is "YOY usage" ? What is YOY stand for ?

    2. open is important

      "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" - Karl Marx

    1. sugar-mill owners required huge quantities of wood to fuel the boiling vats for transforming cane into sugar cone

      Fuel (wood) use to refine sugar from sugar cane is expensive.

    2. Sugar cane—the sole source of the sweetener—only really flourished in hot, humid regions where temperatures remained above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and where rain fell steadily or farmers had ample irrigation.

      It is difficult to product sugar. So, sugar is expensive and rare.

    3. medieval burgher could only afford to consume one teaspoon of the sweet granules per year.

      Commodity: Sugar Sugar is rare, for the rich only. It is very expensive, even for the rich.

      Medieval Burgher) -> rich people live in town.

  3. Nov 2019
    1. A new open layer is being created over all knowledge.

      Đảng Cộng Sản Việt Nam quang vinh muôn năm.

    1. “nhà văn thời bao cấp” sang “nhà văn bán sách”, “nhà văn thị trường”.

      Các nhà văn cộng sản bị chủ nghĩa tư bản và kinh tế thị trường tha hóa. Họ đã chạy theo đồng tiền - công cụ của chủ nghĩa tư bản.

    1. If there is a head at pixelxi, we represent it as a delta func-tionδ(x−xi). Hence an image withNheads labeled canbe represented as a functionH(x) =N∑i=1δ(x−xi)

      what is value of x and \(x_i\) ?