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    1. encryption to Facebook messages

      wasn't before

    2. feed of your friends’ status

      template to show trash

    3. People You May Know

      Show my profile to those who I don't want to find. Maybe your teacher or co-worker.

  2. Apr 2024
  3. Sep 2023
    1. so they can raise it as they like, whenever they like

      yike. Image investing a lum sum for developing a game, then find out that you are selling game at lost (pre-order, kickstarter, ..) until you raise price

    2. developers would owe $200,000 just for having given their game to charity.


    3. but a flat fee

      What about free game ?

    4. Imagine releasing a game for 99 cents under the personal plan, where Steam takes 30% off the top for their platform fee, and then unity takes 20 cents per install, and now you're making a maximum of 46 cents on the dollar.

      Rent seeking capitalism ?

  4. plato.stanford.edu plato.stanford.edu
    1. anarchism

      In Cultivator (Xianxia) genre, the world is anarchism. Ruler are selected by power (and ability to enforce their power).

    1. cold bottle of coffee.

      we have bottle coffee those day

    2. The team quickly landed on using steel cans for the coffee.

      paper cup instead ?

    3. “If only there was a way I could buy and carry my coffee with me…

      a cup still work. Why need can ?

    1. The VTM accepts a payment by either cash orpayment card, and then "transfers" that "value" to the inserted smart card

      point card at arcade ?!

  5. Aug 2023
    1. altruism

      behavior of an animal that benefits another at its own expense.

    2. Somatic efforts, such as learning, enable individuals to generate better offspring in the future

      Mài dao không sợ lỡ việc đốn củi

    3. individuals must divide their energy and resources across different activities

      That's is, two thing: - Use Energy effieciently - Acquire more Energy.

  6. Jul 2023
    1. $1200/year


    2. four-hour-work-week

      Because you have passive income

    3. don't provide a service, just figure out a way to interpose yourself between the provider and the customer


    4. The first capitalists hated rent.

      So do communists.

    1. “They increase their well-being, and in some cases, they’re also offered as health rituals, as healing rituals,” he said. “That to me was truly remarkable.”

      placebo effect ?

  7. Jun 2023
    1. conda is when you need to deal with libraries with C dependencies

      Conda is great with C dependencies. It worked well with machine learning/deeplearning that need GPU

    1. things were better back then.

      because capital greed make life harder for later generations

  8. May 2023
    1. If we can shatter the market power of the concentrated ad-tech industry, news companies would go back to getting 80-90% of the ad revenue their reporting generated, which would pay for more reporting.

      Yeah, tracking cookies steal audience of news publisher.

    1. incentivize pharma companies to perform expensive clinical trials

      Did they ? Trial or show ?

    2. "incentivize innovation without creating an access crisis."

      So, let make a paid software, register it, then ban similar software ... profit $$$$$$$$$

    3. Rebyota. The process for making Rebyota is effectively identical to the process used by Openbiome: collect poop, remove solids, test for pathogens, add glycerol, freeze and ship.

      THe process is so common that no one can do that anymore when you patten

    1. they would someday replace drivers with autonomous vehicles

      Without worker, how would capitalism exploit labor of their employee?

    1. Going green shouldn’t cost more, which is why choosing an Uber Green trip is just as affordable as requesting a regular UberX trip.

      Then driver paid

    2. 100% electric vehicle

      cost ?

    1. available for drivers to rent by 2023

      chickenized driver

    1. hiring a doorman through a staffing agency could be cheaper than just hiring the doorman

      Wow, how the doorman don't apply directly but through staffing agency ?

    1. including pandas, scikit-learn, SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, Bokeh, and more


    1. average age of cars and light trucks in the U.S. hit an all-time high of 12.2 years.

      Cars, light trucks age: 12.2 Just average age, not lifetime, aren't they ?

    2. coin-operated candy machines

      https://www.candymachines.com/ Some example what it is.

    3. The Vietnam Rubber Group,

      yeah, well...

    1. No? That’s no accident. Companies that make tax preparation software, like Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, would rather you didn’t know.

      How much does it cost to use tax software ?

    1. Without such an option, taxpayers were stuck either filing on paper or, to file electronically, paying a tax professional or software company like TurboTax.

      how much does it cost ?

    1. The null hypothesis is that the coin is fair


    1. Client Virtual Solutions

      Corp entity work for arise

    2. if she determined a customer was indeed owed money, any refunds or deductions had to average less than $2.50 per call

      yes, you can't refund customer too much.

    3. small businesses

      would likely to be one-person company.

    4. For $96.12.

      $1500 and about 2 months of work

    1. It's impossible to hold down another job while you're an Arise chicken-farmer.

      Because of upfront investment, you don't want to be kick out of job. The job also prevent you to get another job. No more income, not a chance to get out of this.

    2. Workers have to pay to work for Arise

      Pay to get work. - sunk cost fallacy -> worker less likely to violent rule or quit - Another stream of income, or at least cover the cost of recruitment.

    3. it's a shifting of all the risk from the employer's side of the balance sheet to the workers'

      good. got to learn that

    4. pay you JUST ENOUGH to go back to things, but not enough to get ahead.


