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  1. Aug 2022
  2. Sep 2021
  3. Jun 2021
    1. Panel: The Future of Note Taking (FoNT) Speakers engaged in reimagining the technology and practices of digital note taking will discuss their work and engage each other and attendees in conversation. The panel will be moderated by Dan Whaley (Hypothesis) and feature speakers Ward Cunningham (FedWiki), Daniel Doyon (Readwise), Bastien Guerry (Org-mode), Eduardo Ivanec (Agora), Oliver Sauter (Memex), Conor White Sullivan (Roam), and Junyu Zhan (Logseq).

      For this panel I think it might have been useful to have someone like Maggie Appleton participate for her perspective with respect to some of the history, design, and even anthropology of this space.

      Anne-Laure Le Cunff might have been an interesting participant for her leadership and writing on use and UI as well as thinking about "why" note taking.

      I'd also nominate Argentina Ortega Sáinz for her work on academic integrations of Zotero with tools like Obsidian.

      Perhaps worth noting when revisiting this topic next year? cc: @dwhly @nateangell @hypothesis

  4. Mar 2021
    1. Back in 1987, Cheris Kramarae wrote in Technology and Women’s Voices: Keeping in Touch:“Technological processes developed by men for men are nearly always interpreted by women in ways other than those intended by men.”
  5. Sep 2020
    1. inclusive approach to community building activities

      Idea of writing is to show how to include people with respect to their personal situations

  6. Jul 2020
  7. Jun 2020
  8. Mar 2019
    1. Native nationhood. Without this recognition, our status as sovereign nations whose people were—and are—Indigenous to this continent are erased

      I so appreciate having this formulation made explicit. Failure to recognize native nationhood is erasure. Thank you.