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  1. Nov 2021
  2. Jul 2021
    1. we keep in our heads these all associations between our bookmarks annotations between our highlights the books we read and things that we find interesting in them

      "The nodes are stored but the edges are in our heads"

    1. wants to level up their game can we front end them with some kind of a chat bot or individuals with judgment who are available for quick questions for what process should like my group is stuck we're trying to do this kind of

      Jerry describing here something very similar to what AsWeThink Platform meant to be about, once integrated with AsWeThink Network and AsWeThink Know Hub

    2. the cd-rom that contains samples of civilization
  3. Dec 2020
  4. Nov 2020
    1. because we still remember the quality of service that the restaurant gave us.

      This is pretty much what Service Design, (Digital) Product Design and User Experience Design professionals are (or at least should be) concerned about.

    2. Yet from the responses to those posts, it’s become clear that for many people, maybe even most, this is not ‘obvious’ at all

      Worth taking a look at the so-called product centric-mindset, the mainstream approach in pretty much every technology startup: people are designing/building/launching/growing the product, in roles such as product manager, product designer, product engineer, product lead, product marketing specialist, etc. Funny paradoxical thing is that many of these businesses can be characterised to have a SaaS business model, as in Software-as-a-Service.

      When we take a closer look at the Service Design community, we will often hear that "Everything is a service" as these days every product is bundled into a service.

      I came across quite a few times about the Rolls Royce case study presenting the aero-engine business model: aircraft engine business model - Google Search

    3. From the restaurant’s perspective, the service-boundaries in time were quite short

      This reminded me of the marketing concept "Moments of truth" by A.G. Lafley (P&G), name ZMOT-FMOT-SMOT-TMOT - In my conference talk "Real, mental, virtual - Maps and reference points in the stores" that I gave back in 2012 at New Media Conference I briefly touched this subject.

      Moment of truth (marketing)) Zero moment of truth (ZMOT) decision-making moment - Think with Google

    4. anyone else can challenge those boundaries
    5. every boundary we draw is in part of choice
    6. in outsourcing is that we’ve placed the outsourced activities outside of our control, but they’re still inside our ‘boundary of identity’ – what others see and experience as ‘us

      This is one of the reasons why I was hesitating in the past years to offer bundled services in domain where I lack the necessary capabilities (e.g. act like a software development studio/agency, without know how to code & test code).

      Many years ago I was thinking about this that if way too many core variables are outside of my control (or our control as a team), there's no way to take responsibility for the results/outcomes (e.g. accepting a revenue-sharing-like agreement).

  5. Oct 2020
    1. someday, NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud will enable real-time transcription and translation for videoconferencing

      ... and that will be also the day when most of the simultaneous interpreters will go out of business https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simultaneous_interpretation

  6. Sep 2020
    1. If you would like to delete your account, please email us at support@hypothes.is

      This reminds me of closed systems, pretty much the opposite of what Dan Whaley (Founder, CEO of Hypothes.is) is talking about here:


    1. to download this information for your records or for use elsewhere, this is possible through the Hypothesis API

      Why don't you provide a straightforward way to download the annotation data from the user's account?

    1. In this video, we demonstrate Atypical, a type system for a performance-oriented digital language called Chalktalk.

      Developed by Gabriel B. Nunes an NYU alumnus https://kronopath.net/projects/