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  1. Jul 2020
    1. A Popular Telemedicine App

      Babylon is a healthcare service provider company that provides online consultation to the people through video calls, chat, and audio calls. The app is basically a telemedicine platform where patients can meet doctors through mobile apps and chat.

  2. May 2018
    1. Set on a space station in the 23rd century, the show revolves around galactic politics, epic alien battles, and secret agendas from a variety of factions

      Maybe I will watch more of it this time around.

  3. Jan 2017
    1. Episode list

      My preferred ordering:

      108-War Zone 107-The Long Road 109-The Path of Sorrows: Box first appears. 113-Appearances and Other Deceits: Uniforms first appear. 102-The Memory of War: Uniforms & box. Nanovirus first appears. (This may have to be switched with 110.) 110-Patterns of the Soul: Nanovirus. 103-Racing the Night: Uniforms & box. 101-The Needs of Earth: Uniforms. 104-Visitors from Down the Street: Uniforms. 111-Ruling from the Tomb: Lockley first appears. 105-Each Night I Dream of Home: Nanovirus. 106-The Well of Forever 112-The Rules of the Game: Lockley

  4. Feb 2014
    1. But as it was, the Persians took them unawares, and because of the great size of the city (those who dwell there say) those in the outer parts of it were overcome, but the inhabitants of the middle part knew nothing of it;

      1.191 Cyrus and the Persian army attack Babylon by lowering the level of the Euphrates and takes the city by surprise.

    2. Cyrus, then, marched against Nitocris' son, who inherited the name of his father Labynetus and the sovereignty of Assyria.

      1.188 Cyrus attacks Nitokris' son Labynetos of Babylon as part of his conquest of Assyria.

    3. When Cyrus had made all the mainland submit to him, he attacked the Assyrians.

      1.178 Cyrus decides to attack Babylon and all of Assyria. This passage marks the end of Harpagos's conquering of Asia Minor (all of which has now come under the power of the Achaemenids).