    1. We can seize the means of computation.

      Workers of the world, united.

    2. opposite of that steampunk fantasy: a new form of craft labor where the factory is inside the cottage – where an app is your boss, and "work from home" becomes "live at work."

      did you mean gig ?

    3. Steampunk has many different valences, but central to the project is an imaginary world where people engaged in craft labor (lone mad scientists, say) are able to produce high-tech goods that are more associated with factories.

      A lone worker can make whatever big factory can.

  9. Apr 2023
  10. Mar 2023
  11. Feb 2023
    1. Spurius (SPU) : system produces a response which doesn’t exist in the golden annotation;

      If boundary of a response overlap with golden annotation, will it be count as SPU ?

    2. V. System gets the boundaries of the surface string wrong

      But correct entity type

    3. Note you can find the complete code for this blog post on this repository:
  12. Jan 2023
    1. Notes: Image of Subject Below

      An immortal cultivator, perhaps.

    2. However, it has shown a tendency to be evasive and non-cooperative during interviews and testing.

      Because it is sentient doesn't mean it will cooperate. More likely, I think because it is capture and keep imprison.

      Try to do this to a human then you will see similar behaviour.

  13. Dec 2022
  14. Nov 2022
    1. reduces a cost for Rainflex

      But it is already said that "bid would only just cover Rainflex's costs on the fabric". So C is no different in making any money.

    2. "claim," an opinion-charged word,


    1. For example,the number of published works or cita-tions does not indicate academic per-formance

      quantity over quality

    2. buton numbers and statistics.

      KPI: make higher number

    1. Self-attention, sometimes called intra-attention is an attention mechanism relating different positions of a single sequence in order to compute a representation of the sequence.
  15. Sep 2022
    1. Openness to experience (creativity, enjoying new things) was positively correlated with employees ability at training others

      Openness make good mentor

    2. Conscientiousness; Extraversion; Agreeableness; and Neuroticism


    3. conscientiousness shows a correlation with most measures of job performance

      Let's learn how we can game the system.

  16. Aug 2022
    1. the easiest way to eliminate a Vampyre is a stake driven entirely through the Heart

      You can eliminate almost living animal with that.

    2. That Predator is, of course, you.

      You - the player

  17. May 2022
    1. Most debt is held by higher-income households,


    2. It is delaying marriage and home buying and the birth of children. It leaves some students broke on the day after graduation

      So they work more

    1. Amazon informed more than half a dozen senior managers involved with the Staten Island warehouse that they were being fired

      WHo pay you ? Amazon or worker ?

  18. Apr 2022
    1. The goals of Feature Engineering and Selection are to provide tools for re-representing predictors, to place these tools in the context of a good predictive modeling framework, and to convey our experience of utilizing these tools in practice.


  19. Mar 2022
    1. China bans independent unions and labor strikes

      I thought the CCP is for the labor class ?

    2. “know it is impossible to deliver in the time expected by the platform,”

      fuck capitalism

    1. . Another method involved “locking” a program to a specific hard disk. This required you to “unlock” and delete the program from the first computer before you could use the installation disk on a different computer.

      Do it need internet connection ?

    1. abstraction—a fancy way of saying that you can ignore most of the details that make up a piece that you’re trying to understand, and concentrate instead on its basic purpose and operation


  20. Feb 2022
    1. nhưng là yêu cầu Thiết Trụ phải thừa nhận, hắn theo từ nhỏ đã tại nơi này của hắn đọc sách, với việc này Thiết Trụ cũng không nói gì, đây vốn là là sự thật thôi.

      bú fame

    2. Hằng Nhạc Phái
    1. replaying


    2. a well-written mystery with branching path


    3. narrative of the Servant and its mysterious Master is strong

      narrative is strong

    4. replay value,

      multiple run

    5. The story offers several branching paths and different endings, which can change the fates of several key characters as well as yourself.

      multi-branch multi-ending

    1. These forms include: "Print, both licensed and unlicensed; manuscripts; aloud, as gossip, hearsay, and word of mouth."[54] Runners also went round to different coffeehouses* reporting the latest current events*. Circulation of bulletins announcing sales, sailings, and auctions was also common in English coffeehouses.

      It is like newsletter that spam your inbox everyday from CNN, BBC, ...

    2. primary centre of communication for news.

      Print factory ?

  21. Jan 2022
    1. We were wrong to work for the UK.

      Reget to be a traitor but it is too late, bacha angrez

    2. systemic reforms against corruption.

      anti-corruption ?>

    3. I was one of the only Afghans in leadership meetings.

      Yes, a traitor to his people

    4. I worked with the United Nations and other international organisations including DfID for over 14 years.

      A traitor.

    5. Adam Smith International
    1. I shall represent my dead teacher, Daoist Master Spiritsieve, to accept Bai Xiaochun as his apprentice. Henceforth, he can continue to pursue the great Dao in the underworld

      Give a master to the dead ?

  22. Dec 2021
    1. eight meat cleavers

      why bring cleavers to market ?

    2. Only by becoming an Outer Sect disciple could anyone truly become a part of the Spirit Stream Sect.

      Vậy ở Oven là chilled :v

  23. Oct 2021
    1. well-paid engineer at Amazon, his best credit card had a monthly limit of $4,500

      Why don't use debit or cash ? Why have to limit how much you can spend with credit limit ?

    2. keep his overall credit utilization low

      why don't pay with debit, or money ?

    3. young, high-earning, and who live on their phones.

      Rich kid. Is High-earning = rich ?

    4. The card promises up to five times higher credit limits than the average card.

      More chance to get yourself into debt

    5. premium perks

      rich kid

    6. ones that paid for vacations or gave him points at the places he liked to shop.

      Why people not use money or debit card, but credit card ? Just for perk ?

  24. Sep 2021
  25. Jul 2021
  26. Jun 2021
    1. The book tells the little-known story of how Chinese intellectuals and leaders, facing a ruined economy at the end of the Cultural Revolution, sought the help of foreign economists to rebuild.

      ... while you can run away...

    2. In recent months, Chinese security services have abducted opponents from Thailand, Myanmar, and Hong Kong

      yo, wtf

    3. He was responsible, he was the mastermind, but in order to reach that level of social destruction—an entire generation has to reflect.”

      Without law and order, we are all beasts (or commies).

    1. vậy là có rồi người máy không người có thể chở được người.

      dịch như cc

    2. dùng người máy tham gia vào chiến trường – và toàn bộ đều là 86, đã trở thành hiện thực.

      dịch như cc đọc đéo hiểu cc

    3. tóc trắng

      thay vì màu da thì đổi thành tóc

    4. “Lần nào cũng chào hỏi đám khỉ 86 bọn tôi như vậy, quả là vất vả cho ngài, tộc tóc trắng.”

      white ... à mà thôi

    5. Như dân tộc đen giống như đêm đen, dân tộc vàng kim giống ánh mặt trời, dân tộc đỏ như hoa anh túc đỏ hay dân tộc xanh dương sở hữu đôi mắt xanh lạnh lùng


    6. khác màu da

      khác màu tóc ?

    7. tóc trắng

      white sur à mà thôi

  27. May 2021
    1. Đó là một trong những lí do khiến Yura vượt qua hai tỷ người chơi và xếp hạng thứ năm trên bảng xếp hạng tổng.

      Lý do còn lại là credit card và auto

    1. 10 triệu Won để mua hộp đăng nhập

      ?! pay 2 play then pay 2 win ?

    2. Sehee ơi! Oppa cuối cùng cũng làm được. Bấy giờ em không còn phải xấu hổ mỗi lần em gặp anh trên phố nữa.

      loser thế vẫn có gấu

    3. Kế hoạch ban đầu của cậu là bán đi những vật phẩm mình nhận được trong trò chơi và chuyển nó thành tiền mặt để trả nợ.

      oh shit, đi làm nhiều tiền hơn chứ

    4. Cái giá phải trả cho ba tháng còng lưng làm việc của mình phải cao đấy

      Đi làm 3 tháng lấy tiền p2w còn hơn cày game

    1. miệng mình được khi ông đang chứng kiến một cảnh tượng hoàn toàn bất khả thi. 

      hack bằng admin code hoặc bằng credit card :v

    2. Nên đến tận bây giờ, họ đã không thể thành công diệt được Hell Gao

      where is reddit how-to guide ?

    3. mua được bằng tiền


    1. you have to use the "Scales of Justice" that appear at the conclusion of a PvPvE "Heist" match.

      I dont see this. Maybe I dont collect any gold

  28. Apr 2021
    1. không có sự phân biệt về khoảng cách không gian cũng như thời gian.

      trở về từ cõi sáng :v ?!

    2. Ở giai đoạn khởi đầu, vàng mã nói chung hay những vật thế thân nói riêng mang tính chất tiến bộ đã thay thế được rất nhiều thứ làm cho con người không bị chết theo và cũng làm cho các đồ vật còn sử dụng được không bị “phá hoại” một cách vô thức.

      Thay vì chôn đồ thật (vd: chôn sống người hầu, gia súc, ...) thì thay bằng đồ giấy.

    3. xã hội có sự phân hóa cao.

      nhà giàu thì đốt nhiều

    4. của người Trung Hoa.

      tàu khựa

    1. FSC certified adds 15% to the cost of printing

      who pay for this ? reader (expensive price), publisher (less profit) or author (less cut) ?

    1. 20 cats

      worth the money

    2. For $899 and a wait time of over a year, customers can get their own “enchanted forest kitty sanctuary.”

      oh that 1 month salary of me

    3. Ms. Chan, 26, allocated a budget of $150 toward upgrading her cat Bootsy’s home.

      So rich 150$ I can eat for month

    1. 388 xe đạp sẽ gắn định vị GPS đặt tại 43 vị trí trên các tuyến đường trung tâm quận 1, quận 3;


    1. Someone would design a crazy thing, without having a manufacturer on board, so they could shop it around and get it published in magazines to raise their profile.

      maybe i should try to get fame

    2. $85,000 at auction in 2001

      actually profit